MegaGrass vs Other Artificial Grass Companies

The Dream.


A white picket fence around a perfectly manicured yard. Beautiful and smart children in the home. A nice car or two. But that was before. Today, that dream has changed. More and more people are rethinking their goals and what the dream is all about


Despite this change, some things remain the same. In fact, the details of this ideal remain unchanged for most people. Today, people still think that a landscaped yard means success. This is because a well-kept lawn suggests that the homeowners have the means to support such luxury. Pristine lawns, in a way, highlight a home’s status in a community. It’s an indicator of social and economic character.


At present, a fairly large industry exists around lawn care. This market is slowly being explored by a lot of landscape companies.


One of these growing industries is the fake grass turf industry. This market is driven by rising demands for low maintenance grass used for sporting events and more. One important factor for this demand is water conservation, which is a welcome change given our planet’s current conditions.


Unlike in old times, the lawns of today are no longer markers of success. The introduction of fake grass to the world gave people more landscape options. In the past, only the more affluent people could afford to have pretty lawns. Now, all it takes is a call to a contractor and you can have your own lawn ready in no time.


Who is MegaGrass?

Who is MegaGrass


And who better to cater to your sensitive landscaping needs than a company like MegaGrass? MegaGrass is an industry-leading provider of eco-friendly landscaping solutions. Here at MegaGrass, we provide artificial grass products that fit a wide range of lifestyles.


We’ve been rolling out artificial grass innovations for more than a decade, and we’re more than happy to bend to your needs.


Fake turf with higher melting points? Check.


Weatherproof and waterproof grass varieties that withstand season changes? Check.


High-draining grass lawns for puppies big and small? Check.


But we don’t just manufacture and distribute guilt-free landscaping products, we also make sure that our clients have easy access to them through 11 locations all over the United States.


MegaGrass is part of the EcoGreen America family. EcoGreen America is artificial grass and hedge company headquartered in Las Vegas. Much like MegaGrass, EcoGreen America is devoted to producing the highest quality, eco-friendly grass products for better landscaping solutions.


Our company was founded in 2009 and was motivated by the valiant search for beautiful and sustainable grass alternatives in the deserts of Nevada. Along with our company’s creation was the creation of the Stip Blade - a delustered synthetic grass blade that diffuses light withstands traffic, and keeps surface temperatures at tolerable levels.


As a company, we strive to make a difference in humanity’s carbon footprint. Our terminal goal is 360 sustainability, and we do so while making sure we enrich your life.


Artificial Grass Offerings

Artificial Grass Offerings


Currently, MegaGrass offers 6 grass collections that fit all sorts of lifestyles and needs. They are conveniently categorized into the following:




Easy to maintain and will pay for itself in time--that’s what you can expect from the MegaLawn collection. This artificial lawn is best for homeowners who use a big part of their monthly expenses for natural lawn care. With a more sustainable option available, home maintenance will now be more cost efficient for the household.




The MegaPorch collection is best known for being more long lasting compared to other deck surfaces. As beautiful as it is convenient, this artificial porch turf is perfect for making homes more appealing to guests. It may also be used to cover up bad spots on your deck so the area looks perfect at all times.




Passionate pet owners are more than happy to spend time and money on their fur babies. So we’re pretty sure skimping on a decent play and potty area is not an option for these “pawrents”. The MegaPet artificial grass for dogs collection caters to the sensitive needs of animals of all breed sizes. These grass lawns are easy to clean, well-draining, and they also stay looking great despite all the pet traffic.




You don’t have to be a pro to deserve a beautiful putting green. Step up your golf game with the MegaGolf collection. Engineered to aid play improvement, this fake putting grass can efficiently better your short game and easily take strokes off your score.




Play areas aren’t always constructed with safety in mind. True, a small accident here and there might seem like a learning experience for kids. But teachable moments don’t have to hurt that much right? That is where the MegaPlay playground turf collection comes in. It is the best alternative to hard floor beds found in traditional playgrounds. It is not only designed to be durable, it also provides a cushion, so kids can get away from accidents with only minor scratches or maybe even none.




For superior turf traction and efficient force reduction on the off chance of an injury, MegaSport is your grass. The MegaSport collection is designed to optimize sports performance, improve balance, and increase coordination. The blades of this artificial sports turf allow a level playing surface perfect for agility training.


Artificial Grass Technology

Artificial Grass Technology


At a glance, artificial grass lawns seem so simple and basic. What people don’t know is that a lot of research goes into every individual blade to guarantee quality and provide features unique to the brand. Below we highlight some of the innovations we have incorporated into our products:




You want your artificial turf to be a healthy color of green, not too bright and not too dull. The EverGreen technology makes sure that the blades of the turf will blend with the thatching for a more natural looking shade. With this tech at hand, your grass can look fresher for longer.




If you’re using your grass as a potty for your beloved pets, then drainage is very important. The EverFlow technology greatly improves the drainage of every fake grass panel on your lawn. This will significantly cut down your cleanup time, so you can have more cuddle time with your babies.




The truth about fake turf is that unlike natural grass, it can get relatively warm or hot depending on the weather. And since it is made of plastic, there is a chance that it will melt under extreme temperatures--but not with EverCool. The EverCool technology significantly keeps turf cooler than regular fake grass. Now you can enjoy your time on your lawn better for longer.




