5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying Artificial Turf

Acquiring artificial grass is not some decision that you do overnight. Especially if you come from a household that traditionally maintains a lawn with natural grass, changes such as these require some serious thought and consideration. Synthetic grass will alter the way you use your garden in a lot of ways, and this change is a big commitment. You have to be fairly certain that you’ve done your share of research before you go ahead and buy your first panel.


Artificial grass reviews can easily be found online, but for your convenience, we put together a list of 5 key questions you should ask yourself before buying artificial grass.


1. Why should I buy artificial grass?

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The use of artificial grass is often stereotyped as a landscaping option that is harmful to our planet. However, more and more studies are now proving that this is not the case. For instance, a review on environmental and health impacts of artificial turf has published a preliminary life cycle assessment suggesting that the environmental impacts of artificial turf fields were lower than equivalent grass fields.


That being said, artificial grass is now being widely considered for multiple applications both in residential and commercial spaces. Installation of synthetic grass comes with significant water savings and lower maintenance requirements. It is also increasingly promoted presently as a sustainable replacement for live grass on lawns and athletic fields due to this.


Artificial grass is also washable, toxin and emission-free. Also, artificial grass does not require the regular use of fuel-powered lawnmowers, unlike natural grass. There are several other reasons to buy artificial grass. In the end, it all boils down to your preference and your values.


2. How much grass do I need? 

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It all depends on the size of your lawn. The more accurate your measurements, the less waste you end up with.

Tip: do some research on what other things to do with synthetic grass and if you’re planning on trying out a project, we suggest you add to your original amount in mind so you can save up on delivery fees! Not to mention, save up on the fuel used to deliver your item!


3. Should I install it myself or have it professionally done? 

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Of course, anything professionally done is presumably better. There’s a reason these people are professionals, you know? But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it on your own, too! If you trust that you can install the synthetic grass yourself, you’re pretty much welcome to do as you please. For the accessories you need for your DIY project, click here.  


4. Will I be able to afford this purchase?

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Of course you can! If you can afford endless water bills and fuel for your lawnmower, you can definitely afford our products (and save the environment as a bonus!) If you’re not sure, you can always request for a quote here


5. Does the product come with acceptable terms on warranty?

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This is a very important question to ask. The answer is usually indicative of the quality of the product you’re buying. Longer and more comprehensive warranties are usually provided with quality products. It’s simply a reflection of their confidence in what they’re offering. For instance, MegaGrass, an industry-leading manufacturer of synthetic grass, offers a 15-year warranty with a 25-year warranty on lush life.


Making the switch to artificial grass is not an easy decision to make. However, with the right information at hand, you’ll be able to fully understand why making this change is an eco-friendly move that you should make as soon as you can. Ultimately, this small adjustment is more than just an aesthetic change, it is a timely response to your moral responsibility to the planet.



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