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We have the size you need

- 5', 7.5', 10', 15' in width, with customisable 1' to 100' length

Full Roll
- Original uncut size 15' x 100' roll of turf (best value)

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Fixed width of 15ft maximum length of 100ft

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Fixed width of 10ft maximum length of 100ft

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Fixed width of 7.5ft maximum length of 100ft

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Fixed width of 5ft maximum length of 100ft

15' x 100' roll


Covers sq ft


Face Weight: 93 oz per sq.yd.

Colors: Emerald Green, Olive Green

Thatch Layer: Brown, Green

Pile Height: 1.75"

Turf Gauge: 3/8"

Backing Weight: 22 oz per sq.yd.

Total Weight: 115 oz per sq.yd.

Stitch Rate: 20/10 cm

Stitches/m2: 21000

FREE SHIPPING!   Act now while promo last. Ships in 2 business days.

GRASS COLOR AND WEIGHT MAY VARY: Size and color shown in the images may vary slightly from the product you’ll receive. Artificial grass color may vary due to flash photography and monitor settings. Product weight is also subject to change due to third-party carrier regulations.

Artificial Grass for Patio, Roof and Decks

MegaPorch grass rug has a melting point of 176 degrees, so leave it outdoors or under the sun and it will look as lovely as the day you laid it out for years to come. Roll it over your deck and let this combination of emerald green and olive green colored thatch and patch, brighten up your space as you soak up some rays. Featuring a blade height of 1.75” and a 115 oz total weight, this synthetic grass rug can bring a touch of nature to any urban home. Get the therapeutic benefits of feeling soft, realistic grass without the maintenance work or water bill.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Patio

Choosing to use artificial grass for your patio, porch, or another hard surface area comes with many great benefits and advantages over traditional lawn solutions or not doing anything at all. The main reason most people decide to use MegaPorch or any other MegaGrass product on their porch is to make the area look better. It's no big secret that adding a little natural-looking grass or lawn to your otherwise drab concrete makes everything more inviting for friends, family, and other guests.

Using a natural lawn solution requires a lot of extra maintenance to ensure it looks it's best. Even with all of this work, there is no promise that you will have a full, green lawn section all year long. You can be sure to have a lush area for play and relaxation when you choose MegaPorch artificial grass for balconies and patios. The simple care and maintenance mean you will spend a lot less time out there doing the hard work and more time enjoying your gorgeous lawn. This will also save a lot of money on wasted water and extra lawn care products that could be unsafe for your family and the planet. 

MegaPorch grass is created with natural elements in mind. Our high-quality faux lawn is tough enough to handle anything Mother Nature can throw at it. To make sure you can use your new artificial lawn anywhere you want, including rooftop areas, MegaPorch grass can withstand temperatures in excess of 170 degrees and is treated with a special UV protection coating that ensures it will not fade or get damaged in the hot sun. Each individual grass blade is designed to return to its full standing position, to always look and feel its fullest.

Why Choose MegaGrass for Your Porch

Your space is a special area for you to relax, entertain guests, and watch your family play and grow. You want to make sure you are spending your hard-earned money on the best fake lawn for porches that you can find.

15-Year Warranty

MegaGrass fake lawn solutions and products are designed to last more than 20 years with minimal care and attention. To help you rest as easily as possible while enjoying your new lawn, we offer a 15-year warranty from the date your MegaGrass lawn is installed.


When we talk about the permeability of your new artificial lawn, we are referring to the drainage ability of your grass. MegaPorch is created with a backing that allows for maximum drainage to avoid puddles and excess wet spots. Our fake lawns can drain around 23 gallons of water per hour.


All of our MegaGrass products are created with the latest technology and is specifically geared towards a specific purpose. MegaPorch products can withstand extreme temperatures and withstand rough treatment from natural elements. UV protection coating promises to protect your grass from fading and other sun damage.


Custom Cut Grass

A big reason to use artificial patio turf is to save money on care and maintenance. Be sure you save as much money as possible with our custom cut grass pieces to help fit any odd shape or size you may have.


Precut Artificial Turf

To make ordering and installation as easy as possible, we have taken our most common cuts and sizes and created precut artificial turf sizes for porches, balconies, and patios. We have a wide selection of precut lawn sizes that vary in size from 8 square feet up to 80 square feet.

Excellent Customer Service

None of these benefits matter if we cannot make our customers happy with every interaction. This is why we have invested time and money into creating excellent customer service and care mentality for our whole team.

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