10 Cutest Backyard Dog Run Ideas & Designs That Are Easy to Recreate

There are a million dog run ideas on the internet, but MegaGrass is here to help narrow it down the top 10.


Maybe you’re tired of muddy paws and dead patches on your yard. Maybe it’s time you make the switch to artificial turf. After all, it’s never too late to get a space that both you and your fur baby will love!


Imagine how much better taking your pet ‘out’ without actually leaving your property would be. Intrigued? We thought you would be...


Check out these cute dog run inspirations before you start designing your own.


1. Simple and Practical Pet Runs

Simple and Practical Dog Runs

Image from: http://www.planitdiy.com/inspiration/in-pets/a-place-for-the-puppies-to-go-potty-pad/


Cute in its own minimalistic way, this dog run is great for exercising and playing with your best buddy. Complete with an efficient drainage system, this pet run also serves as a great place to potty train your puppy.


Thinking of building your own? Depending on the size of your home, it’s understandable if you're feeling iffy about having a dog run installed because you’re not sure about the space you need. But did you know that you only need a little bit of space for dog runs? New Yorkers are known for living in small spaces but it doesn’t mean you can’t make room for your best friend. There are plenty of small dog run ideas you can apply to find the perfect fit for your fur baby!


A pet run works best if you have quality artificial grass. The total area of the space must be proportionate to your dog’s size. The run’s overall design can be as simple as a strip of running area.

It can become the perfect place for your pooch to run on and potty train. It will give your dog its own space in your home too! It’s a win-win situation for everybody! Well, mostly for your dog because it doesn’t need to pay rent.


2. Mentally Stimulating Pet Runs

Mentally Stimulating Pet Runs

Image from: https://pdplay.com/dog-park-equipment/


Dogs are intelligent creatures. Aside from keeping their bodies active, pet owners should also provide their pets with constant mental stimulation to keep them sharp. This pet run offers exciting and invigorating features that your pets will surely love.


Just like us, dogs get bored. However, they don’t have Netflix or Instagram to keep them occupied.  So what’s left for a dog to do? Chew on shoes, run in circles or hide the keys. Cool for them, not so much for us. Every dog needs activity in order to engage their mind. This is especially true with certain dog breeds. A good number of big dogs need something that stimulates their mind and body. Installing an mini obstacle course with turf surrounding it is a good option for small to medium dogs. 


There are also other dog runs listed here that can stimulate your pet’s mind. Fill your home with a lot of games. This will surely keep your dog occupied throughout the day. The run must also have enough space so your dog can play and roll all over the place.



3. Sensory Pleasing Pet Run

Sensory Pleasing Pet Run

Image from: http://ipupster.com/how-to-build-a-dog-friendly-garden/


Created with multiple mediums, this pet run provides dogs with various sensory stimuli. From smooth rocks to soft grass surrounded by cold and rough concrete, this area is the perfect place to practice agility and impulse control.


Not every dog is compatible with the dog toys available in the market. Sometimes, all your pet needs is a bit of sensory stimulation. That means they need to feel, smell and see things to keep them occupied. Think of them like babies, except more mobile and less hairy. This dog run idea will turn your lawn into a wonderful space for your dog.


You can transform this space by adding various accessories such as rocks, plants, etc.


Plant beautiful flowers all over so that your beloved friend can smell something nice. Put in surfaces like sand and stone to mix up their touch. Add various colors to keep their eyes occupied. Throw in squeaky toys to tickle their ears.


Of course, the right materials matter for this construction. The right kind of grass is important in your run’s effectiveness. Make sure that you have the best grass type for your dog runs. We always recommend the MegaPet for dog owners since it comes with maximum drainage.


4. Wide and Unrestricted Pet Run

Wide and Unrestricted Pet Run

Image from: http://onlinedog.net/use-these-tips-to-improve-your-dogs-behavior/


Built for agility training and endurance, large pet runs are perfect for high energy dogs that require huge amounts of daily exercise. As some breeds need more exercise than others to prevent naughty behavior (chewing, digging, excessive barking, etc.) and weight problems, it’s just right to provide them the means necessary to stay in great shape.


