Which Artificial Grass is Right for Me? Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Synthetic Turf

Enjoy the smell of sweet, freshly cut grass, but loathe the chore of mowing it? Homeowners and those that enjoy a green turf know that landscaping can come with a hefty price tag to keep a lawn looking its best year round. From cutting grass to keeping it pest and weed free, maintaining an outdoor space can eat up your wallet, time and energy. Artificial grasses have been an alternative for many years, but most shun away from these options because fake grass looks, well, fake. Thanks to technology and over a decade of research and development, MegaGrass has developed synthetic turf that not only looks and feels like the real thing but is packed with a host of added benefits its natural counterpart could never live up to. Durable and versatile, this turf is ready to complement all of your outdoor needs. From putting greens to playpens, sports turf and patio decor, this aesthetically pleasing grass can outfit any area in and out of your home.


When researching synthetic grass options, appearance is a major concern. It’s important to get the right color combination, texture and permeability to ensure the lawn fits your design needs. But what can sometimes be overlooked is the quality of the grass blades. These wavy green soldiers are designed in many ways to deflect light for cooler temperatures, provide a bouncy softness for extra cushioning or lay tight and flat for a competitive athletic game. You’ll want to make sure that when you select a grass patch for an outdoor area that the blades support your long-term goals for maximum effectiveness.


What would you like to use your artificial grass for? Playing golf, tag, and fetch? Or simply laying out to enjoy the sunshine on a beautiful day? With MegaGrass, you won’t have to choose just one use.


Whether you’re in need of grass options that can withstand pets or regular backyard play, we’ve got the artificial turf you’re looking for. Engineering different grass textures to complement any outdoor activity, we’ve listed our grass options below so that you can select the best one for your home.


1. Artificial Grass - Lawn Turf for Home Landscaping

2. Artificial Grass - Fake Grass for Dogs and Pet Turf

3. Artificial Grass - Sports Turf for Baseball, Soccer, Football, and Softball

4. Artificial Grass - Playground Turf and Flooring

5. Artificial Grass - Patio, Roof, and Decks

6. Artificial Grass - Putting Green Turf and Golf


Artificial Grass - Lawn Turf for Home Landscaping

Lawn Turf for Home Landscaping


Owning a home is a source of pride and with that comes the beauty of a freshly cut lawn. But with the increasing amount of home responsibilities, taking care of grass can become more of a chore than a source of pride. For others, hotter climates prevent natural grass from growing in abundance, making it especially challenging to decorate an outdoor space. MegaLawn has many qualities that can turn home landscaping into a dream come true. Lead-free, lush, and able to stay cool in variable temperatures, this synthetic grass is a sweet solution for family-friendly yards.


MegaLawn Pro

MegaLawn Pro


Perfect for entertaining, MegaLawn Pro is a far cry from the stiff, shiny turf of yesteryear. With durable, thick S-shaped Sahara blades, the Pro is built to withstand moderate traffic, making it an ideal green stretch for play time. Aesthetically appealing, it's emerald and lime green colored thatch and patch blends in seamlessly for an ultra-realistic tone. Its ability to drain up to 23 gallons of water an hour makes it an excellent trimming around pools, hot tubs, and water slides. With a blade height of 1.75” and a 66 oz face weight density, you’ll love sinking your toes into this comfortable green patch.


MegaLawn Platinum

MegaLawn Platinum


Looking for a statement piece that’ll impress even your in-laws? The MegaLawn Platinum is up for the challenge, all while looking luxurious. Needled with a T-shaped Summit blade that stands up to the toughest crowds, this lush grass carpet can withstand heavier foot and furniture traffic, making it the best companion for higher usage activities. Its tough backing and 92 oz face weight density creates a lusher experience that makes the turf feel elegantly soft to the touch. Available in brilliant emerald green and perky lime green, you'll have the choice to create the perfect lawn. 


