What Does ‘No Maintenance’ Really Mean?

The decision to join the community of eco-friendly artificial grass landscapers is an easy one if you’re done with the weekends of mowing and fertilizing all for the sake of a space that will match the warmth and hominess of the inside, on the outside. But does no maintenance really mean zero maintenance?

With the intent of full transparency, we want to make sure you
are fully equipped with knowledge before making the big commitment.

After all, this commitment is one that’s going to last. MegaGrass is designed to be there to co-host all of life’s moments. You know, like a wife who doesn’t need much to be happy and whose beauty isn’t going to fade throughout the years. Sounds like a dream, right? But improper care of your grass could turn her into a nightmare.

Caring for your MegaGrass isn’t the same as maintaining a lawn. That’s what we mean by no maintenance. You’ve heard us say it over and over because it’s the reason why we do business: our grass requires no watering, no mowing, no fertilizing. No more of the things that hurt the planet and harm your health. No more of the things that waste your money or take your time.

You’re free.

But like everything that matters – it requires care. There’s just no way around that. Caring for your MegaGrass product all starts from the moment you unbox it.

Unboxing Your

We have a lot of friends that receive their maintenance free synthetic turf and think it’s ready. Well, in what condition are you in after a long journey? Have some empathy for your grass. It needs a second to refresh itself! Your grass won’t be ready to install as soon as it’s delivered to your home. That’s just the truth. So, 1500 square feet of turf is just sitting on your yard – what now? Here are our tips on how to properly ‘unbox’ your MegaGrass.

How to Clean Your Turf

MegaGrass is gorgeous – it’s true. With her sleek engineered blades, vibrant color combinations, and the exact texture you need for what you need, you know, soft where you need it, hard when it’s called for. You can almost call our grass perfect. Almost. But on a windy day, dust does get in her thatches. After events, she holds the temperamental dips, divots and marks of rented furniture, heel marks and spilled wine. MegaGrass doesn’t hold a grudge for long, all these things that might look unsightly are fixable. Here’s how to occasionally clean your turf.

Get Rid Of...

When you love something or someone, taking care of them isn’t a chore.

With everything your artificial grass will be giving you -year-round aesthetically pleasing spaces, unlimited design possibilities, and being able to vacay for long periods of time without bothering your neighbors to mow your lawn (how 1960s) -the few moments required to take care of your grass doesn’t even compare.

The shorts story is: don’t install it under a giant magnifying grass, brush it once in a while to keep the blades standing upright, rake it from time to time to keep debris and leaves at bay, and some mild detergent and water once in a blue moon, is really all it takes to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed.

Not What You Were Looking For?

Are we missing a tip or trick?

Our customer service representatives are on standby to answer any questions you have about maintaining your grass. Seriously, give them a holler, they live for this!