Las Vegas Backyard Play Structure

Las Vegas Backyard Play Structure

Play timet—it doesn’t always mean it’s also   mommy and daddy’s favorite time, but it’s the best way for the kids to release their energy. And there’s no better place to run aroundthan at a play area that has everything that you and your kids want and need.  Of course it has to be kid friendly and it has to be pretty enough for the adults to enjoy too.

But what makes a perfect play surface for children?

Ideally, a playground floor should be placed under play structures like swing sets, sesaws, and jungle gyms. Compared to gravel or just bare soil, artificial grass is a safer and more hygienic option. Sure you can always use natural grass. However, it’s not uncommon for some kids to have an allergic reaction to them. Not to mention that after rain, muddy play areas can get quite messy…not exactly what parents would call a fun play date.

Premium artificial grass looks and feels like grass. It is allergen-free, non-toxic, and provides a certain degree of protection against falls. You can even install extra paddings to cushion these minor accidents. And since fake grass is manufactured to feel like soft grass, it also reduces skin abrasions caused by crawling or rolling around on the grass.

One other advantage of fake turf is that it stays clean for a long time especially if it’s  outdoors, because when it  rains, all the dirt and debris washes away.  s These grass panels also have porous and well-draining backings that allows it to dry quickly and discourages the growth of weeds. What this means for you is that it is more hygienic and makes little accidents a non-issue.

High-quality synthetic turf also looks as healthy and as lush as fresh natural grass. Even adults will enjoy sitting on it or lying down with a good book while their kids enjoy playing with other kids. Choosing fake turf over natural for play structures means that you are not spending precious time cleaning up a lawn instead of basking on it.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of artificial grass is that it keeps your kids away from toxic and harmful chemicals. With natural grass there is a need to use fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and more. You don’t need all that with synthetic grass. This ensures that your children are playing on an area that is perfectly safe for them.

Take this Las Vegas backyard play structure for example. You can see how it stays green and in pristine condition. The short blades make it easy to clean and you can see how the toys on the ground stay in place. This play area can easily provide hours and hours of nonstop fun for your kids and maybe even hours and hours of relaxation for you!

Note that if the shape of your play space is a bit irregular, you may have to custom cut your grass panels so they would fit. Fortunately, there are manufacturers like MegaGrass that offer custom cut sizes for all grass products. If you want to know how to design your play structure like this, and how much grass you will need, visit

Playtime will never be the same again. With the introduction of artificial grass, more and more parents can spend quality with their kids minus all the worry that comes with a traditional play space.

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