Benefits of MegaLawn vs. Real Grass


Real grass has a mind of its own. Not only does it grow how it likes (aka in patches), it’s also a time suck when it comes to keeping it maintained. Once MegaLawn is installed in your outdoor living space, you won’t need to tend to it for years! Keep your lawn looking its best in any season, any weather and for every outdoor activity, without the extra work. The quality of the blades and backing not only make it perfect for your lawn but easy on your wallet as well. With a fifteen year warranty, you can accentuate your home with beautiful outdoor landscaping without compromising your budget. By removing the use of a lawn mower, you can also save the environment by emitting fewer carbon emissions into the air. Even the afterlife of the grass can be useful. Get creative and repurpose your expired grass for art projects, pet roof thatching and more!


Artificial Grass - Fake Grass for Dogs and Pet Turf

Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pet Turf


You want the best for your pet, and we want the best for your lawn (and your pet). But sometimes, the two don’t always go well together. Pets love the outdoors and enjoy a padded, green turf to play in. Unfortunately, their joy doesn’t always translate into yours when you’re stuck cleaning up muddy paws prints off floors and patio windows. Even worse is keeping them cooped up in the house to avoid pesticide exposure while the lawn is being treated. Instead of obsessing over keeping your pet safe and clean from outdoor exposure, you can enjoy more time playing fetch with a lawn made from artificial grass. Durable and permeable, this dog grass feels just like the real thing without the maintenance costs, making it easy on paws, wallets, and windows.


MegaPet Pro

MegaPet Pro


MegaPet Pro allows you to pay attention to the right things, like your pet’s health instead of your lawn’s health. With super strong backing, the MegaPet Pro is an excellent option for pet owners who want a small pet run or dog pad for their furry little ones. With its ability to drain up to 23 gallons of water and sustain light to moderate traffic, this artificial pet turf will become your animal’s favorite place. Backed by a warranty of fifteen years and a lush life warranty of 25 years, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is keeping enough treats in stock for all the tricks your furry one will do. With bent blades for easier air flow, you can keep calm knowing that your grass stays cool in hotter climates. Give your pet the comfortable environment they deserve with grass that’ll allow them to prance around for as long as they like.


MegaPet Platinum

MegaPet Platinum


For bigger breeds, MegaPet Platinum may be the best option for your furry kingdom. Reinforced to stand up to heavy paws and toothy cleats, this artificial grass also drains up to a whopping 92 gallons of water per square yard, per hour, ensuring your lawn stays breezy and dry. Designed with EverFlow technology, MegaPet Platinum is designed to improve the permeability of the turf while also making pet cleanup a breeze. Great for indoor and outdoor landscaping, this artificial grass for dogs performs gracefully under the most demanding elements. Available in field green and olive green, you’ll have choices to deck out your lawn to you and your pet’s liking.


Benefits of MegaPet vs. real grass


Your pets deserve the best, and that shouldn’t always have to come at a cost. With the price of pet care products on the rise, it’s reassuring to know that fake grass for dogs will maintain its lush green appearance and texture for years without any recurring maintenance. By nixing monotonous mowing from your chore list, you can spend more time with your four-legged friend in the great outdoors. Without pesticides and weed killers around, you can rest easy knowing that your favorite animal is safe playing outside and sticking their nose where they like. Non-toxic and 100% recyclable, MegaPet grass is great for your pet’s health and easy on the earth.  Even after its lush life expires, the turf can be repurposed to line litter boxes or rug pads for pets. Unlike real grass, MegaPet looks and feels great all year round without the extra effort.


Artificial Grass - Sports Turf for Baseball, Soccer, Football, and Softball

Artificial Grass for Sports Turf for Baseball, Soccer, Football, and Softball


Exercising and sports play is not only exhausting on the body but on grass fields as well. When training, it’s important to have a pliable surface that can absorb impact while minimizing injury. It’s also convenient to have a grassy area ready to go when the weather conditions don’t always permit outdoor play. If you’re an active one and enjoy a beautiful luscious green lawn year-round, artificial sports turfs like MegaSport can keep up with your routines without withering away. With blades engineered to spring right back in place and designed for heavy use, you’ll be able to reach your peak performance physically knowing that your turf is doing the same.


