33 Questions to Ask Before Buying Artificial Grass

We are naturally curious beings. We want answers to everything!. What’s this? Why do I want it? What do I need it for? And whenever we make an investment, we want to make sure it’s rewarding. In making a decision as big as installing artificial turf, you’ll want to be sure you made the right choice.


We want to help you make that choice.


Which is why we’re answering all the frequently asked questions (FAQ) we receive from our customers. Most of the artificial grass information can be found here. If you have unanswered questions, feel free to contact us!


1. What is artificial grass? 

What is Artificial Grass?


Fake turf is the answer to your water crisis and age-old weekend problems. It’s grass that looks and feels like the real thing--without the hassle. No watering or mowing during the weekends. No fuss. Just forever green grass


2. Why should I get synthetic grass?

It’s convenient. It’s inexpensive. No water, no pesticides, no weed killers needed. It’s gorgeous every day of the year. It’s eco-friendly, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly grass too! It prevents your pets from digging (and having muddy paws)! And your neighbors are going to be so jealous because your lawn will be the only lush patch of green in the neighborhood.


3. What will I be using artificial grass for? 

Your lawn, porch, playpens, dog runs, carpets, walls, and so many others places around your property can be dressed up with fake grass. You can even putt and play golf on synthetic turf. Check out our blogs for inspirations and ideas!


Determine what you need and for what purpose. MegaGrass offers artificial grass specifically for your unique lifestyle.


MegaLawn – Fresh, picture-perfect grass all year long and will make your neighbors swoon with jealousy! 

MegaPet – With a very efficient drainage system, itan handle teacup Pomeranians to St. Bernards. and can definitely take on werewolves, if given the chance. 

MegaPorch – Comes fully equipped with UV protection. Works best for outdoor spaces, like your roof!

MegaGolf – Perfect for golf enthusiasts. Mini-golf. Putt practice 

MegaSport – Best for lacrosse, football, baseball, tracks, tennis, and more. Comes with extra padding to prevent injuries.

MegaPlay – Top choice for playground carpets and indoor use. Has added cushions to increase safety. Works to protect everyone.


Grades of artificial grass differ depending on your needs


4. Do you have any tips in choosing artificial grass?

First, decide on what you’ll be using it for. Will it be a lawn? Playground? Doggie haven? If you want all these, we suggest you border your area. Install different types of grass for different uses for best results!


5. How long does artificial grass last?

Artificial turf lasts an average of 10-20 years.


6. What is thatch?

What is Thatch?

This is the shorter material created to imitate the dead blades of grass. They are usually created using various colors to achieve a realistic dried out look.


7. What is foot traffic level?

The amount of foot traffic that the turf can regularly and collectively withstand over the years.


8. Will there be a lot of expected foot (or paw) traffic on the artificial grass?

Foot traffic usually depends on where you’ll install the synthetic turf. If it’s out front like your patio, it may get medium to heavy foot traffic. This depends on how many of you will walk through it. If you’re positioning the turf on a lawn only for aesthetics, a low traffic capable grass is great already. For high traffic areas, we advise that you get artificial grass that can withstand pressure. You don’t want your artificial grass to have footprints all over them. Or worse, they could all be flattened.


9. What product should I get for low, medium and high traffic areas, respectively?

MegaGrass offers artificial grass for every type of traffic.

MegaGolf – low–medium traffic.

MegaPet – low–medium traffic.

MegaPlay – medium traffic.

MegaPorch – medium traffic.

MegaLawn – medium-high traffic.

MegaSport – medium-high traffic.


10. How is the quality of artificial grass? 

MegaGrass blades and layers are top notches, Built to look and feel like real grass, t the realistic texture and color of our artificial turf is comparable to a natural lawn. And they’re made of resilient, non-toxic materials designed to last for decades. Our grass is so durable, we have a 15-year warranty policy to back it up. 


11. What are artificial grass blade lengths? What are artificial grass pile heights?


What are artificial grass blade lengths?

Pile height or blade length is the measured length of the grass fiber from the backing to the tip. It is the length of the longest blade that can be found in your turf. A sufficient pile height can make the turf look like a perfectly grown bed of grass.


Artificial grass for pets usually has lower blade lengths. This helps prevent your furry friends from playing tug of war with the turf.


Because natural grass blades stand upright, it is important that turf blades also stand the same way. However, because they are stitched underneath instead of growing out, they don’t naturally position themselves straight. Generally, the longer the blade, the less resilient it is. Longer blade length is not suggested for high traffic areas. But effects can vary depending on blade shape, foot traffic, and other factors.


12. What is the weight of artificial grass?

Artificial grass weight is measured in two ways: face weight and backing weight.


Face weight is the ounces of yarns per square yard of the turf.

  • Higher face weight means denser and longer artificial grass.
  • Higher face weight means thick artificial grass. (Artificial grass thickness is like thread counts for pillows. More means better.)
  • Higher face weight means more strands of grass, thus soft artificial grass.


Backing weight is the total of the turf’s primary backing and secondary coating for every square yard of turf

  • Higher backing weight is more durable.
  • Lower backing weight is good for purely decorative purposes.


Total turf weight is the value of adding face weight and backing weight.


13. What is the density of artificial grass? Why is it important?

The density of artificial grass directly affects the quality of artificial turf. Density is determined by face weight and pile height. The higher these factors are, the denser the turf. And the better the quality.


It is calculated this way: face weight/pile height.

For example, MegaLawn Pro’s face weight is 66 oz. and its pile height is 1.75 inches. MegaLawn Pro’s density is 66/1.75 = 37.71. Compared to MegaSport Platinum, which has a face weight of 80 oz and a pile height of 1.63 inches. MegaSport Platinum’s density is 49.08. This means that even if MegaSport has shorter blades, it is designed to last longer than MegaLawn and can withstand more traffic.


