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We have the size you need

- 5', 7.5', 10', 15' in width, with customisable 1' to 100' length

Full Roll
- Original uncut size 15' x 100' roll of turf (best value)

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Fixed width of 15ft maximum length of 100ft

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Fixed width of 10ft maximum length of 100ft

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Fixed width of 7.5ft maximum length of 100ft

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Fixed width of 5ft maximum length of 100ft

15' x 100' roll


Covers sq ft


Face Weight: 64 oz per sq.yd.

Colors: Emerald Green, Olive Green

Thatch Layer: Green

Pile Height: 1.26"

Turf Gauge: 3/8"

Backing Weight: 21 oz per sq.yd.

Total Weight: 85 oz per sq.yd.

Stitch Rate: 16/10 cm

Stitches/m2: 16800

GRASS COLOR AND WEIGHT MAY VARY: Size and color shown in the images may vary slightly from the product you’ll receive. Artificial grass color may vary due to flash photography and monitor settings. Product weight is also subject to change due to third-party carrier regulations.

Sports Turf: Baseball, Soccer, Football and Softball Field Turfs

Introducing the MegaSport by MegaGrass. A high quality artificial grass designed specifically for sports fields. The unique design of each blade is tested to outlast all other fibers on the market. When it comes to extreme traffic and use, no other turfs can compete with the MegaSport. It can combined with our shockpads to minimize shock on impact when falling.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Field or Facility

There is a definite difference between natural grass and artificial sports turf. When it comes to sports, durability and performance matter more than just pure aesthetics. That's why more and more, arenas, parks, and sports fields all across the world have been making the switch from natural lawns to artificial turf. Real grass might look the same as turf, but it's far too fragile to withstand the heavy traffic from sports.

Perfect for All Weather Types

When you have a high performance sports turf like the MegaSport, you never have to worry about durability or performance, regardless of weather. Rain and snow can cause a grass field to become filled with huge puddles and mud that can make certain sport activities difficult or even dangerous. Over time, this will tear your grass right out of the ground, resulting in more maintenance, water bills, and headaches. When you use MegaSport artificial sports turf for your field or facility, you get an extremely resilient fake grass that is specially designed to cater to athletes and sports play. With a powerful drainage system that soaks water at 23 gallons per minute, puddles and mud are never an issue. This combined with the extreme durability of the MegaSport allows athletes to get their game on, rain or shine.

Versatile Sports Turf for All Events and Games
The biggest advantage of using MegaGrass faux sports turf is the versatility you can get from just one installation. When you have natural grass, you have to give it time to recover after events for it to look and perform its best. While this time can vary depending on the situation, it is still time that is being wasted. Extreme traffic on a sports field is rough on the natural lawn, which is why the average life-span of natural grass and lawn in sports fields is only about 100 hours. Artificial sports turf can last for years of active use without showing any signs of wear and tear. With the MegaSport, waiting is a thing of the past. When it's game time, we're ready.

Why Choose MegaGrass for Your Synthetic Grass for Dogs

There are plenty of reasons to decide to start using an artificial sports turf like MegaSport on your field. The most important thing is that your turf is always ready to perform and look its best for you, your team, and your fans.

15-Year Warranty

MegaGrass indoor sports turf and other MegaSport products have a 15-year warranty. This means you will spend less time worrying about lawn care and simply focus on winning the next big game. Special UV protection ensures your turf field will not fade or look drab.


One of the biggest drawbacks of using natural turf is the beating it takes from the elements. Rain and snow can have an especially detrimental impact on natural turf fields. The large puddles and wet spots can cause major issues for players that can even lead to injury.


MegaGrass sports turf is designed with the active player in mind. We have created out MegaSport products to be able to withstand the abuse of the elements, but to also handle the abuse of constant traffic and rough cleats, as well as shock-absorbent and safe for athletes.


Custom Cut Grass

MegaGrass offers custom cut sizes of our indoor turf and lawns so you can get exactly what you need for the job. No more wasting time or money cutting and shaping pre-set shapes and sizes when you an just order exactly what you need.


Precut Artificial Turf

While not all sports fields and parks are created equal, many are created with similar dimensions. This can make ordering MegaSport indoor sports turf easy with our wide selection of precut artificial turf sizes and shapes. We carry a wide selection of precut turf and lawn sizes for your convenience.

Excellent Customer

All of this means nothing if you are still no happy at the end of the day. One of our top priorities at MegaGrass is ensuring that every customer leaves happy and satisfied after every interaction thanks to our excellent customer service teams.

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