MegaSport Pro

MegaSports Pro


Stay agile with a sports turf that can handle frequent training at any time of the year. Injected with T-shaped Summit blades, these wide blades are shock resistant and bounce back even after hundreds of uses. Designed with athlete safety in mind, this turf is easy on the joints, making a cushy yet firm field to build up your game. From baseball to soccer to yoga and barre, you’ll want to spend more time on this beautiful emerald or olive green artificial turf, perfecting your practice.


MegaSport Platinum

MegaSports Platinum


School and community fields supporting young athletes around the country enjoy the green turfs of MegaSport Platinum. Quickly springing back from paws, cleats, bike wheels and more, the MegaSport Platinum is sports resistant and can stand up to the toughest weather conditions. Keep your athlete in tip-top shape while avoiding injury with this lusciously green and durable synthetic grass. Hypoallergenic and lead-free, MegaSport Platinum is needled with a flat, wide and powerful Hoover blade, designed to keep up with the most strenuous workouts. Installed properly, your sports turf will not only look gorgeous but keep your players free from injury.


Benefits of MegaSport vs. real grass


Having a growing athlete or fitness buff in your household means most of your time will be focused on keeping them in shape, not your lawn. With MegaSport grass, you can dedicate your time to training, knowing that the turf will always be in prime condition for years. MegaSport grass will allow you to use your expendable finances toward your future quarterback or pitcher instead of weed killers and pesticides. Easy to repurpose, this artificial turf can also double as a grass roof for dog houses, or as padding for any arts and crafts project. Use your turf grass to the fullest knowing that your sports shoes or apparatus won’t damage the texture. No more kicking up dirt clumps while you run laps or go for the goal. Even better, a simple soap-and-water wash will remove any messes within a few minutes. Enjoy the lush green of your sports arena knowing that you’re not harming the environment with carbon emissions from mowing.


Artificial Grass - Playground Turf and Flooring

Artificial Grass for Playground Turf and Flooring


Yards are meant to frolic, play and enjoy the day in. So why not get a lawn that can keep up with the fun, while also looking healthy even after a few rounds of tag? Having a soft, pliable flooring where your little ones play can help prevent injury and damaging accidents. Pair your playground with a durable and forgiving foundation that’ll keep the kids happy and give you peace of mind.


MegaPlay Pro

MegaPlay Pro


Great for casual strolls or rigorous runs, the versatile MegaPlay Pro artificial turf can provide the cushion you need to keep everyone active for hours. Excellent for playgrounds and theme parks, this artificial turf can handle light to moderate traffic, while also being gentle to sensitive skin. Its wide T-shaped Summit blades are pliable enough to bend back into shape even after prolonged hours of play. Weather resistant and able to drain up to 23 gallons of water, this fake grass stays dry by allowing the water to pass through freely just like the real thing. Keeping its cool even under the hottest temperatures, this fake grass doesn’t overheat like other playground surfaces, thanks to MegaGrass EverCool technology.


MegaPlay Platinum

MegaPlay Platinum


For the kids that don’t want to call it quits when playtime is over, MegaPlay Platinum can withstand the impact. Designed for playgrounds and senior care homes, this grass provides extra cushioning for those with joint pains or those accident-prone children. Liberate your spirit and play outside knowing that MegaPlay Platinum grass will catch you with strong, soft open arms! Available in two beautiful greens — Emerald Green and Olive Green — you can customize the look of your play space to your liking. The U-shaped Hoover blade also performs well under pressure, making it an excellent grass for high-impact areas and rowdy (yet fun) play.


Benefits of MegaPlay vs. real grass


Keeping up with your little ones can take up a bulk of your energy and time. With MegaPlay, you won’t have to fret about overheated surfaces, injuries, or harmful chemicals. Maximize your play time with the ones you love by removing the chore of maintaining the upkeep of your lawn. Synthetic grass in the long term can help you save money that can be put toward child expenses and elder care. Thanks to a warranty of fifteen years and lush life guarantee of twenty-five years, your lawn will be able to support and comfort those you care for.


