• Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge
  • Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge
  • Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge
  • Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge
  • Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge

Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge



Panel Size: 20"x20" each: 2.78 square feet

Available 6 Panels or 12 Panels Per Box

One of our most popular artificial hedge panels, the MegaGrass Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge is a gorgeous way to add natural beauty to any design. With artificial box hedges, you can easily add lush greenery outside or inside your home or business. There is no watering, feeding, or other maintenance required to maintain the thick leaves of our Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge panels. Cleaning is as easy as using water and a cloth to gently wipe them down and keep them looking natural.

While these artificial boxwood hedges look amazing and add sophistication to any landscaping project, their ease of use and low-maintenance makes them perfect for a number of other uses and projects. Create a faux hedge privacy screen around patios, balconies, or other gathering areas to give your family and guests privacy. The noise-reduction qualities of our artificial hedges will add to that sense of privacy.

The MegaGrass Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge can do wonders for your next event or corporate meeting. Combine synthetic hedge panels to create a hedge wall backdrop that's perfect for meet and greets, photo ops, and simply adding a touch of class to any event or space. The ease of use of our faux hedge panels makes them the ideal solution for businesses and contractors of all sizes.

FREE SHIPPING! Act now while promo last. Ships in 2 business days.

Pack Sizes and Colors

MegaGrass Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge panels can be ordered in multiple pack sizes and colors. We offer both 6 and 12 pack sizes of either light green or two-tone coloring for our Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedges panels. The pack sizes that would work best for your next project depends on your vision. No matter what color you choose, all of our MegaGrass Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge panels are designed to look naturally realistic in any situation. If you are unsure of how many panels you are going to need and what colors, feel free to contact our team and we will help you decide what is best for you.

Our Artificial Hedge Features

As with any product, artificial hedge walls and privacy screens are not all made the same. Even before we began producing our high-quality products, we looked closely at what others were doing and how we can create products that go above and beyond our competitors. We are constantly analyzing and testing our products to improve a variety of features for you.

  1. You get a green thumb, you get a green thumb, everyone now has a green thumb! There is almost no maintenance required to have a lush boxwood hedge anywhere and anytime you want.
  2. When we say super-easy maintenance, we truly mean it right from the start. Our artificial hedge panels are so easy to assemble even the family dog could handle it.
  3. Our number one priority is always the safety of your family and guests. This is why we ensure all of our faux privacy hedge panels are made completely lead-free.
  4. Our commitment to the safety and security of your family also means we take a serious stand to protect our environment.
  5. We all love to catch a few rays on sunny days, but too many rays can be harmful to us and our belongings. Our Small Boxwood Artificial Hedges work well to help prevent some of the harmful UV rays from doing damage.
  6. Specially designed to help prevent fading due to sunlight and other daily factors.
  7. Keep people guessing long into the night. All of our boxwood artificial hedges look and feel like the real thing.
  8. Easily cut and assemble your new hedge panels to fit almost any space or design.
  9. MegaGrass Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedges are eco-friendly and can even help protect the environment by not wasting water or using chemicals to help maintain growth and beauty.
  10. Since our artificial hedge panels are designed to be placed outside, they are weather-resistant and can handle almost anything Mother Nature can throw at them.
  11. The lush leaves and greenery of our Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge panels help reduce noise from traffic, people, animals, and other annoyances.

Why Shop at MegaGrass

Making a great product is not all there is to be successful in business. We work hard to understand our customers and give them the respect they deserve. When you are working with MegaGrass for your artificial boxwood hedge solutions, we want you to feel like a valued member of our team because everything we do is for you.

We strive to provide the best quality artificial hedge panels available and stand behind our products. We offer a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on all MegaGrass Boxwood Milan Artificial Hedge panels.

More than simply providing high-quality artificial hedge walls, our team values your satisfaction and will work to ensure you are happy with every interaction. This is why we provide 24/7 customer service and support for all of our products.

We understand that nobody likes waiting. You can shop freely knowing we provide free-shipping every day.

Saving money makes people happy. Since we want to bring you happiness, we offer a low price guarantee and will work to provide the best possible pricing.

Without your trust, we have nothing. You can shop with confidence through our 100% secure website.

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