14. What color is artificial grass? 

Artificial grass comes in shades of brown and green to mimic real grass color. It even has thatch (a material used to imitate dead grass) to give you a realistic look. MegaGrass comes in shades of emerald green, olive green, brown, bi-color, and field green.


15. How durable is artificial grass? 

How Durable is Artificial Grass?


Artificial grass—from the fibers to the backing—is designed to prevent damage from ordinary wear and tear. Its durability is measured by resilience in foot traffic areas where installed and has the capacity to avoid rips and breakage. The turf stays put together even when pulled from the blades. MegaGrassis is strong and doesn't give in to human nor pet pressure.


16. How does artificial grass feel? 

Exactly like you’re walking barefoot on grass gives


17. Is there a warranty that comes with artificial grass?

Most artificial grasses come with a warranty. We, at MegaGrass, give you a 15-year lush life warranty. We believe that our products will last this long and that our customers, deserve the peace of mind for the same length.


18. What is the cost of artificial grass?

Most artificial grasses come with a warranty. We, at MegaGrass, give you a 15-year lush life warranty. We believe that our products will last this long and that our customers, deserve the peace of mind for the same length.


MegaGrass offers six variations with a price range of $2.83 - $4.37


19. Is there maintenance with artificial grass?

We’d be lying if we told you that artificial grass will thrive even when neglected. It won’t. Although it will look lush without daily watering nor weekly mowing, your turf will get old. Prolong its life by helping it age with grace—through proper maintenance.


20. Is artificial grass easy to clean? How to clean artificial grass?

Yes! Use a leaf blower, stiff brush or rake to remove leaves and other debris. If you have trees and hedges, trim them to lessen falling leaves. Use turf deodorizer to drive away from the stench of pet urine. (An alternative to this could be baking soda washed out by a water and vinegar solution.)


21. How do I clean artificial grass with pet poop and pee? 

If you’re dealing with solid waste: scoop it out when dry and rinse. If loose, remove and apply natural disinfectants or vinegar on the spot where the waste was. Hose away.  If you’re dealing with liquids: Simply rinse. Try to water your turf once a week or twice a month.


Do not use strong water pressure when rinsing. Avoid chemicals, acids, alcohol. Use only natural cleaners for your turf’s health and yours.


22. How to maintain artificial grass? 

How to Maintain Artificial Grass


Brush your new lawn regularly to the opposite direction of the strands (weekly or twice a month) to remove debris. Do this gently so you don’t damage the turf. Use a medium, soft bristle brush that won’t be too harsh.


23. Can artificial grass drain water?

Yes, but the water needs to flow somewhere. The backing for artificial grass has holes for the water to pass through. It is important when installing artificial grass to consider a drainage system. If artificial grass does not drain properly, it will be a major hassle.


24. How much can artificial grass drain?

MegaGrass products drain about 23 gallons of water per hour.


25. Why is artificial grass drainage so important?

If your artificial grass does not drain well, water will build upon the surface. This can lead to mold, mildew and even accidents. Spores and bacteria could grow on your turf. The turf’s mat is designed to let water freely pass to the base without any hindrances. But if it doesn’t lead to a drain or canal or waterway, your lawn could look like one big puddle.


26. What is artificial grass made of?

PE: Polyethylene – most straight blades and fibers are made of PE. It’s less expensive than other materials, but it’s soft and relatively durable. It’s also nonporous and easy to clean. It’s the kind of plastic used to make children’s toys, grocery bags, and even bullet-proof vests.


PP: Polypropylene – makes up most curled thatch fibers. Harder and more brittle than PE. It’s durable and nonporous too. This is commonly used for plastic utensils and microwavable containers.


PA: Nylon – most durable of the three. Wear and tear resistant, but more expensive. It’s also porous (meaning it can be stained by color and smell) but it works well against heat.


27. Is artificial grass eco-friendly? 

Yes, it is! It can help you conserve water. It lessens your carbon emissions as well!


28. Why is artificial grass considered eco-friendly if it’s made of plastic? 

Plastic artificial grass is eco-friendly. If we didn’t use plastic, there would be more energy needed and more waste generated. Imagine having a car without plastic parts. It would be so heavy that more fuel will be needed for it to move. Likewise, natural grass versus artificial grass. The fact that its plastic means there would be less water and no oil used in keeping your lawn perfectly manicured.


29. Is artificial grass safe for pets? 

Yes, it is! Pet grass from MegaGrass is non-toxic, emission-free, lead-free, and toxin-free! Your fur babies won’t be able to pull the grass blades with their mouths even if they tried. Read more here.


30. Is artificial grass safe for kids? 

Yes, it is! Pet grass from MegaGrass is non-toxic, emission-free, lead-free, and toxin-free! Your fur babies won’t be able to pull the grass blades with their mouths even if they tried. Read more here.


31. Can I DIY to install artificial grass?

Can I DIY Install Artificial Grass


Yes, you definitely can with Find support pages and DIY guides. However, installing artificial grass is not a simple thing to do. We strongly suggest that you ask for help in installing your artificial lawn.


32. Where do I get materials if I want to DIY install my artificial grass?

Check out our shop and we’ll have what you need!


33. Why choose MegaGrass?

MegaGrass is Safe. It’s a Non-toxic. Convenient. Inexpensive. Freshly-trimmed looking grass all the time. It doesn’t need lawn care, mowing nor watering. It’s gorgeous every day of the year, too! Eco-friendly, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly grass that’s a cut above the rest. (By that, we also mean you can get customized cuts for your needs.)


MegaGrass is The Grass of the Future. And it’s here now. Make your artificial grass choice the right one. For more tips for artificial grass, check out our blogs.