Artificial Grass - Patio, Roof, and Decks

Artificial Grass for Patio, Roof and Decks


Most people don't think of putting artificial grass on their roof or anywhere else but their lawn. The anxiety of plastic melting in the hot sun and unsightly appearances can make most shun the idea without giving it a second thought. Unlike other artificial grasses, MegaPorch is perfect for roof thatching and deck decor. Aesthetically pleasing, easily washable and designed with built-in UV protection, this grass decor is as functional as it is good looking. From clouds and rain to a full-on a sunny day, this artificial grass will maintain its luscious green appearance and feel for years to come.


MegaPorch Pro

MegaPorch Pro


You’ve never seen artificial grass rugs that look like this before! W-shaped for even light diffusion and even temperature control, the Charleston blades are sturdy enough to withstand moderate to heavy weather conditions. Perfect for barbeques and patio parties, the MegaPorch Pro is permeable up to 23 gallons, making it an excellent lining for poolside foliage. Simply roll it onto any hard surface for an instant lift to your outdoor space. Able to withstand high heats thanks to MegaGrass EverCool technology, you’ll be laying out to catch rays before the summer is even in full swing.


MegaPorch Platinum

MegaPorch Platinum


Need something a bit more heavy-duty? Versatile and resilient, MegaPorch Platinum grass is designed with fluctuating temperatures and weather patterns in mind. Threaded with a wider blade that can handle the heat and feels soft to the touch, the Hoover blade is ideal for decks and patios. Ready to roll over sod or hard surfaces without the labor of a full installation, the MegaPorch Platinum grass adds the extra pop you need to spruce up your patio.


Benefits of MegaPorch vs. real grass


With built-in UV protection, MegaPorch sets itself apart by making it one of the safest turfs on the market. On top of that, fake grass can save money, especially when it comes to home expenses. Instead of worrying about roof and deck replacements from drainage problems, megaPorch is highly permeable to avoid bugs, health issues and more. Stop thinking about mowing the grass or covering dry patches when guests come over. You can always rest assured knowing that MegaPorch grass will always look like new for up to 25 years. Not only will you be helping save the earth from greenhouse gas emissions, but you’ll also gain back time to spend it with the ones you love.


Artificial Grass - Putting Green Turf and Golf

Artificial Grass for Putting Green Turf and Golf


It can be tough trying to perfect your golf swing on the wrong type of grass. Professional putting greens and golf courses spend a fortune on lawn upkeep, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same to get the benefits of healthy, taut turf. Reap all the benefits of high-quality golf grass without the maintenance costs tagged to it. Durable, pliable and easy to manage, MegaGolf artificial grass can help you improve your game, getting you more holes in one than Tiger Woods.


MegaGolf Pro

MegaGolf Pro


Meant for the occasional round of putt-putt golf, MegaGolf Pro is impressively thick yet forgiving, making it the perfect pliable surface for hours of fun. Needled with the Boulder blade, a thick straight edged blade, this artificial grass can withstand the curling necessary for putting turf. No matter the weather, this grass stays cool and dry, draining up to 23 gallons of water. With a warranty of eight years and a lush life guarantee of 25 years, you’ll perfect your putting game all year long.


MegaGolf Platinum

MegaGolf Platinum


Want something a bit more durable for golf tournaments and prolonged hours of strategic play? Able to withstand moderate to heavy traffic patterns, the MegaGolf Platinum features a longer blade at 0.75”, giving it more traction and flow for those long strokes. Enjoy the smell of cut grass every time you play with our EverFresh technology, meant to keep your grass smelling as fresh as it looks each time you’re out on the field.


Benefits of MegaGolf vs. real grass


From amateurs to pros, golfing enthusiasts know the pains that go into maintaining golf grass. The high cost and effort for putting green upkeep can deter players from creating their own private play area. With MegaGolf, you can skip shelling out a fortune and use your time toward perfecting your stroke. Its long-lasting lushness and eco-friendly materials beat out its natural counterpart, which requires harmful chemicals to keep it green for long periods of time. From saving you time and money to looking freshly mowed all year long without the extra effort, MegaGolf grass can be a great addition to your household. Invite the neighbors for a few rounds and experience luxury in the convenience of your own home.


Is artificial grass right for you?

