• Boxwood Eden Artificial Hedge
  • Boxwood Eden Artificial Hedge
  • Boxwood Eden Artificial Hedge
  • Boxwood Eden Artificial Hedge

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Boxwood Eden Artificial Hedge


Our Artificial Hedge Features


Little to No Maintenance

When you have a million things on your to-do list, the last thing you want to think about is landscaping. Thankfully, the Boxwood Eden Artificial hedge is amazing because it requires little to no maintenance.


Easy Assembly

If you've ever shopped at any of those discounted furniture stores, you understand the arduous and inconvenient task of putting furniture together. Since most people don't want to deal with back-breaking labor, the makers created an artificial hedge that includes really easy assembly, which saves your time and energy.


Lead-free Artificial Hedges

When it's absorbed into the body, lead can be extremely toxic. Whether you're enjoying a day outside or playing with your children in the backyard, you can do so knowing that you're surrounded by a lead-free alternative.


100% Recyclable and Eco-friendly

As it's becoming more apparent of the looming dangers of pollution, more companies are adjusting to make sure their products are eco-friendly. Look for artificial hedges like the Boxwood Eden option that are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly to protect and preserve the environment's resources.


UV Protectant

When you make the investment to purchase artificial hedges, it's wise to choose options like the Boxwood Eden because of its UV protectant, which will keep it looking better for a longer period of time.



In addition to the UV protectant, the Boxwood Eden is also fade-resistant. This means that it will hold its vibrant color for a really long time.



When you purchase a faux hedge for your landscaping, you still want it to look as authentic and real as possible. The Boxwood Eden provides a realistic look without the inconvenience of realistic maintenance.


Securely Connect & Cut for a Custom Fit

While there are similar styles for a backyard or a front yard in a particular neighbor, it's nice to have a custom style for your landscaping. These hedge panels allow you to experience the diversity of a customized look.


Saves Water

One of the reasons why a fake hedge is eco-friendly is because you don't have to water it. As a result, you'll save because your water bill won't be as high as it could be.


Weather Resistance

Whether you live in an area that has four distinct seasons or two main climate changes, it's nice to maintain landscaping that isn't destroyed due to the weather changes. A synthetic hedge provides that convenience.


Noise Reduction

When you have noisy neighbors, it's great to have filters that will absorb the sound. The Boxwood Eden can stand as a group of artificial hedge panels that will reduce the noise during your outdoor experience.



Space Lift

Now you see it, now you don’t! Our hedges make that ugly space disappear.


Feel closer to mother nature without the toxic landscaping routines. Our hedges are lead free, 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

where there’s a will…

…there’s a hedge! Up the wall, around a column, upside down on th eceiling - this hedge is a classic customizable piece that goes anywhere

Easy to maintain

Just spray it down with water or wipe down with a wet cloth. That’s it!

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