Nobody wants a lawn that smells. With EverFresh you can keep you turf smelling like freshly cut natural grass. Welcome every day with a scent that reminds you of how wonderful it is to spend time outdoors--even when outdoors mean you’re just sitting on your lawn.


Artificial Grass Cost Comparison 

Here we discuss some of the choices you have when it comes to fake grass. From cheap to premium, we want to help you find the products that best fit your needs.


Area: Your Lawn

Your Choices:

The Cheap: Shaddock Fishing

Sells at $3.45 per square feet through Amazon.

The Sensible: LITA

Sells at $10.07 per square feet through Amazon.

The Costly: UltraHedge

Sells at $32.09 per square feet through Amazon.

Bonus: MegaLawn Platinum

Sells at $32.09 per square feet through Amazon.

MegaLawn Platinum is lead-free, toxin-free, and weatherproof.


Area: Your Pet Runs/Pet Potty

Your Choices:

The Cheap: Zen Garden

Sells at $3.21 per square feet through Amazon.

The Sensible: Green Label Turf

Sells at $4.89 per square feet through Amazon.

The Costly: Fas Home

Sells at $20.81 per square feet through Amazon.

Bonus: MegaPet Platinum

Sells at $3.44 per square feet through

MegaPet Platinum drains well and has crafted blades for more function


Area: Your Golf Space

Your Choices:

The Cheap: UltraHedge

Sells at $1.20 per square feet through Amazon.

The Sensible: MegaGrass

Sells at $30.95 per square feet through Amazon.

The Costly: Pet Grow

Sells at $32.61 per square feet through Amazon

Bonus: MegaGolf Platinum

Sells at $2.47 per square feet through

MegaGolf Platinum is best for putting greens and courses. It is tested to control green speed.


Area: Your Sport Areas

Your Choices:

The Cheap: Sun Villa

Sells at $2.30 per square feet through Amazon.

The Sensible: MegaGrass

Sells at $4.45 per square feet through Amazon.

The Costly: UltraHedge

Sells at $32.09 per square feet through Amazon.

Bonus: MegaPet Platinum

Sells at $2.73 per square feet through

MegaSports Platinum is built with t and c shaped blades. The blades spring back up no matter how much they are trampled on.


You have a lot of other choices aside from the ones above. The specs vary from one turf supplier to another. Price gaps depend on the tech added into the blades, backings, drainage, and more. The better the features, the higher the price tag. There are also other brands on the market that you can check out, and we have named some of them below:






Synthetics Grass Warehouse


You don’t have to settle for low-quality turf with a small budget. With proper research, you can find quality fake turf at good prices. For instance, with MegaPlay Platinum you can cover play areas at $4.63 per square foot. This grass has extra cushions and shock pads. It’s perfect for playgrounds and best used by people with joint issues.


Artificial Grass Warranty

Here at MegaGrass, we proudly offer a competitive 25-year lush-life guarantee for all our clients. As proof of our confidence in our product, we make sure that our customers have access to premium warranty services. We believe in taking care of our clientele, and we do our best to deliver on that promise.


Customer Support

Got questions on a product? Want to learn more about your shipping status? Get in touch with our team to get answers. You may contact us via phone, email, or through our website where you can chat with one of our customer service associates.


Direct to Customer Benefits

Whenever you order a product from a reseller, there are mandatory fees that are included in the cost. When you order directly from MegaGrass, you get rid of all those fees because there will be no need to pay these “middlemen” for their service. As a company that is proud of our 11 accessible locations in the United States, we are happy to say that with you making a direct purchase from us, you’re actually saving money you can spend on other accessories for your landscaping project!


The MegaGrass Difference

MegaGrass Difference


Higher prices don’t always mean quality. They might, but like any other rule, there is an exception. Research on the different types of fake grass. Check out samples. Take time to read reviews. These are just some of the ways you can check which product best fits your needs and budget.


But if you’re looking for a feature that stands out from the rest, then MegaGrass is the company to call. What makes us different from other grass companies is our ability to provide custom cut turf sizes for your particular needs. While most turf companies only sell grass by 15’ widths, we cut according to the demands of your landscaping project to minimize losses when trimming turf.


If you have a very particular set of requirements, requirements you have acquired over the years while tied down to your high-maintenance natural lawn, you’ll be pleased to know that we got you covered.


Gone are the days when people’s lawns reflected their status in life. Nowadays, any home can get a similar experience with the help of artificial grass. These people are also changing their ways into an earth-friendly one.


Buying smart is better than just shopping for items with the highest prices. Remember, an item that is costly isn’t always high-quality. There are makers like MegaGrass who don’t only focus on sales. We at MegaGrass try hard to provide eco-friendly solutions to people who love our products. In a world where companies are all about sales, we chose to be kinder to the planet.


We support sustainability and believe that we can do better. One of our goals is to educate people about fake grass and how it helps improve the quality of their lives.


This survey not only aims to list down prices of grass products. It also aims to inform people that in their choices there is power. Being mindful of your choices is good for your homes. These choices are even better for the planet as a whole.


Here at MegaGrass we try to make a difference in the world however we can. We’d love for you to join this movement. To know more about our vision and how we wish to accomplish them, you may visit us at