With the multitude of artificial grass suppliers out there, you have the entire industry at your feet (pun intended).

What makes MegaGrass different from the other turf suppliers? For starters, we're specially geared towards retail customers! We are the ONLY turf supplier with customizable widths, whereas our competitors only offer the standard 15'. We take pride in specializing our turf to match your lifestyle.

MegaGrass’ mission is rooted in providing high quality artificial landscaping solutions. That is where we put our heart and soul. It’s not just about giving you a nice lawn, it's about solving the issues that matter to you. We know the struggles of maintaining a traditional lawn, so we made it our mission to help people make the switch to turf.

Artificial Grass vs. Real Grass

First, the obvious – how is our product different from real grass?

Specialized Blades and Thatching

It's just turf right? How complicated can it be? What if we told you each turf had different specifications down to blade and thatchings?

Our blades are carefully engineered to outlast regular grass and to perform in various situations.

Our high quality thatching provides a realistic look to our grass that outshines the competition.

This combination is our secret formula that creates the best artificial grass. While what is ‘realistic’ to one might not be the same to another, we’ve narrowed it down six distinct combinations that will fit most lifestyles. It’s not easy creating realistic artificial grass. To be honest it would’ve been easier to just make everything green and plastic and call it a day. However, here at MegaGrass, we aren't just selling grass, we're selling a solution.


Also known as drainage, this is the amount of water that can flow throught your grass patch.

All of our product drain at a steady rate of 23 gallons for every square foot per hour – that’s a lot of liquid. To put that into perspective, even a level 5 hurricane wouldn't be able to flood our turf! To top it off, we’ve added a specialty turf, the MegaPet, which has a permeability capacity of more than 90 gallons for every square foot per hour! Made specially for pet owners, we went overboard to make sure drainage would never be an issue.


The specifications that bring it all together.

We're here to help

Artificial Turf

To take the guessing out of planning smaller spaces, we’ve precut our most popular sizes. If you know exactly what you need, we're ready to ship on the same day.

Here are some examples of sizing

3 ft x 8 ft = 24 square feet
5 ft x 10 ft = 50 square feet
6 ft x 9 ft = 54 square feet
8 ft x 10 ft = 80 square feet
20 in x 59 in = 8 square feet
28 in x 40 in = 8 square feet
54 in x 108 in = 40 square feet

Cut Grass

We pride ourselves on flexibility. We're here to cater to your needs, regardless of the space at hand. The irregularly shaped spaces that used to be impossible to deal with are now a cinch with our custom cut grass. We understand that not all spaces are one size fits all. If that were the case we'd be selling grass by the roll like our competitors without offering any cutting options. We don't have to look further than our own backyards to remember that you're out there, because we're on the same boat. We're here cutting around trees, looping around gardens, installing between tiles. Sometimes we need just a foot by a foot piece of turf. Other times we need fringe that's 14 feet wide by 28 feet long so we can shape it around our putting green. Whatever the case, we cut from widths of 1 foot wide to 15 feet wide and lengths of 1 foot long to 100 feet long. In short - that's 1500 custom cut combinations.

Synthetic Grass

We’ve seen it all. From quirky customers that string together our 6-inch x 6-inch samples to create a grass carpet quilt, to our creative customers that cut our turf into thin strips and install them in to designs. You might be wondering, when would you ever need 1500 square feet (aka a full roll) of grass? This option is geared more towards bigger projects. Upcoming wedding? Style it up with some turf! Sports field or music concerts? No problem! For bigger projects, a full roll can get the job done.


MegaGrass can you help you get from point A to Z. From manufacturing, to warehousing, to shipping and receiving, we oversee it all. We have installation partners, distributors and warehouses that are situated all over the United States. If you're don't want to self install your grass, email us as support@megagrass.com and we'll find a professional installer near you.

To top it off, we aspire to give you the best support
through extensive product knowledge and 24/7 customer service.

At MegaGrass we hold fast to our mission and it anchors our every move. Making the switch to turf can be overwhelming, but we're here to make that process as simple as possible. We’re ready for your questions with a dedicated Q&A team. We love it when our community is eager to learn more about our products. We take pride in offering a high quality landscaping solution that can improve our customer's quality of life.

Don't hesitate to reach out! We’re always on standby and looking forward to hearing from you at support@megagrass.com!

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