Unboxing Your Artificial Turf

Today’s the day. You’re well versed on the benefits.

You’ve planned weekend getaways for the next three years. You're excited about saving the planet. You’ve just unloaded the MegaGrass roll that’s about to change your life and now it’s sitting there rolled up on your driveway like a present waiting to be unwrapped. You’ve got one reverberating question on your mind: what now?

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re still reading – you’re like us, an overachieving, doomsday prepper, that measures twice and cuts once. We just need to be super ready. Don’t worry we understand. It’s why we want to make sure you know even before you buy our grass what happens after you check out.


Order Fulfillment

First thing’s first – let’s rewind a little. Before your turf makes it off the truck and on to your lawn, things have to happen right? Because we believe in full transparency we want to take you on a journey… better yet, the same journey your eco-friendly landscaping solution takes on its way to your home and heart.

Buckle up.

First stop – order fulfillment. It all happens at headquarters.

If you’re imagining a ragtag team of characters, playing Flonkerton at the office Olympics and fighting over an iPod – that’s pretty close. We put on our fun 3D glasses and see work as play. Yes, even whilst doing what others might see as mundane. As soon as you hit the check-out button a Jamaican dance hall horn goes off and our lovely order processor gets to it. She logs it into our system and your order begins its journey, from one department to the next through the River Wi-fi of Ecommerce city.

It takes about 2-3 days to process an order… I know, I know. Trust us, us if we could skip this process altogether and just beam up your order onto your lawn we would. But this step is super necessary. This is the time we check a few things:

  • Your city and state
  • The size of your grass cut
  • Whether it is for a residential project or business

Assigning a Warehouse

These three main things help us determine which warehouse will fulfill the order. Depending on your location your hassle-free grass will come from one of these vacation destinations:

  • Hayward
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Dallas
  • Jacksonville

Tracking released

MegaGrass prides itself as being an eco-friendly company, it’s true (seriously, check out our whole sustainability section, [connect to sustainability section] you’ll see what we mean), part of being conscious about sustainability, is being conscious about waste and consumption. It’s why we offer 1500 different sizes for all 15 types of our grass products. You’re laughing right now right, you’re like, “but why even?”

We’re not crazy, we promise.

It’s so we can make good on two things:

  • You get the exact size of grass you need for your project
  • You have less waste to deal with after

The size of your grass will determine how we ship your product. Here are some quick facts to remember on how we categorize grass sizes:

Small Parcel Products:

  • Grass products that are 7 feet or below (of either width or length)
  • Shipped by FedEx, UPS or USPS
  • Any orders received after 1:00 pm will be processed the next business day
  • Takes 1-5 business days to get to you

LTL (less than load):

  • Grass products that are 8 feet and above (in either width or length)
  • Shipped through a logistics freight trucking company
  • Any orders received after 1:00 pm will be processed the next business day
  • Takes about 10 business days or more to get to you

Then it gets delivered safely to you. In the event that things don’t happen as simply as the bullet points above, we’re here for you. Seriously, we’re on standby 24/7 and we’re here for you. Contact us today!


This is the ‘wait there’s more’ section of what you just read regarding shipping. It’s like bag fries – the most welcomed little tidbits!

It’s a little more straight forward when you’re ordering a something that’s categorized as a small parcel. It’s rolled, packed and put on a branded truck. No surprises here. It gets a little trickier, the bigger the grass roll. We’ve covered everything from dog patches to concert venues, and we’ve learned that the bigger the roll the more patience and planning is required. Here are our tips for anticipating delivery:

  • Stop screening your calls! Pick up, it might be the delivery company trying to schedule a delivery. Whether you’re in a residential or a commercial space, they need to plan on how to best get your artificial turf to you, so they’ll have questions. Then of course they’ll need to know the best time to deliver. Because…
  • You need to be present to receive and sign for your order. Standard procedure so we and the freight company have record that the precious cargo is received on your end. Failure to do so, could mean an additional fee on your end in order to hold the product in storage. Who wants that?
  • A logistics company is not required to unload a heavy grass roll due to insurance and liability issues. Some drivers might be really cool and offer to help, but it’s by no means their responsibility. Just to be sure, grab a friend, a neighbor, a buff grandparent – anyone – in order to help you unload the grass from the truck. Additional equipment might be required depending on the size of your order, so take that into consideration as well.

Sorry to use our stern voice – we just want to make sure you’re well equipped and prepared to receive your eco-friendly landscaping solution. We’re as excited as you are to get your project going!


Ok…NOW the grass rolls are unloaded onto your lawn. When it gets to you it’s wrapped in stretch wrap, your instinct? Unwrap or cut it off…stop right there.

Unless it’s around time to install, you might want to keep it as is. As a note on scheduling installers (if you’re not DIY-ing it) – schedule them when you have secured your turf and have all the materials you need for the job. Once the installation starts, you can’t stop! Just kidding. You can, but it’s better to just be prepared instead.
Back to unrolling your grass: Once you take off the wrap and unroll it, you’re exposing it to elements and risking messing it up before you can even get it installed. If you’re not ready to lay it on your space, consider leaving it as is. We say this with love.

However, we understand if you feel the need to inspect it before you lay it out, our suggestion? Just make sure you have somewhere to store it after. Unless you’re an installer by trade, you may never be able to roll it as tightly as when you get it.

Whatever you decide to do -wait a little, or go all in - be prepared for that first impression.

First Impressions

It might not be pretty. Yeah, we admit it.

In as much as we’d love for our products to be carried gingerly by doves and then draped gently over the subbase that seven mining men prepared for you – it’s just not possible.

Depending on the size of your synthetic turf, how it’s rolled will vary. One thing is for sure: the grass blades are gonna be flat after being unrolled.

It will look NOTHING like the pictures, even we can admit to that.

But that’s because your grass has just been on a journey. Even we are a little lopsided after one long flight, imagine 3-10 days (or more!) on a truck! Don’t judge the grass by its first impression.

Primped and Prepped

Was it all smoke in mirrors? Absolutely not.

Lay it out under the sun to let it breath and un-crease. It will take between a few hours to a few days depending on the weather conditions in order for the turf to be completely fluffed out. Be patient! It’s normal for the grass to smell a little stale while it’s out breathing. Remember? Long trip. Give it a little love with some good old soap and water to get that ‘just got off the truck’ smell.

Now you’re grass should be in tiptop shape! Your MegaGrass is ready to roll over hard surfaces and prepared subbases, to fulfill their destinies of becoming the center piece of every space they end up in.

If you feel like your grass isn’t doing what it’s supposed to after it’s been unrolled, let us know. We weren’t kidding when we said that this grass was supposed to change your life. If you think that something looks a little weird, contact us. We live to serve.

Need more tips on how to maintain your grass? Meet you over here.