• Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge

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Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge



Meet the MegaGrass Small Boxwood Artificial Hedge

With the look and appeal of natural hedges, the MegaGrass Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge is a great way to bring your love of nature to almost any situation. You can use them to create stunning hedge landscaping elements in your yard or bring them inside your home to add some natural beauty to any interior design style.

Create a private space for you and your guests in your backyard, balcony, or front room easily. MegaGrass Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge panels provide privacy but can also provide a great deal of noise reduction from the moving world around you for the utmost in privacy. The easily customizable hedge panels can be assembled to fit almost any need.

Businesses and contractors all over the world are discovering the many benefits of using artificial hedge walls and panels in their daily lives. Turn a drab office or lobby into a walk on the wild side with custom hedge panels and design features. If you are planning a major event, convention, or gathering, give your guests the perfect photo opportunity with a natural-looking boxwood hedge backdrop. Keep the outdoor theme going with private areas for guests and visitors to converse using the MegaGrass Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge panels.


Space Lift

Now you see it, now you don’t! Our hedges make that ugly space disappear.


Feel closer to mother nature without the toxic landscaping routines. Our hedges are lead free, 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

where there’s a will…

…there’s a hedge! Up the wall, around a column, upside down on th eceiling - this hedge is a classic customizable piece that goes anywhere

Easy to maintain

Just spray it down with water or wipe down with a wet cloth. That’s it!

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