The Grass of the Future is Here.

Zero Maintenance, Zero Water Bills, but all the Curb Appeal.

  • 4 Different Widths + Any Length to Fit Any Area
  • High Quality Durability
  • Multiple Colors and Textures
  • 15 Year Warranty

Custom fit

MegaGrass is the first and only company willing to conform to your needs.

  • Choose between 5, 7.5, 10, and 15ft widths
  • Cut to order from 1 to 100 feet length
  • Just the right amount of material

Artificial grass designed for your lifestyle

Select width then input length. Click view pricing upon each size combination or selection.

Your total computed area covers 5 sq.ft.













Benefits Of Synthetic Grass

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Free from bacteria or chemicals.

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Little to no maintenance - saving you time and money.

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Save water, reduce emissions and prevents mud or puddles.

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Long-lasting design that survives 15 to 20 years.

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Eliminates weeds. Forever

Installation Tips

Learn to prepare, install, and maintain.

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What Our Customers Say

Awesome for pets

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I got this fake grass to cover our balcony to make it dog friendly and it is perfect!

This looks very nice when laid

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I used this for an area in my yard that was difficult to grow real grass, so I laid this on top of the bare soil and it looks great. Glad I bought this product and hopes it lasts a long time.

Looks beautiful!

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Built a dog run for my GSD's and this grass not only looks great, it drains great too! Just make sure the turf you buy has drainage holes. I bought two more pieces from another seller and guess what, no drainage holes!

The Top Artificial Grass Retailer

We turn the artificial turf industry on its head by skipping the dealers and middlemen, and going straight to the consumer. Getting turf direct can be a nightmare, but MegaGrass is here to make that process simple and affordable. We make sure we have our eyes on every step of the process. From designing, manufacturing, warehousing, packaging, and shipping. We don’t just have artificial turf for sale and hope you choose us. We take pride in helping our customers save time, money and effort that they would've spent on a traditional lawn. Our mission is to help you with your renovate your lawn exactly the way you want it.

What does it mean to offer the best artificial grass? MegaGrass is the ONLY grass seller that offers personalized sizing, high permeability grass products with a variety of colors and textures. We have an answer for all turf jobs, whether it's for a lawn, playground, pets, sports field, etc. Rather than competing with other turf retailers, we’re more committed to making sure our clients choose the right products they need. To us, sustainability isn’t just an option, it’s a solution. It’s why our grass is 100% lead and latex free as well as being completely hypoallergenic. Our grass eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers, mowing, and the greenhouse gas emissions that come along with them.

We’ve got a really good thing. It’s why we try to make the process of getting our solutions to everyone as seamless as possible. Because there is no middleman, we’re able to offer manufacturer pricing. Like what you see and want it ASAP? We process all of our orders on the same day and make sure you get what you paid for within just a few days.

We pride ourselves on top notch customer service. Turf can be confusing for first time buyers. That's why we have a dedicated support team to answer any of your artificial grass questions or concerns. Have a question? Don't be shy! Head over to our Q&A, where we have dedicated team members to answer all of your questions on the same day. We’re all at your service here. We all know our products and the industry like the back of our hands. We don’t just give cookie cutter responses, but rather, we extend ourselves to make sure you’re getting the best service possible.

Artificial Grass Answers Your Every Need

MegaGrass It! It’s a fun term we like to say here at MegaGrass. We believe our product can do almost anything! Although it failed as toilet paper, dinnerware, an umbrella, and blanket, we have identified its best uses and broken it down into six special product offerings for our clients. Whether it’s a DIY or a custom installation, we’re ready.



MegaPet artificial grass is what your pets deserve! Helping puppies potty train or outfitting entire dog runs, we’ve thought of it all for our fluffy best friends when designing this product. We made it durable enough to run and play on top of, but made sure it was safe on their paws and highly permeable for potty training purposes.



MegaLawn artificial lawn grass is our ultimate alternative to the traditional lawn. No maintenance, no water bills, just high quality beautiful grass. While all types of synthetic turf take away the need to mow, not all will look as good for as long as MegaGrass products do. Installing a turf lawn will increase the value of your home and give it that extra curb appeal as well.



MegaGolf putting green turf was created for golf enthusiasts who dream of owning a private putting course. With the MegaGolf, you can have your own private indoor or outdoor putting course just footsteps away. No more long drives to the range or having to plan out an entire trip just to practice your putting game. Our pile (blade and thatch combination) is packed tightly so nothing gets in the way of your game.



The MegaSport series is ultimate sports field grass created to support athletes by absorbing impact and assisting with agility. It's extreme durability allows for high traffic sports related activities. Add about three to four pounds of infill per square foot to get the best results.



The MegaPlay series playground turf is the go-to for many community parks, school yards, day cares, or anywhere kids are. The taller blades allow for more infill to both keep the grass in place even in high traffic areas, as well as support increased density to cushion falls. To maximize safety and pass for lower GMAX scores, we suggest pairing this grass with layers of shock pads beneath it to minimize shock on impact.



MegaPorch is our fake grass for patios. Why? Because there’s so much more you can do with smaller hard surface spaces. MegaPorch is lush enough to roll right onto hard surfaces like decks, patios, and balconies. Some of our fun clients have even used this grass on rooftop spaces and indoors as a rug! It’s a quick way to create an indoors-to-outdoors transitional space, or add personality to cold concrete.

Make the Artificial Grass Selection That’s Right For You

We understand that making the switch from a traditional lawn to artificial comes with a lot of questions. We have an entire team dedicated to Q&A to make sure our customers are well informed on how to make the switch efficiently. One question we get often is how much everything is going to cost. The main variables when it comes to cost are the size of the area, the turf type, and the installation accessories needed. These things all contribute to the total cost. Please contact us to price out your complete artificial turf installation. Click here for more on how to install your artificial grass.