Portland Dog Run

Portland Dog Run

Every dog needs a safe and comfortable outdoor space to run around in. Running is  great exercise and a fun way to allow your pets to get rid of excess energy. When making your own outdoor dog run, it’s important to make sure that you install the best flooring for safety purposes. You also have to consider cleanups and how your floor type will hold up in case of extreme weather.

We suggest the following flooring options for your dog run. If you’re thinking about sending your pet to a doggy day care, you can also use this checklist to see if their facility will be safe for your fur babies.

Wood Flooring

Wood platforms can easily be used on pet runs. You can lay them on the ground on top of concrete, rocks or gravel so water (or urine) can still drain when you clean. There are some things that you have to keep in mind when using wood though. Wood has a high chance of rotting if not prepped properly. To prevent this, you can either stain or treat it with paint. The good thing about this flooring is that it’s very easy to move. You will find this beneficial if you ever transfer homes or decide you want to move your dog run elsewhere.

Tip: You can also use composite decking instead of wood. Composite decking looks like wood but is better in most aspects. It’s easier to clean, won’t get moldy, and is weather-resistant. It also lasts longer and won’t require painting or staining of any kind.

Concrete Flooring

Aside from durability, concrete flooring is also the perfect choice if you’re into easy cleanups. You can design your pet run and create a slope so pet urine and other fluids can easy roll down your drainage area. Remember though that concrete can get really hot during summer. To address this, you can provide your pets with a wading pool or make sure they have a raised bed with a roof where they can cool off.

Rubber Matting

Rubber matting is a great option for dog runs. If you’re protective of your pets, this is the flooring to get. Rubber matting absorbs shock better and is softer on your dog’s cute paws. This material is usually used on dog day cares so you know that it’s something that really works.

Artificial Grass Flooring

Fake grass looks and feels like natural grass but is much easier to maintain. It’s easy to clean and will last a very long time. If you live in a place with hot summers, you can always buy synthetic grass that has high melting points. Just make sure to provide your pets with an option to cool off in.

This Portland dog run is a great example of an artificial grass flooring. Depending on your budget, you can get premium quality grass that your pets will love. Just remember to consider your pet’s size, energy level, and personality before making a purchase.

Want to know where to find fake grass like the one used in this Portland dog run? Visit megagrass.com today.

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