Napa Valley Putting Green

Home putting course? Of course!

Ever think about playing golf on a beautiful day but you can’t leave the house? Or would you like to clear your head at the links after a long day at work, but can’t? Do you ever just tell yourself “I wanna putt” but your calendar is in conflict with your life?

Sometimes we’re just too busy, we don’t get to do what makes us happy.

That changes now.

Get linked.

Turn a vacant space inyour property into a putting area. No matter how small, it’ll work just fine! Putting mats don’t even require too much size, but you can still play on them and have fun. From a single holed patch of grass to a full-fledged mini golf course, you can install a putting green in your backyard like no other.

Grass perfect for golf doesn’t just grow anywhere. If yours is a place where it doesn’t, you can use high-quality artificial grass that performs like the real thing. MegaGolf is made especially for putting and golf games. It takes the hassle out of having to maintain natural putting greens in your backyard. Why waste your time mowing your course when you can play on it?

You can go with the classic when building your course: flags, slopes, and holes. But why not spruce your course up for maximum challenge and enjoyment? Get some toys from the dollar store and go wild! You can use your kids’ old toys as hazards you have to avoid. If your kids are already old enough to recognize shapes, you can use their old blocks to make up a bridge! However, this requires planning because it can rain sometimes and your makeshift putt-putt course can be ruined. If you’re patient, you can just put your props in place every time you play.

Shift and drive.

This patio was transformed into a work of art by installing MegaGolf. You can convert yours into a playing haven too! What was once an unused vacant plot became the family’s weekend afternoon leisure activity area.

This used to be a bed of natural grass, but eventually, the owners realized that a 3-hole golfing area would do great for recreational activities when they have time. When family members come to visit, they challenge each other to fun matches and hold barbecues on the patio. And since the owners are seniors, they don’t have to break their backs to take care of grass. The best thing about it is that they don’t spend any of their precious time maintaining their lawns!

Imagine waking up earlier in the morning every day so you can take a few swings and get your game on for the day. Or coming home to a well-lit course you can stay up all night on. Your putting greens are ready whenever you are, any season, any weather. Your greens will adjust to you, and not the other way around. That’s how it should be.

MegaGolf to have a MegaBlast!

Golf isn’t fun when your surface doesn’t letthe ball roll where it should go. The old versions of turf were notorious for “unpredictable” ball movement but technology has changed artificial grass since. Today, you won’t feel any difference in performance.

Because there isn’t any.

Get putting green that performs like a pro.

Choose MegaGolf.

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