We all want the best for our furry friends. We tend to complicate things by trying to give our pets every luxury available. But most of the time all they need is space, and we’re not talking about being left alone with their thoughts, we mean room, unrestricted, free open space to run, play, and crawl.


For households with bigger dogs, providing additional space for them play on is priceless. Giving them as much room as possible is important for their health. Imagine feeling stuck in a tiny area, it will definitely make your fur baby unhappy.


If you are going for an unrestricted pet run, make sure that the space you will be using is as large as possible. You want your dog to spend his energy as much as he can. A dog that is not given enough time to run may cause problems when you take him indoors. The last thing you want is an energetic large dog near that new couch you got!


5. Elegant Pet Run

Feminine Pet Run

Image from: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/497436721317456570/


It’s sweet, it’s simple, it gives off a soft vibe that will make you smile. This elegant pet run minimizes the use of hard corners and is decorated with flowers that further highlight the space’s aesthetic appeal. Perfect for small breeds, this pet run can easily be the star of your backyard or even your home.


6. Small But Loaded Pet Run

Small But Loaded Pet Run

Image from: https://www.thesprucepets.com/dog-friendly-ideas-for-apartment-balconies-4047882#step2


Pet owners with smaller living spaces might prefer this dog run variant. The low white picket fences make the setup look homey while the small plant boxes draw attention away from the hard looking tiles and balcony borders. The small, wooden dog house adds warmth to space and makes the pet run look nice and compact.


You can reserve a small portion of your living for this pet run idea. This pet run is great for giving your dog their own dedicated space. Cover the ground with artificial grass brands like MegaGrass to complete the look.


A small space doesn't always limit your possibilities. Being creative with how you build your dog run is more important!


7. Natural Pet Run

Natural Pet Run

Image from: https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/outdoors/structures/how-to-build-a-dog-run-with-attached-doghouse


This pet run utilizes earthly materials where your pet dog can rest after a tiring day of playing under the sun. Accentuated by flowerpots, this space does not only serve as a pet run but a place where you and your buddy can hang out together after hours of fun and play.


Giving the space some exposed earth for your dogs to smell should provide enough stimuli. Planting various flowers and shrubs in the natural pet run should also make life interesting for your pet. Putting a pond that your dogs can swim in can also be a nice touch!


8. Enclosed Pet Run

Enclosed Pet Run

Image from: https://www.reddeerexpress.com/news/collegeside-gardens-opens-new-dog-park-space/


Space specifically built with get-togethers in mind, this pet run encourages pet owners and their pets to play and stay active together. The generous floor space and wooden tables make good resting areas!


9. Cobblestone Accented Pet Run

Cobblestone Accented Pet Run

Image from: https://i.pinimg.com/750x/53/68/9a/53689aeb506d239c14379ebe620bbabf.jpg


This pet run doesn't only look neat, but also has practical use. Although limited in size, this style is great for potty training. The cobblestones provide a place to stand while pet owners accompany their puppy while they do their business. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can install a firepit, a swing, or a play area where the entire family can sit back and relax.

10. Scenic Pet Run

Scenic Pet Run

Image from: https://www.sunset.com/garden/landscaping-design/dog-friendly-garden-ideas#dog-boardwalk


Shade, check! Flowering tree, check! Swing for the humans and the dogs, check! This pet run is all that any pet owner or pet could ever ask for. An ample place to run and roll around in, this space also allows the family to spend time and cuddle while being graced by a beautiful view. With a perfect balance of modernism and natural accents, this pet run will definitely make your dogs feel like the luckiest dogs in the world.


When creating your scenic pet run, make sure that there’s nothing obstructing the view from your pet run. You can add other amenities to the pet run such as run courses and toys. However, the vista should become the defining feature of your dog run.


Ready to DIY your synthetic turf dog run? Use ZeoLite Organic Infill to trap and control odor left by your pets. Zeofill is organic, natural, and environmentally safe for your pet and family’s protection. For more information on what kind of artificial grass to use for your pets check out our MegaPet collection.


