Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets

Having a dog is pretty life-changing. You probably never knew how much love your heart could hold, huh? But you also never realized just how much work they can be. They love leaving love notes in the form of muddy paws prints. They take mud baths and love digging up old treasure from the yard. We love them but not the mud and dirt they attract.

Artificial grass can make it easier on you since it doesn’t have dirt. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is their poop, but you can train them to clean it up themselves...I think.

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The Truth About Artificial Pet Turf

Being a dog parent is an awesome adventure! Playing fetch, teaching them tricks and learning to communicate with them is fun, but thinking about the mess can be stressful. Artificial pet turf can lessen the stress. Your dog will really dig it (not literally!) and you won’t have to maintain your playpen! 

What we love about synthetic pet turfs is, it’s more durable than natural grass, it drains well and there's no dirt!

What Are the Benefits of Installing Artificial Pet Grass?

Saves Money

Pet health care, food, and other pet care products can add up. You can save a couple of hundred bucks by removing lawn care from your expenses. MegaPet will continue to look like fresh, for up to 25 years. Your pet could grow old with it. Awww!

Saves Time

Would you rather Mow the lawn or take pictures of your pet dressed up in old Halloween costumes? If you answered pictures then go for the MegaPet! You’ll no longer need to do yard chores so you can spend more time writing a caption for your pet’s photo and hope it goes viral on social media.

Easy to Maintain

When we say that you won't have to do serious maintenance to your MegaPet grass, we mean it. The moment you install it, you won't spend hours to keep it looking clean. The most work you'll ever do with your new dog run is a simple wash with soap and water!



There will be days when the natural yard is off limits to you and your dog because of chemicals applied on your natural grass. MegaPet doesn’t need any pesticides or weedkillers to be maintained. So go outside, roll around the grass with your open mouth smiles! Our grass is made from non-toxic materials so neither of you will be exposed to poison.


Environmentally friendly

Mowing the lawn produces carbon emission. Chemicals from lawn care products invade the air. Artificial grass doesn’t need mowing or chemicals to thrive because MegaPet is environmentally friendly.


Some say you can spot a fake from a mile away. You won’t feel embarrassed with MegaGrass because our products are designed to look and feel like real grass. And we promise we won’t tell others the truth.

Why is MegaGrass the Best Brand for Your Artificial Pet Turf Needs?

MegaPet and other MegaGrass products are guaranteed to be safe for you and your pets because we offer toxin and emission-free products. We got you (literally) covered with fresheners to keep the scent of your dog’s poop a secret!

MegaGrass also believes that you should never have to buy more than what you need; which is why we offer 1500 custom sizes for you to choose from!

Our Technologies


Looks matter with artificial grass, and MegaGrass developed the EverGreen technology to make sure our products look good on your lawn. This feature helps the turf have a natural green color.


You don't want your dog to be slipping on a wet lawn, so MegaGrass installed the EverFlow technology on MegaPet and our other products. This tech simulates the absorption of real grass so you don't have to worry about water buildup.


Make sure that your yard won't burn your pet's paws. Unlike the rest of the competition, EverCool prevents MegaPet and other MegaGrass products from overheating. Thanks to this technology, our grass remains 15% cooler!


Even if you have artificial grass you can still experience the great outdoors! EverFresh allows MegaPet and other MegaGrass products to smell like freshly cut grass to complete the illusion that it is real grass.

Synthetic Turf Categories

MegaGrass offers the best artificial grass for our customers’ highly specific needs. We have artificial turf grass for lawns, sports stadiums, play areas, pet areas, porches, and golf putting areas. Regardless of the project, you’ll be relieved to know that we have every size and cut available. Aside from the MegaPet collection, we also offer other awesome products for varying needs.


You'll never have to spend hundreds of dollars in lawn care ever again when you get MegaLawn. Bring life and color to your property and be the eye candy of the culdesac.



Practice your strokes without driving to the nearest golf link! MegaGolf gives professional and amateur golfers the opportunity to practice their putting game from the comforts of their own home. Not only does MegaGolf come with the top features that other MegaGrass products have, but it is also designed to simulate the green you can find in the 18th hole of your favorite country club.

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Keep your loved ones secure whenever they head outside with MegaPlay. This MegaGrass product comes with extra layers of cushions to help break your child’s fall and prevent serious injuries. MegaPlay is perfect for young kids and seniors who like being active outside the house.

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MegaPorch is a low-maintenance option that you can use as covers for your decks and other outdoor surfaces. You can now enjoy lush green grass on your roof decks and it will only require little to no care.

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If your child an athlete and loves playing football, baseball, and soccer, consider MegaSport at home. This product comes with all of the features of other MegaGrass products, but it can also handle constant foot traffic that comes naturally with sports. More importantly, it can also help cushion falls and reduce injury risks.

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