Sports Turf: Baseball, Soccer, Football and Softball Field Turfs

Aside from giant food portions, sports is what makes America great! This is the moment for athletes to show off their skill and the power of teamwork. Fans find camaraderie and purpose in showing support while rooting for their team. Baseball, soccer, football, softball, and perhaps even tag can be a fun and memorable experience for players and fans. But what happens when the weather sucks? With artificial waterproof sports turf, you won’t need to change your plans because you can keep the games going no matter the weather!

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What is a Sports Turf and Should You Get One?

Unlike real grass, sports turf performs under pressure! Sports turf absorbs impact from the intense thunder and lightning that players bring to the field. It can play dirty but it doesn’t stay that way because cleanups are easy. Sports turf allows you save on maintenance costs, and your field is available for you all year round rain, shine, sleet or snow!

What Are the Benefits of Having an Artificial Sporting Turf?

Saves Money

The cost might intimidate you at first, but the savings over time proves artificial grass is a perfect investment. Real grass requires maintenance costs like re-sodding, watering, mowing herbicides and pesticides. You can invest your money in more important things like your team’s uniform. Looking good is important too right?

Saves Time

The care of real grass takes time. As mentioned above, re-sodding, watering, and mowing takes time away from training. MegaSport doesn’t need babysitting. Just set it, forget it and use the time to practice your team and their winning pose.

Easy to Maintain

This isn’t your typical 60-yard field goal lawn. Maintaining your MegaSport grass takes little to no effort, you could hire your child’s babysitter to do it. All it needs is some water, soap, and maybe a few words of gratitude.



Your safety is our goal. With the right kind of sports turf and installation, you can increase the safety of your players and reduce the risk of injury on the field. Artificial grass has no poison or chemicals in it. Our fake grass is lead-free and doesn't need pesticides or herbicides. So you can relax, you’re safe with us!


Environmentally friendly

Each weekend, about 54 million Americans mow their lawns, using 800 million gallons of gas per year and producing tons of air pollutants. The gas-powered lawn mower has the highest carbon output and produces eleven times as much pollution as a new car! That can add up, considering the average house owner mows their lawn 22 times a year. With no real grass, you won’t need a lawnmower. No lawnmower means no carbon emissions. Yay!


Nothing is more attractive than a healthy, neatly trimmed body of grass. You can be sure that MegaSport will always give off that “come hither” look no matter what time of year it is.

Why Choose MegaGrass?

You worked hard for that money and we promise to be honest with your investment. We won’t upsell you on anything you don’t need. You won’t waste your money thanks to our customized grass sizes. This is the MegaGrass guarantee.

MegaGrass is versatile and fit for any occasion. Powered with innovative technology, our products are tailor-made for all your needs while being cost effective. You can say, it’s “smart MegaGrass” and nobody wants dumb grass.

Our Technologies


Picture this, grass so green and luscious its Instagramable! MegaSport promises your field will always look naturally green. Its soul will never grow old. Yes, that’s what Ed Shereen was singing about.


A slippery field can slow down performance and put athletes at risk for injury but MegaSports EverFlow’s technology will increase safety. When it rains, it won’t flood because it has the same absorption as natural grass. See, told you it was smart grass.


Heat could make it difficult for your quarterback to make the pinpoint pas to his wide receiver. Keep your athletes cool and focused even on the hottest day with EverCool. Your MegaSport field will be 15% less hot than regular artificial grass fields. You’re welcome.


Love the smell of fresh cut grass? So do we! EverFresh gives MegaSport and other MegaGrass products the scent of real grass because even though its fake grass, we want to provide you with a realistic experience. The scent might even motivate your athletes to perform their best.

What Else Does MegaGrass Have to Offer?

We don’t just offer quality and convenience; We make sure our clients have access to the exact type of grass they need for their homes or commercial space. Check out the following products:


Give your lawn a makeover. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make it look like a million dollar home. MegaLawn will definitely add value to your property with it’s luscious and realistic features. But don’t be surprised when millennials drop by to take a selfie and post it on their Instagram #MegaLawn.



Want to get some golf swings in before your next meeting? With MegaGolf you can have the look and feel of a golf course at your home without sacrificing your lawn. So get your golf clubs shined and ready.

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The home can be a dangerous place when your kids have decided the living room is a Ninja Warrior playground. But you don’t have to worry about the kids playing rough. You can lower the risk of injury with Megaplay in your playroom. This grass is packed with additional layers of cushion to keep your children safe while they tumble, jump on furniture, or practice their somersaults and headstands.

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Dog person? Cat Person? Llama person? Rabbit person? Have a whole farm of animals type of person? It doesn’t matter, MegaPet welcomes all animals and won't judge you for owning them. Cleaning up after your pets is easy, simply scoop up the mess and then rinse with water. Get MegaPet installed in your outdoor spaces and it will brave the foot traffic your animal brings.

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Take pride in the home you worked so hard for and give it some love by dressing up your deck, patio, or roof. Sound weird? Trust us, it's a glamorous look! And MegaPorch won’t just sit there looking pretty, it’ll defend your house from dirt.

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