Artificial Grass for Patio, Roof, and Decks

Pop quiz: Artificial grass is used only for the yard. True or False? False! Well, false for MegaGrass because our synthetic grass is as versatile as your lifestyle! Add character to your deck, patio, or roof with our luscious green artificial turf. Our synthetic grass is washable, weather resistant and UV protectant --so it’s not just pretty, it’s also functional.

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Artificial Grass for Patio, Roof and Decks Vs Regular Turf?

Trust us, artificial grass for your patio, roof, or deck isn’t weird, it’s a thing! You’re probably picturing synthetic grass for play areas or lawns but it’s not, it’s more than that. Our artificial grass clears stagnant water with its powerful drainage technology. MegaGrass’ artificial turf is robust in its durability, especially with UV protection—no fading, no browning, no dying, no matter the season. Our glass blades are designed to stay upright and lush. They’re basically programmed to stay pretty for you.

Artificial grass for your patios and decks need excellent drainage. Puddles can attract uninvited insects that can cause an increase in health risks. If you’re cleaning the turf and water gets stuck due to poor drainage, you’ll eventually find yourself looking at hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs or maintenance, but that isn’t a concern with MegaGrass.

Installing artificial grass on either decks, porches, patios, and even roofs can easily be handled by professionals or with the right guidance, even on your own.

Saves Money

Taking care of natural grass on roof decks and patios require additional expenses that add to the already-astronomical expenses on your lawn. Put your lawn care expenses toward other a new jacket or hat? You might want to dress up because everyone’s gonna want to spend time at your place.

Saves Time

Would you rather Mow the lawn or take pictures of your pet dressed up in old Halloween costumes? If you answered pictures then go for the MegaPet! You’ll no longer need to do yard chores so you can spend more time writing a caption for your pet’s photo and hope it goes viral on social media.

Easy to Maintain

When we tell you MegaGrass is easy to maintain, we mean it.  You can do it in your sleep, you know why? You can just leave it alone. You can leave it there for years and it would still look like you just bought it.



There will be days when the natural yard is off limits to you and your dog because of chemicals applied on your natural grass. MegaPet doesn’t need any pesticides or weedkillers to be maintained. So go outside, roll around the grass with your open mouth smiles! Our grass is made from non-toxic materials so neither of you will be exposed to poison.


Environmentally friendly

How often do you mow the lawn? Did you know that every time you mow the lawn you’re increasing carbon emissions and polluting the environment? Don’t feel so guilty, it’s not you, its natural grass’s fault for wanting to grow. A simple switch to MegaPorch lowers your carbon footprint because artificial grass doesn’t need mowing.


Get ready for questions like “is that real grass?” How do you get your grass to stay so pretty? Because MegaPorch and other MegaGrass products look like the real thing. Enjoy the look of lush greenery in your porch and yard all year round!

Why Choose MegaGrass?

There are plenty of artificial turf companies battling for your business, but MegaGrass is interested in your trust. MegaGrass continues to be one of the leading companies in providing premier synthetic turf options because of the MegaGrass guarantee - We promise you don't have to buy an excessive amount of grass because we provide custom cuts to meet your specifications.

We also have various features that help our products stand out.

Our Technologies


EverGreen makes sure that your grass will always look legit no matter what the occasion. MegaPorch and our other artificial turf products are also designed to blend well with the thatching.


A porch full of water is a safety hazard for homeowners, and EverFlow makes sure that your MegaPorch won't have any water buildup. This feature allows our artificial green to have the same absorption as actual, live grass, so it can easily allow water through it.


Regular synthetic grass heats up quite quickly, but you won't have that problem when you install MegaPorch thanks to the EverCool technology. This technology keeps your grass 15% cooler than the competition, making it perfect for your summer BBQs.


EverFresh completes the “I-can't-believe-it's-not-real-grass” aesthetic of MegaPorch and other MegaGrass products. This feature provides our artificial grass with the smell of freshly mowed lawns that we know you love so much.

Our Synthetic Turf Collection

Here at MegaGrass, we offer the best artificial grass for our customers’ highly specific needs. We have artificial turf grass for lawns, sports stadiums, play areas, pet areas, porches, and golf putting areas. Regardless of the size of the project you’re working on, you’ll be happy to know that we have every size and cut available for it.

Aside from our MegaPorch collection, we also offer the following products:


It's important to us that we keep your home looking at its best without spending hundreds of dollars or hours to make your property gorgeous. All your neighbors are going to think you’re a landscaping genius...and they’re right.



Beat your personal handicap on the golf course by practicing your shots at home! MegaGolf simulates the look and feel of turf found in the finest country clubs in the world. This variant also has all the features that make the MegaGrass brand the synthetic grass of choice!

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Your kids love playing outside, but playgrounds and other areas of the home can be dangerous for a child who thinks they are an Avenger. Keep your Avenger safe with MegaPlay! This artificial grass product is popular among parents for the layers of cushions added in the inlay to help break falls and reduce the risk of serious injury.

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Be it an adorably small munchkin or a big Siberian husky, our pets deserve nothing but the best surfaces to run and play around on. MegaPet is specially designed by our team to withstand the various weights and foot traffic that comes with multiple pet ownership.

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Make sure your athletes have access to practice with MegaSport. It has all the functions of other MegaGrass products plus an important feature. Every blade of grass is specifically designed to withstand the damage that comes with training in team sports like football, soccer, baseball, and field hockey. With the right number of inlays, MegaSport keeps you safe and protected with its extra padding.

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