Super Permeable Grass for Dogs, Better for Your Sanity!

If you're a dog owner, you know - super permeable grass for dogs is the best. 


...and there’s no question that you love your dog, and that pupper loves you back.


Of course, you also have other responsibilities to take care of. Arriving home from work to find that your puppy has left a ‘present’ for you on your kitchen floor can understandably get tiring. If you’ve ever felt this way, our super permeable grass can save the day and make rainbows and butterflies return once more. This artificial grass absorbs tons of liquid while staying fresh, making it an incredible porch potty or indoor dog patch. Here’s why.


Why Use Artificial Grass for a Dog Potty

Many homeowners want their dogs to do their business outdoors. This is sometimes easier said than done. If you live in a cozy apartment with a small balcony or it’s the middle of winter, the backyard isn’t always an option. What makes artificial grass ideal? Check out these major benefits:


1. Comfortable


Standing or sitting on grit is rough on dogs’ paws and they don’t like it. Artificial turf is comfortable and feels natural to them, which makes it more likely they’ll happily choose the patch when they need to urinate.


2. Pleasantly Scented


By incorporating the aroma of freshly-cut grass, dogs feel automatically attracted to the fake grass as their preferred spot for doing their business. Teaching them to urinate in the same place every time is much easier.


3. Absorbent


Our superior super-permeable grass absorbs tons of liquid, whisking it away from the surface. This eliminates unpleasant odors and cuts down on how often you need to change the collection tray or clean the dog patch.


4. Soothing for Injured Dogs


If your canine is sick or injured, traveling outside or downstairs hurts them. Fake grass for dogs lets them stay indoors and reach their potty easily. At the same time, gentle blades of grass cushion their body for maximum comfort.


5. Attractive


Using foam dog pads or scraps of newspaper to clean up accidents doesn’t do much for your home decor. With an always bright and green synthetic lawn patch, however, home interiors and exteriors look stylish.


How a Porch Potty makes your life easier

Dogs aren’t the only ones thrilled when you choose a synthetic dog patch; super permeable grass also puts a big smile on your face by saving tons of time and energy. Instead of constantly having to clean up after pets, you can focus on having fun with them instead. Relaxing with your dogs and spending time on personal hobbies both reduce your stress level significantly. Here are a few other benefits:


  • Potty training: Porch potties follow the natural progression of teaching puppies how to go to the bathroom outdoors. You can start inside first, and then gradually introduce them to urinating outdoors. At this point, they have a bond with their trusted dog patch. Also, when synthetic grass looks, feels and smells like the real thing, making the leap to the backyard lawn is pretty simple.

  • Outdoor weather: Because synthetic turf is extremely weather resistant, using artificial grass for a dog potty means that rain and sunlight aren’t an issue. You can safely leave your dog’s potty patch outside permanently if you want to. This unlocks maximum space inside your home or apartment. Small dogs actually love having the comfortably short blades of grass.

  • Carpet protection: Pet stains can be very hard to remove from carpets and carpet backing. Teaching dogs to use a porch potty when they have to go keeps urine stains from ever becoming an issue. You don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning up messes on your shiny tile floor either. A huge benefit of fake grass for dogs is that there’s no mud for them to accidentally track back inside. A home that stays clean by itself cuts down on your workload a ton.


Going Fully Artificial in your Backyard is Great for Pets

For absolutely effortless pet care – and enjoyable outdoor relaxation for your entire family – opt for a completely synthetic backyard. Not only does this mean the days of cutting grass are long past, but it also offers significant practical and health benefits for dog care.


  • Fewer harmful bugs

  • Year-round attractive appearance

  • No dangerous chemicals


Traditional grass lawns mean dealing with irritating pests like ticks, fleas, and mites. They complicate your weekly workload because bath day takes much longer. Most of all, these bugs can harm your pets. Bites and itching cause dogs a lot of pain. How does synthetic grass help? It doesn’t attract or sustain these annoying creatures. Instead, your canine and the rest of the family can happily romp and roll around safely when playing.


It’s no secret that dog urine has a negative effect on the appearance of normal backyards. The heavy nitrogen concentration kills off grass, resulting in tough-to-fix dead patches. With an artificial lawn, dog urine has no negative effects. Your pets can roam freely, and your lawn stays immaculate and gorgeous.


Our synthetic turf is also eco-friendly and free of all harmful chemicals. It takes care of the environment while also keeping pets and even small children happily safe. Kids and dogs can have fun to their hearts’ content.


Helpful Tips for Potty Training your Puppy

A new puppy is a furry bundle of pure joy that’s extremely easy to fall in love with. Puppies find a place in the hearts of children and adults instantly. Potty training little dogs doesn’t have to be tricky; just follow these helpful tips and let your ultra-absorbent grass patch do most of the work.




Dogs are creatures of habit. Our potty patches attract them naturally when it’s time to urinate, but having an established spot keeps them coming back.




Ideally, you want to place the patch far away from your dog’s bed – dogs don’t like to urinate close to their food dish or where they sleep – but also somewhere that’s easy for it to locate.




Rewarding your dog every time it takes care of business in the correct spot reinforces positive behavior and makes them feel happy and loved as well.




Dog urine contains ammonia, so if you clean up accidental spills with a cleaner that has this ingredient, dogs sometimes get confused and think that it’s their preferred urination spot.


Trust the Best for your Dog

Not all synthetic grass is made equally – not even close. At MegaGrass, our super-permeable grass is of the highest quality, dependable and durable. We want you and your dog to enjoy every moment together for ages.


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