Undergoing any kind of landscaping or home renovation project can be daunting, but when thinking about long-term goals, certain projects can be worth the time and effort you put into them. If you’re looking to get rid of lawn chores and lower your lawn maintenance expenses, installing artificial grass can be a smart option for you. Durable and long-lasting, fake grass is a great investment for spaces you intend to spend a lot of time in. It’s also an excellent option in climates where the grass is sparse, as in the Nevada and Arizona deserts. From dog lovers to sports enthusiasts, artificial grass caters to a wide range of people, activities, and uses. Get the look and feel of real grass without the recurring costs and maintenance that goes into its upkeep. Even better, the environment can benefit from your choice, removing the emissions of carbon dioxide fuels that are released when mowing the lawn.


How to lay artificial grass?

When done properly, laying artificial grass can lead to owning a beautiful, low maintenance lawn that will last for decades. By following these three foundational steps, you’ll learn how to lay artificial grass correctly and with minimal issue. The first step is to prepare the area. This includes removing any weeds down to the root, as well as removing the top layer of soil if you plan on laying synthetic grass over dirt. Drainage is key, so if your natural landscape allows sufficient draining, you’re set! But if not, you’ll need to consider installing a drainage system to avoid any slippery accidents in the long run. To keep the grass from slumping, install a barrier as well. The next step is to install the base, which can vary in material depending on your environment. After you have graded the base, wet it slightly to prepare it for compaction. Begin unfurling the lawn while the base dries to allow it to reshape itself. The last step is to install the lawn. The most important piece here is to stretch, not drag the lawn over your base. This will help prevent any rough edges and keep the surface smooth. For more information, you can check out our detailed installation instructions that’ll guide you through every step in the process.


How much does artificial grass cost?

When buying artificial grass, the cost can be a leading factor in your decision making. High-quality grass involves extensive research and careful development into how the grass will perform over time and under certain conditions. While you may be able to find turf for sale that costs less, the quality of the grass you get may cause you to replace it after a few years, or worse, a few months. Investing in high performing synthetic grass will help your home look its best for years to come. If you’re having troubling justifying the artificial grass price, you can always opt in for financing alternatives. Many manufacturers work with your budget to make sure your landscaping dreams come true. Check out our artificial grass cost calculator to get an accurate estimate on your lawn size.


How to clean artificial grass?

One of the many beauties of purchasing synthetic grass is that it’s practically maintenance free. It requires no mowing, watering or fertilizing. But it does require some care. Since the grass is exposed to outside elements, dust can get in between the blades. With an occasional rake to keep the leaves at bay and a brush to keep the blades standing up, you won’t have to spend too much time keeping your lawn in perfect condition. For bigger messes like puppy waste, barbeque cleanup or other outdoor leftovers, a quick soapy wash can do the trick. In the same way you wipe down a countertop after cooking, fake grass can be washed occasionally with mild detergent and water. Thanks to its high permeability levels, the grass will also return back to its dry state quickly so that you can get back outside to enjoy your lawn.


The MegaGrass Difference

Backed by a fifteen-year warranty, MegaGrass products are guaranteed to last longer than our competitors and are customized for your needs. Quality is our top concern, as we strive to create products that not only look and feel like real grass but outperform it. Because fake grass is manufactured, you have more control over how the turf will perform depending on the kind of activity you have in mind. Paying attention to grass blade structure, we’ve engineered a delustered synthetic grass blade that can diffuse light while withstanding traffic and keep surface temperatures cooler for longer. Our technologies like EverFlow and EverCool keep your grass surfaces dry and cool for maximum play. With higher melting points for those living in warmer climates and weatherproofing, our artificial grass can stand the test of time as well as a variety of activities. With a competitive 25-year lush-life guarantee, you’re bound to show off the health of your lawn for years to come. Our brand is committed to bringing you the best quality while also doing what’s best for the environment. Part of the EcoGreen America family, we’re dedicated to producing high-quality eco-friendly grass products that keep you and the earth healthy. With over 11 locations nationwide to help you find and cut grass for your specific needs and an impeccable customer service team, we’re driven to providing you the highest quality artificial grass with minimal fuss.


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