What is a dog run?

Man’s best friend comes in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. They also require different care routines. Some breeds need constant grooming to maintain their fur. A few may need daily baths. Others must not be stressed for their health.


Our dogs require a lot of attention.  We can all agree that our beloved pets need some tender loving care. They need food. They require shelter. They don’t need clothes, although it does make them look cute. More importantly, they must be given enough time to run around and socialize with people and other dogs.


This is where a dog runs come in. A dog run is a space that allows your dog to run and live comfortably. A great dog run does not only mean a lot of good for your pets; it can also provide plenty of perks for your family!


An obvious perk to owning a dog run is that your pet will have room to run around in. Dogs of all shapes and forms need some form of exercise, and running is a great solution. Having a dedicated space where your pooch can run and exercise is beneficial for their health.


Another advantage of owning dog runs is that your friends’ pets can also use it.  Rather than meeting at the local dog park, you can now invite your friends and their dogs to hang out on your own personal dog run! Let your pooches run around your dog run while you and your friends grill up some bbq and catch up on the latest gossip. Everyone wins here!


Of course, not all households can provide a big space for their pets to run around in. Fortunately for you, dog runs come in all shapes and sizes. MegaGrass offers custom sizing that can cater to any living space, regardless of size.


The size of your dog run most likely will depend on the amount of space you have and the number of dogs as well. If you have one dog, you can make do with a small dog run. If you have a pack, you can turn a huge chunk of your backyard into a big run!


However, remember that keeping dogs to a certain space won’t do much for their well-being. Make sure that your dog runs are only a solution to your pet’s exercise and temporary shelter needs. Their runs – be it enclosed or open – should not become their home.


They still thrive best when they are with the people they love. Think of the dog run as their private gym!


How to build a dog run?

Did we convince you? We didn’t just throw out all of those ideas to leave you and your dog hanging! This simple step by step guide will help you build the perfect dog run. 


Step 1: Find the perfect place for dog run

One of the most important aspects of the build is finding the perfect place for your dog run. Not everyone has the space to install a huge dog run, so this is an important option to consider. It should be a space that is safe and comfortable for your pet.


If you have the luxury, the area should be out of the way enough to not interfere with or your book reading club, your summer bbq’s, or other outdoor activities. But the area still needs to be close enough to the house for you to be able to check on your dog periodically.


If your dog is trustworthy and you want them to be able to go in and out of the house without needing to leave a door open, you may want to place your dog run near a side door with a doggie door installed.


The space you pick should be in partial shade to allow your dog to get out of the scorching hot summer sun and should be near a water source to make rinsing down the run and filling up water bowls more convenient.


Also, take into account that the area should have good drainage to ensure that your dog will not be standing in mud or water if it happens to rain.


Step 2: Determine the size

A functional dog run should be at least four feet by eight feet. However, the size of your pet will tell you if more space is needed. The number of dogs using it will also determine the final area that will be used.


Step 3: Prepare the area

Once you’ve determined the ideal size for your dog run, prepare the space. Use a level-headed rake to remove the grass and loosen the topsoil. Run a line around the area and loosen it with a garden tiller or rake. Dig up to a depth of up to six inches. In most cases three-four inches is good enough, go for six if you plan to pour concrete. You may choose to leave grass in half of the run and dig up the other half and train your dog to use that area. If you’re just going to fill the area with mulch or wood chips and plan on training your dog to use the area without fencing, you’re almost done.


Step 4: Dig holes

After that step, dig up holes using a post-hole digger. Make sure the hole is at least one to two feet deep. It must also be twice as wide as the posts you will be using. Start digging at the corners before making your way to the middle. There must be at least a post in the middle of your run’s every side and in the corner to ensure stability.


Step 5: Lay down the floor

Once you’ve done that, you can now focus on the flooring. You then cover the ditch you dug up with gravel or concrete, and you’re set. Concrete and gravel are the most common materials used for the dog run, but you can also use mulch. Remember to replace the floor every now and then if you decide to go with gravel or mulch.


