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Privet Artificial Hedge



Meet the MegaGrass Small Boxwood Artificial Hedge


Turn any space into a natural wonder with the MegaGrass Privet Artificial Hedge. The easy to assemble and completely customizable synthetic hedge wall is designed to be the most realistic looking hedge panels available. The two-tone leaves provide a level of realism that other faux privacy hedges simply cannot compete with while the ease of use makes them great for a number of uses. 

Decorate your home inside and out with the beauty of nature when you use Privet Artificial Hedge panels in your next design or landscape idea. Create an air of privacy by using these faux hedges around your deck, balcony, or patio areas. Use privacy hedges inside to section off certain areas for gatherings, play dates, or just a place to relax and have some peace and quiet. 

Businesses have been using MegaGrass Privet Artificial Hedge panels to easily create an inviting atmosphere for their customers and coworkers. With a few simple customizable panels, you can quickly turn a boring office or waiting area into a thriving gathering and meeting area. Use synthetic hedge walls outside to give employees a place to relax and unwind during breaks or to create a more welcoming courtyard for your customers and guests.



Space Lift

Now you see it, now you don’t! Our hedges make that ugly space disappear.


Feel closer to mother nature without the toxic landscaping routines. Our hedges are lead free, 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

where there’s a will…

…there’s a hedge! Up the wall, around a column, upside down on th eceiling - this hedge is a classic customizable piece that goes anywhere

Easy to maintain

Just spray it down with water or wipe down with a wet cloth. That’s it!

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