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We have the size you need

- 5', 7.5', 10', 15' in width, with customisable 1' to 100' length

Full Roll
- Original uncut size 15' x 100' roll of turf (best value)

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Fixed width of 15ft maximum length of 100ft

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Fixed width of 10ft maximum length of 100ft

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Fixed width of 7.5ft maximum length of 100ft

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Fixed width of 5ft maximum length of 100ft

15' x 100' roll


Covers sq ft


Face Weight: 70 oz per sq.yd.

Colors: Field Green, Olive Green

Thatch Layer: Brown, Green

Pile Height: 2"

Turf Gauge: 3/8"

Backing Weight: 18 oz per sq.yd.

Total Weight: 88 oz per sq.yd.

Stitch Rate: 20.5/10 cm

Stitches/m2: 21525

GRASS COLOR AND WEIGHT MAY VARY: Size and color shown in the images may vary slightly from the product you’ll receive. Artificial grass color may vary due to flash photography and monitor settings. Product weight is also subject to change due to third-party carrier regulations.

Artificial Playground Turf and Flooring

Introducing the MegaPlay by MegaGrass. Whether you want to transform your lawn into a play area for the kids or run a day care/school, the MegaPlay is the go to turf for kids. High permeability combined with extreme durability, the MegaPlay is meant for high traffic areas and can be easily rinsed off with it's additional drainage holes. When it comes to kids, safety is our top priority. All of our grass products including the MegaPlay is 100% lead and latex free, so the kids can enjoy their playground time without worry. For extra shock absorption, we recommend combining the MegaPlay with our shockpads to minimize shock on impact for falls.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Play Area

Deciding to use artificial turf for your playground area is a whole host of benefits that you simply cannot get with traditional natural grass and lawn solutions. If you are trying to decide which choice is best for you, your company, or your project, take these important factors into consideration when comparing your playground turf options.

Artificial turf is easy to install and can be ordered in nearly any size to ensure you are always getting just what you need. modern faux lawn solutions look and feel like real grass, so your visitors and guests will never feel like they are playing on rough and outdated materials. Our MagaPlay line of faux grass is specially designed to be softer and perfect for active and rough play. Special shock-absorbing technology means playtime is not only more fun but a lot safer, as well.

The grass will hold up for many years with only the bare minimum of upkeep. natural grass can require long hours of care and replanting to keep it looking full and free of dry or bare spots. With a fake playground turf, there is no need to spend hours of back-breaking labor planting, watering, and reseeding over and over again. With MegaPlay synthetic lawn and playground turf, you simply spray your new lawn down with water to keep it clean and free of any debris and dirt buildup. The increased drainage system allows for a safe and functional play area through almost any type of weather. Unlike some other playground surfaces, MegaPlay fake park lawn and turf has the ability to spread out the heat of the summer sun so your grass remains cool for families and children all summer long.

Why Choose MegaGrass for Your Park

Keeping a park or play area looking its best is a lot of hard work and costly upkeep. Often times, these can have strains on budgets that can result in less than stellar looking turf. Choosing MegaPlay for your synthetic grass solutions comes packed with a ton of great features and benefits.

15-Year Warranty

People are not going to go easy on your new lawn. This is why we have created a high-quality fake lawn solution that will last for more than 20 years with the most basic upkeep and maintenance. To further help you relax and rest easy, we offer a 15-year warranty on our MegaPlay artificial grass for play areas. This warranty begins on the date you install your new playground turf.


Natural grass can be overcome with excessive wet spots, puddles, and muddy areas during inclement weather, but MegaPlay has a high permeability actor, which means it can easily handle large amounts of water and just let it drain away. This leaves your play area free from puddles and wet spots that can cause injuries, as well as eliminating any mud and dirt.


MegaPlay fake grass for playgrounds is designed especially with your active lifestyle in mind. Extra layers of insulation help add shock-absorbing powers to make bumps and falls a little safer for everyone. Our synthetic lawn solutions are able to take the heat from the summer sun and spread it around, keeping the entire area cooler and more comfortable for visitors and guests.


Custom Cut Grass

Knowing that not all projects and playgrounds are created equal, we offer custom cut playground grass that fits any size you need. This means you can get exactly what you need and stop wasting time cutting and recutting to fit your exact specifications.


Precut Artificial Turf

In order to make your project as easy as possible, MegaGrass has taken our most popular cuts and sizes and created precut playground turf in a wide variety of sizes. We have a large array of precut play area grass sizes that vary in size from 8 square feet up to 80 square feet.

Excellent Customer Service

In the end, the thing that matters the most is how happy you are with us and our products. We focus heavily on our customer service and aim to provide top-notch service to each and every customer that contacts us. Give our friendly staff a call and see how we can help you today.

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