Synthetic Lawn Turf for Home Landscaping

Your home is party central. All the neighbors want to be invited to your barbecues and get-togethers. Your events deserve awards! But have you given any thought about the “health” of your lawn?

Is it brown? Bald? Too bushy? Synthetic lawn turf is easy to maintain. You will no longer need to mow the lawn. The weekends are all about you and the brisket waiting to be smoked at the next bbq. You even have time to install that hammock you’ve always wanted to work on. Relax, the grass doesn’t rule you anymore; Do you!


Synthetic Lawn Turf for Home Landscaping

What Are the Benefits of Having Artificial Grass?

Saves Money

Taking care of natural grass can get expensive. You could end up spending hundreds of dollars in lawn care. Save your money with MegaLawn because you no longer need to maintain it.

Saves Time

Did you know that the average American family spends only 37 minutes of quality time Together? Careers, school, errands, and chores pull us from the important things in our lives and MegaGrass wants to help you save time by taking away lawn and yard chores.

Easy to Maintain

Just water and soap can take you a long way, 25 years, infact. The maintenance of your lawn is so easy you could do it in your sleep. But that’s not advisable.



We want to keep you and your family safe from dangerous chemicals found in various lawn care products. Remember we said MegaLawn doesn’t need lawn care? MegaLawn is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, so you don't have to worry about being exposed to poison.


Environmentally friendly

There are lots of environmentally damaging practices involved in caring for a natural grass lawn. But MegaLawn is an Earth-friendly option. Since you'll no longer be mowing, you’ll won’t be contributing to carbon emissions in the air. And you’ll be protected from toxic chemicals found in products like weedkillers, pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides.


Have the best-looking lawn in the entire neighborhood! Go ahead, make the neighbors jealous with the “fresh cut” all year-round. *Cue Music* Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you gotta do is...own turf.

Why Choose MegaGrass?

Of the thousands of companies that offer artificial turf, MegaGrass is proud to be a cut above the competition with The MegaGrass guarantee – a promise where you don't have to buy excessive amounts of grass ever again – is our edge over the competition.

Below are the innovative features that will definitely benefit you and your needs.

Our Technologies


EverGreen makes our grass look like the real thing! Your artificial turf will always be lush, green, and attractive for a long time. The EverGreen technology also allows MegaLawn and our other MegaGrass products to blend in, depending on what you need.


Wet surfaces can be a hassle and a liability.  But EverFlow allows MegaLawn and other MegaGrass products to have the same absorption as natural grass to prevent any water buildup. So it won’t flood if it rains...we promise you won’t need your boat.


Synthetic grass does have the tendency to overheat, but MegaLawn won’t overheat. With the EverCool technology, your grass will be 15% cooler than other regular grass.


Our development team created the EverFresh feature on our products, this will keep your synthetic turf smelling like fresh cut grass.

Our Synthetic Turf Collection:

MegaGrass lawn contains no lead, toxin, and is emission-free. You no longer need to water, mow, or maintain the grass. And since our synthetic turfs are weatherproof, your outdoor space will be virtually mud free so not even rain can shut your party down! MegaGrass is the leading synthetic grass manufacturer in the USA. and offers a variety of other products which are available and accessible to you through 11 warehouse locations in the country.


If you like practicing your putt shots but cannot afford or have the time to be at the links, MegaGolf is the perfect faux grass for you. Not only does MegaGolf come with all the bells and whistles of MegaLawn, but it is also designed to simulate the look and feel of actual grass in the course.



Through a kid’s eyes, every part of the house is free game! Dressers and cabinets become their jungle gym. All of a sudden they think they are parkour athletes and the staircase is their obstacle course. But MegaPlay keeps your child’s safety in mind with additional padding so there's little to no risk of injury.



Keeping your yard green and lush might sound impossible if you've got pets, but MegaPet comes to the rescue! MegaPet will easily handle the wear and tear that comes with your energetic puppy or your mischevious cat!



MegaPorch is the superb option for homeowners looking to beautify their decks, patios, and other outdoor surfaces that aren't part of the yard. Our artificial grass comes with the same features and perks of our other MegaGrass lines but can work effectively as transitory rugs for your home.



Athletes aren't built in a day, it takes practice and having 24/7 access to train on the appropriate surface is necessary for success. MegaSport can withstand the abuse while still looking shiny and new. With the proper inlays, MegaSport can keep your athlete safe and reduce the risk of injury.

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