• Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge
  • Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge

Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge



Artificial Hedge Series by MegaGrass is perfect for those moments you need an exceptionally easy and durable way to section off space and increase your sense of privacy. Get this large heart leaf in either dark green or two-tone....or both to create more depth and texture!

Our Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge is an eco-friendly synthetic privacy wall solution. Our faux hedge panels provide natural beauty any time and any place you want it through 100% recyclable materials. Unlike real hedges and plants, our Heart Leaf Artificial Hedges do not require chemicals or extra water to maintain their thickness and vibrancy.

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Pack Sizes and Colors

MegaGrass Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge can be ordered in either dark green or two-tone color styles. Mix both to provide more texture and depth to your natural design. You can easily customize our faux privacy hedge wall panels using 6 or 10 count panel packs for the perfect look. You can always speak with one of our friendly staff members to discuss your project and vision to see what options would work best for you.

Our Artificial Hedge Features

Every one of our products is designed to give you the highest possible quality with the best materials. Our team is always testing and researching to ensure we are providing you with the best features and using the latest technology. Come and see why customers have been choosing MegaGrass for their synthetic hedge wall needs for years.

  1. Don't worry about leaving the kids alone or forgetting to water them with faux hedge panels. There is nearly no maintenance required, other than a little wiping with a wet cloth to bring out the realistic look.
  2. It doesn't take a team of professionals to get the unique natural look you want. It only takes our fake privacy hedges and a few minutes with our easy assembly and installation system.
  3. There is nothing more important in life than the safety of those that are most important to you and your livelihood. This is why our artificial hedge panels are always free of lead.
  4. Safety includes protecting the world around us. Our artificial hedge fence panels are always made with 100% recyclable materials and always created with an environmentally forward, eco-friendly design.
  5. It's no secret that the sun provides a wealth of health benefits, but too much can also pose issues for your health. MegaGrass hedge walls can help provide UV protection through thick, lush greenery and leaves that will still allow some sun through.
  6. MegaGrass Heart Leaf Artificial Hedge wall panels are created to be able to withstand the worst that nature has to throw at them. This makes them great for both outdoor and indoor design ideas.
  7. If you are adding faux hedge panels to your yard, home, or business, the last thing you want is for people to know you're not using the real thing. Our boxwood hedge panels are designed to look realistic and natural in any setting.
  8. It doesn't matter where you want to place our artificial hedge panels. With our exclusive system, you can securely connect and customize your new hedge panels into almost any configuration.
  9. Protecting the environment requires as much work as possible from all of us. Instead of wasting water and possibly using chemicals that can be dangerous to the environment, simply use a fake hedge wall to create the natural and realistic look and feel you want.
  10. MegaGrass artificial hedge box panels are created to last a long time no matter where they are placed. This means they will continue to look new and fresh without fading over time.
  11. Create a safe space away from the hustle and bustle of daily life with a privacy hedge wall. The full leaves provide a deal of noise reduction benefits to increase your privacy and personal space.

Why Shop at MegaGrass

We not only want to bring you the highest possible product quality but also bring you the highest level of customer service and support we can. Our goal is to make you feel like a truly respected and valued part of the MegaGrass family with every interaction and experience.

If there are any issues, all of our hedge panels come with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty to help provide some peace of mind along with natural beauty.

Our skilled team members are always standing by to lend a hand with 24/7 customer support options.

When you order your new artificial privacy hedge from MegaGrass, you will never pay for shipping.

Making a great product isn't enough. We offer a low price guarantee and will work hard to ensure we get you the best prices.

Peace of mind begins right here with our 100% secure and safe website for a relaxing shopping experience.

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