Why do you need to measure?

We understand that each project is unique. Every space is different and now that you already picked the best artificial grass for your lawn, the next thing to do is to measure your space to see how much artificial grass you will need.

Getting the measurements right is very critical. You don't want to spend extra cash on excess grass because of miscalculations. The most beneficial thing you will get from knowing the measurements is that you get a more precise quote from the artificial grass supplier and installers you are teaming up for your project.

Sounds complicated? Nah, that's why we are here to help.

These are all you need

Getting the rough estimate of how large your area is not as complicated as you think it is. You just need the following:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Calculator (you can use your smartphone)

Time to measure

STEP 1. Take measurements along the longest and widest points of the area.

You should aim to measure your lawn as if it's a square/rectangle. So, if you have curved angles or a triangle/unusual shape, just follow the same instructions. The grass is best laid in lengths moving away from the house, not across the garden, so that the pile is at its best viewing angle.

STEP 2. Multiply the width by the length

Doing this will give you the square meterage of the area. It's really that simple!

Bear in mind, when landscaping your garden, and purposely installing an area for fake grass to be fitted in, the grass comes in two and four-metre widths. The length, however, is never an issue, so any wastage will be determined on the width of the installation area.

STEP 3. Check the estimated area's price

Lastly, you want to check how much your area would actually cost.

Go to our shop and choose the grass that best fits your need. Get the measurements you took earlier and use our calculator to see how much your artificial grass will cost. By the way we give discount on first-time buyers. And if you’re building a big project we can list you as a trade member for larger discounts.

Take aways

Always remember, the more you know your measurements, the more beneficial it will be. You can always call an expert if you are unsure but it’s better to have an idea of at least how to measure your area yourself. You can give more information when you consult an installer or purchasing the artificial grass.

Although it's easy to get a rough estimate of your lawn area, not every lawn is shaped in perfect corners. Some have curved corners and obstractions like trees, stairs, and such. That’s the time we’d be more than happy to help you. Take a look at this example from one of our customers:

The customer sent over a photo of his project assuming that he’ll be needing 1 roll of 15ft x 42ft to cover the area. He wasn’t sure, so he sent us this photo to makes sure.

After calculating and brainstorming with one another, our team connected with the customer and shared the drawing above, along with their recommendations. In this case, the customer needed 3 different sizes 15x21, 15x26, and 15x36, which saved the customer from making a mistake.

We’ll do the same for you. If you need help with your measurements or you want our team of experts to confirm your calculations, simply send us a draft of your project. You can draw it on paper or send a photo with detailed measurements. Include length and width in feet, just like the example above.

Send us your project

You're not alone in this. We'll do this together. With over 15 years of installation experience, our team of experts will gladly review your project and provide you with recommendations and advice.

We'll answer any question you have about preparation including the type of installation materials you’ll need. Don’t be afraid to ask, we want to make sure you’re project is a success.