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For us, it started with a simple lawn.

Until we realized a simple lawn, wasn't so simple...

Everyone deserves to have a nice lawn. Unfortunately, traditional lawns take lots of maintenance and water to upkeep. Here at MegaGrass, we are passionate about getting people their dream lawn without all the hassle and worry. We believe that things you care about in life should fit around your lifestyle. Not the other way around. Even if it's something as simple as a lawn.

Innovators of artificial grass for more than a decade, MegaGrass offers specially engineered grass for your needs. Higher melting points for our friends in hot places, cold and water proof varieties to withstand all four seasons, maximum permeability for puppies both big and small, and a competitive 15 year warranty. We have eleven locations all over the United States and are the only turf company that offers four different width options.

MegaGrass is an artificial grass and hedge company headquartered in Los Angeles that’s devoted to not only providing the highest quality turf, but long term landscaping solutions. In 2009, our company was founded in Nevada where the summers are hot and dry and maintaining a nice lawn is near impossible. That was the beginning of our journey. We quickly realized we could help people all over the US as well and began growing into the company that you see today. Our mission was and forever will be to provide people with solid landscaping solutions.

Our Mission

Guilt free landscaping products that make a difference in humanity’s carbon footprint


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Always putting the customer first.

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Standing behind all of our products.

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