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We have the size you need

- 5', 7.5', 10', 15' in width, with customisable 1' to 100' length

Full Roll
- Original uncut size 15' x 100' roll of turf (best value)

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Fixed width of 15ft maximum length of 100ft

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Fixed width of 10ft maximum length of 100ft

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Fixed width of 7.5ft maximum length of 100ft

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Fixed width of 5ft maximum length of 100ft

15' x 100' roll


Covers sq ft


Face Weight: 65 oz per sq.yd.

Colors: Emerald Green, Olive Green

Thatch Layer: Brown, Green

Pile Height: 1.76"

Turf Gauge: 3/8"

Backing Weight: 20 oz per sq.yd.

Total Weight: 86 oz per sq.yd.

Stitch Rate: 12/10 cm

Stitches/m2: 12600

FREE SHIPPING! Act now while promo last. Ships in 2 business days.

GRASS COLOR AND WEIGHT MAY VARY: Size and color shown in the images may vary slightly from the product you’ll receive. Artificial grass color may vary due to flash photography and monitor settings. Product weight is also subject to change due to third-party carrier regulations.

Artificial Lawn Turf for Home Landscaping

MegaLawn lead-free grass is perfect for entertaining and outdoor spaces that see a lot of traffic. This artificial lawn has come a long way from the shiny, rough confetti of turf's past. With advances in blade technology, infill, and synthetic lawn backing, MegaLawn is the savvy homeowner's solution to family-friendly, realistic yards. Thick and lush, with a combination of emerald green and olive green colored thatch and patch, and features a blade height of 1.76” and a 65 oz face weight density. 



Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Yard

While there is something special about natural grass, MegaLawn artificial grass has a lot of features and benefits that you simply will not find in natural lawn solutions. You can see why more and more people are switching to fake grass for backyard landscaping needs from ease of use to safety to family, pets, and the environment.

Yardwork Has Never Been Easier... 

Traditional grass and landscaping requires a lot of extra steps, equipment, and work to always look its best. Even then, there are a lot of factors that are simply out of your control. This is never the case when you install MegaLawn faux backyard turf. Care and maintenance simply requires a little raking and rinsing off with water or a gentle cleanser once in a while.

Or More Eco-Friendly

Our number one priority is the care and the safety of your family and the world around us. This is why we only use high-quality materials that are non-toxic, lead free and safe for you adnd your family. All of our synthetic lawns and products are also safe for the environment amnd nature around your home.

Track Less Mud and Dirt Into Your Home

If Mother Nature is anything, it is dirty and muddy. This is one aspect of the outside that you would much rather stay outside. When you use MegaLawn artificial turf for your yard, you are eliminating the mud and dirt that comes with natural grass and turf. With high-drainage levels, your faux lawn will never fill up with water, puddles, or unsightly mud.

Good-Bye Bugs and Pests

One thing natural grass does well is attracting certain pests and bugs. There are a lot of different bugs and annoying little pests that like to make their homes in the tall natural grass, but when these same pests come across MegaLawn fake grass, they move on to find the natural thing and leave your home alone.

Why Choose MegaGrass for Your Artificial Lawn

There are indeed plenty of fake lawn producers out there that you could choose from. MegaGrass is different from those other companies, and our team is very proud to offer features and benefits that cannot be found anywhere else.

15-Year Warranty

Our MegaLawn artificial grass and lawns are designed to last more than 25 years when cared for and used in moderation. To protect your investment for as long as possible, MegaGrass offers a 15-year warranty on all MegaLawn fake grass lawns that protects against fading and early degrading.


MegaLawn is designed with the end customer in mind, This is why we have created a backing that is fully permeable and allows for excellent drainage. Instead of walking through a squishy green sponge of a yard, MegaLawn products maintain their fullness without looking drowned out or filling up with puddles.


Times have certainly changed for the world of fake grass and lawns. Modern technology has allowed us to create MegaLawn products that look and feel just like the real thing. All of our synthetic lawns come with UV protection to avoid fading and discoloration.


Custom Cut Grass

Getting the size you need is always easy when you come to MegaGrass. We offer custom cut grass sizes to help you fit any tight spot or weird shapes. To better serve you, we cut from widths of 1 foot wide to 15 feet wide and lengths of 1 foot long to 100 feet long.


Precut Artificial Turf

We can also get you up and running quickly with a wide selection of precut synthetic grass and lawn sizes. We have taken our most popular sizes and created precut pieces that are ready to ship out to you right away.

Excellent Customer

This all means nothing if you are not completely happy every single time you talk to us. This is why we have a strong focus on providing the highest level of customer service we possibly can every time.

Frequently Asked Questions About MegaLawn

How do I install artificial lawn turf?

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MegaLawn is ready to install in three easy steps that anybody can do on their own. Check here to get all the installation details, including step-by-step instructions and videos.

What is Face Weight?

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When you want to determine how durable an artificial lawn is, you need to look at its face weight, also called the pile weight. This term references the weight of the turf pile per square foot, which is not the same as the total turf weight.

What is Face Weight?

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The stitch count of your new MegaLawn synthetic grass is how we describe the number of stitches per square meter of fake lawns. This number is figured by multiplying the turf gauge by the number of stitches per meter.

What is Pile Height?

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When someone talks about the pile height of the MegaLawn synthetic grass, they are talking about the total height of the grass. This measurement can be given in fractions of an inch and is measured from the backing to the tip of the grass blade.

What is a Gauge?

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The technical description of a fake lawn's gauge is the distance between the yarns of artificial grass, which indicates the number of needles per square inch across the tufting machine. This is similar to the thread count in your sheets and bedding with higher numbers being more dense and full.

What is Stitch Rate?

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The stitch rate of MegaLawn artificial lawn turf and grass is a reference to the number of stitches per inch in the length of faux grass. For example, 14/10 tells you there are 14 stitches in 3.93 inches of artificial lawn or turf.

Is your artificial grass pet-friendly?

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All of our MegaLawn products are completely safe for you, your family, and your pets, Our products are often used in locations that are pet-friendly, such as veterinarian's offices or animal shelters. Our fake grass is lead-free and non-toxic.

How long does your warranty last?

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With moderate use and a little love and care, your new MegaLawn artificial grass will last around 25 years. To help make this life as easy and enjoyable as possible, we include a 15-year warranty with all of our MegaLawn synthetic lawns.

How to take care of artificial lawns?

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There is nothing easier than caring for your new MegaLawn faux grass. All it truly requires is a little gentle rinsing and cleaning once in a while to always look its best. Find out more about how to best care for your MegaLawn products at our MegaGrass Care Page.

How long does your artificial grass last?

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MegaLawn is designed to not only simulate the look and feel of real grass but to also do this for as long as possible. With moderate traffic and little care, our MegaLawn products can last 25 years or more without fading or degrading in the elements.

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