San Diego Doggy Daycare

San Diego Doggy Day Care

If you’re a pawrent, you probably know that there are cases where employing the services of a doggy daycare is necessary. A lot of trainers recommend doggy daycares for a whole lot of reasons. A lot of dogs, especially those raised exclusively inside homes, lack stimulation, a chance to socialize with other pets, and enough opportunities to use up their energy.

Don’t rush though, there are a lot of things to consider before you send your dog to daycare. Some of these factors we highlight below:

1. Ample Exercise and Socialization

Daycares are known for providing fun play times scattered all throughout the day. This allows your pets to express their emotions. Meeting and playing with other dogs help them interact and adapt to the presence of a new animal in the vicinity. This trains them to not be too reactive to sudden changes. There are also daycares that have playgroups that are based on sizes or temperament so the adjustment wouldn’t be too difficult.

2. Human Contact

During the day while you’re away, it would be nice to know that your dog doesn’t have to stay home alone with no one to play with. If you find day care with kind staff members, you’ll be able to relax knowing your fur baby is in good hands. So don’t worry about your pet not getting their much-deserved treat or scratches behind the ears or even cuddles. If amazing humans are in charge, your baby will be fine.

3. Professionally Supervised Playtimes

Pet owners don’t always have the time to monitor their pets at daycare. They also aren’t trained to handle a number of dogs all at the same time. At doggy daycares, they have experienced staff members who understand dog body language and can make sure that all pets in the area are comfortable.

4. Boredom Killer

Crates are never fun. Dogs get bored and end up with so much pent up energy that the moment they get out they can wreak havoc to your home. Thankfully, fewer and fewer pet owners are using crates and are opting to send their pets to doggy daycares instead.

But before you send your pet to daycare, you have to make sure that you pick the best company near you. Here are some items that may be necessary to add to your checklist before entrusting your pets to other people:

State-of-the-Art Facility

Doggy daycare facilities should be designed for fun and comfort. Pet owners should be able to have peace of mind knowing that their babies are in safe hands. Convenience is a plus too, like having a facility that also offers dog supplies or grooming services. The hours of operation matter too. The longer these daycares can take pets in, the more convenient it is especially for busy pet owners.

Take this doggy daycare in San Diego. It has a lot of amenities that both pets and pet owners can enjoy. It has ample space for your dogs to run around in and spend time with their playmates.

The play area is covered with quality artificial grass. This allows pets to run around (yes even when it’s raining) without their paws or fur getting muddy. This means that your pets can keep playing (with your permission of course) no matter the weather. This fake turf is also soft to the touch so pets can enjoy walking around more. It’s very easy to clean so you know that the staff will spend more time with your pets instead of cleaning up.

For more details about this artificial turf, visit

Customer Friendly Policies

Make sure to check for hidden or late fees. A Good daycare will never be involved in shady activities like overcharging you or squeezing days’ worth of charges out of you.

Safety Minded Team

You want trainers who look at your precious pets the same way you do. If they are truly dog lovers themselves, you can rest assured knowing that the company’s safety standards are top notch.

The best doggy daycare is the one that cares for your pets like they’re their own. You’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Let your babies have the time of their lives while they await your return.

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