Step 6: Fencing (not the sport)

The next step is to set up the fence. The fence is arguably the most important part of the dog run. Make sure that you choose the right materials for it because your pet could find ways around a low-quality fence.


The height of your fence is just as important as the material. The average size of three to eight feet is recommended for your pets.  It can be higher depending on the size of your pooch. After determining the height, you can work on installing the posts and the fence.


Now add the fence by running chain-link fencing from one post to another and then hang the gate. Be sure to triple check to make sure your dog cannot open the gate by pushing against it. Always assume your dog is persistent enough to get through anything.


If your fury baby is a digger - and most dogs are, - you can bury the bottom of the chain link fence at least eighteen inches or lay chicken wire along the perimeter line of the fence so your fur baby can't dig below the fence. Lining the edge of your fence with bricks or huge stones will anchor down the chicken wire (make sure you can’t see the wire) and add to the appeal of your dog run and your backyard.


Step 7: Add accessories

After organizing, you can now add accessories to make your pooch’s quality of life a lot better. Providing some sort of roofing would be much appreciated by your dog and he will probably enjoy his space a little more. You don’t need to furnish the place like you do a real house. Your dog won’t need a refrigerator, tv set or couch, but you can totally leave some chew toys to keep your pooch entertained. If you’re feeling extra, you can have a little dog house built inside the run, it’s like your dog has his own separate property, you may as well install a mailbox for your best friend.


Pro-tip: You can cover the dog run’s floor with quality artificial grass. It will not only make the space more cozy for your pet, but It will also integrate seamlessly with the rest of the yard. Your yard is going to look so beautiful, your friends, neighbors, and your dog’s friends will be so jealous. You’re welcome!


Best Materials for Dog Run

Choosing the right materials for your run can spell the difference between having an “ok” dog run and a great one. And nobody wants just “ok”, right?  Spend your money on the best materials available for your dog runs. Don’t cut corners because if you buy material, you might have to deal with rebuilding a dog run if it can’t withstand your dog’s roughhousing or the weather. Besides your dog deserves the very best.


Many dog owners across the country use concrete, gravel, or mulch for their floors. But those aren’t your only options! Wood is a great material that could work well with a dog run. Plus, it would work best with a product like MegaPet covering it.


MegaPet is made of a high-quality patch of artificial turf designed specifically to handle doggy traffic and various weather conditions. MegaPet grass is 1100% chemical/lead/latex free. You can relax knowing the material we use is safe for your pet to roll around in while also eliminating the hassle of dirt and mud. Thanks to the built-in drainage system, MegaPet grass is easy to clean. Simply hose down turf with water and use soap. Water passes through fibers easily. With EverFlow Technology, you can drain 23 gallons of fluid per hour. MegaPet is designed to withstand heavy doggy traffic and all weather conditions for up to 25 years. With a range of blade types and stitch patterns, our pet grass is designed to be thick and lush all year round. There are a variety of sizes to fit your needs! We have standard dog pad sizes and custom sizes just for your extra small dog! Our grass pads are the perfect home essential for any dog owner. 


For the fence, you can go with the popular chain link. There are also plenty of options to choose from. A picket fence is good if you only have a toy dog to contain. You can also go for really tall partitions for the dog run if your pet has the hops. A cattle fence could also do the job.


Pet owners usually put dog runs underneath a big tree, but if you don't have a tree, don't worry. Another option could be to have a cover installed in your dog run. A tarpaulin or a DIY roof made out of wood can be both practical and visually pleasing. You can also have a dog house built in the run.


There are also plenty of accessories you can have in the pet run. A dog potty is a great fixture in the run. Putting in toys and other tools to help them eat is also beneficial. Having more than the recommended dog run space will also improve your pooch’s quality of life.


Synthetic turf designed for pets is the perfect surface for your dog run. Natural-looking artificial grass can both beautify your area and turn it into doggie heaven. We at MegaGrass have the perfect product for you and your dog, introducing: MegaPet!