Santa Monica Dog Park

Santa Monica Dog Park

With every high energy pet, , every pet owner will discover that walking isn’t enough exercise. Dogs should be unleashed and allowed to run around and play to be able to use up some pent up energy. More and more dog park owners are now acknowledging the benefits of using fake grass in their facilities and rightfully so. For rowdy dogs, a simple switch from traditional flooring to fake grass can mean the difference from dull play to happiest day on earth play.

We do have to emphasize that we are not discrediting the benefit of natural grass use in dog parks. It’s just that we believe that artificial turf offers advantages that are just too hard to pass off. Here is a list of reasons why artificial grass is perfect: :

Looks and Feels Like Natural Grass

More and more fake grass manufacturers are coming up with products that are so similar to natural grass that both pet and pet owners won’t be able to tell the difference. The infill used to keep the grass blades upright makes the whole turf feel softer just like natural grass. Even the blades are created to mimic the colors and textures of real grass. Sure this means nothing to dogs. But we all know that the closer it resembles real grass, the more authentic these pets’ experiences will be.


Most synthetic turfs have blades that are treated with antimicrobial agents. This prevents mold or mildew from growing on the grass. If you use a certain area of the park as a potty area, the chances of bacteria breeding increases. However, if artificial grass is used, you lower the probability of this happening therefore keeping your pet safe.

No Visible Wear and Tear

Artificial grass meant to be used for dog parks are designed to withstand heavy traffic. But unlike real grass, it will not break easily and wear away. Pathways made with natural grass can have bald patches specially if some dog mistakenly (yet consistently) use them as potty areas. Yes, you can reseed them, but this move usually requires that the park be closed down for some time.

Also, grass blades of fake turf are usually made with nylon fibers which are snag resistant and will hold up to the constant digging by your pet.  These areas may show subtle signs of your dog’s attempts, but the turf is expected to remain intact and look good for several years.

Easy Cleanups

It’s a fact that fake grass is so much easier to clean than natural grass. You simply pick up any solid waste and hose the rest of the turf down. Small debris may be removed by quickly running a turf groomer through the lawn.

A quick look at this Santa Monica dog park and you’ll soon discover that dogs find fake turf a comfortable and fun. You can see how relaxed these dogs are and how content they seem to be just sprawled on the lush grass.

If you want to know what grass was used for this specific facility, you can check out the product here at

Pet owners only want the best for their babies. We believe that it’s very much possible with the aid of artificial grass. We advise that you ask about these details before bringing your fur babies to a certain dog park. This way, you can make sure that your pet will enjoy their time in that certain facility so you can too.

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