Pet Owners Unite with EverFlow Technology

There is no single dog breed known for being able to clean up after itself. But what if you absolutely wanted a companion for life? Pet owners unite - we have a solution. Put the fishbowl down...


Having cute, playful, and fluffy pets are fun. Having high maintenance pets (if we’re going to be really, really honest), is not. Problem is, all pets require a certain degree of nourishing and grooming for them to be considered properly cared for. Is all hope lost?


The answer? It doesn’t have to be.


The same way technology has allowed the human race to work around the many inconveniences of life, there are now a million ways to become better caregivers to our beloved puppers.


Enter, a new innovation giving pet owners more freedom when it comes to waste cleanup - EverFlow Technology. If you wanna know what it is and how this product could potentially change your and your pet’s lives, we suggest you keep reading. 


What is EverFlow Technology?

EverFlow technology is a patented innovation by MegaGrass, an artificial grass company devoted to producing eco-friendly products and the highest quality artificial grass for better landscaping solutions. True to their mission, they have found a way of making cleanup easy for pet owners minus all the maintenance work.


What Does it Do?

The EverFlow Technology allows your installed artificial grass to drain at more than 90 gallons per square yard, per hour. It is utilized in MegaGrass’ MegaPet Platinum, a top of the line pet turf, built with maximum permeability in mind. MegaPet Platinum is great for indoor and outdoor landscaping, made in the USA, and 100% recyclable. 


What Makes This Technology So Unique?

Well, for starters, it can drain up to 4 times more than the regular turf! It can also handle heavy traffic, unlike other well-draining turfs. MegaGrass also combines these features with your ability to choose from any 1500 cuts so practically any space can be used for you and your pet’s convenience.


Why is This a Better Option?

Without a doubt, natural grass has advantages over artificial grass. However, many people fail to recognize that in its own way, artificial grass brings its eco-friendly value and efficiency in other ways. Below we have listed reasons why artificial grass for dogs is the best solution for dog owners. 


6 Reasons Why MegaPet Platinum With EverFlow Technology Is Better Than Natural Grass

artificial grass for dogs


1. The EverFlow Technology Makes Artificial Grass Easier to Clean


Probably one of the most important benefits of installing an artificial turf is that it’s incredibly easy to clean. Even if your pet uses the grass alone as its only bathroom, cleanliness will not be an issue. Liquid waste can easily be hosed down (remember--it drains 4 times better than the regular turf!) while any solid waste can be picked up, disposed, and any remaining stains hosed down as well.


Being able to just hose off dirt or dust can give you the guarantee of cleanliness. An efficient cleaning system will allow you to have no fears and qualms when it comes to playing and rolling around in the dirt with your pet, and yes, even your family!


2. No Mud Anywhere


You don’t even need rain to get mud with natural grass. A little moisture here and a bit of fog there and there’s a good chance your dog will find that pool of mud (no matter how small that may be), roll in it, and track back all the mess inside your home. Maybe it’s funny the first time, but soon enough you’ll be dreading all the humid and rainy days and eventually avoiding them altogether. Artificial grass eliminates that possibility. Now you can stop worrying about the weather and start focusing on having fun with your pet, rain or shine.


3. MegaPet Platinum Always Looks Good


Natural grass needs a lot of maintenance work and expense to stay pretty all year round. Pet owners know how roughhousing can make it close to impossible to keep natural grass looking pristine all the time. It’s inevitable for all the running, rolling, and digging to cause random bald spots on the grass due to wear and tear. You can even tell which spot is your pet’s favorite because that’s usually where the grass is thinnest.


Your dog need not be high energy to cause damage to your grass, they only need to be doing their usual routine and the same wear will occur. Sad, we know. That’s the great thing about MegaPet Platinum, it’s designed exactly with you and your pet in mind. The lush blades can withstand heavy foot traffic even from the most playful of dogs and still look like new week after week, month after month, and yes--year after year.  


4. Artificial Grass With EverFlow Technology is Purrfect for Play!


The EverFlow Technology in MegaPet Platinum does not only ensure superb drainage, its structure is also known for its consistency. Smooth and level for your pooch’s protection and enjoyment, you can rest assured that you’ve got the best type of turf at your service. 


5. Dogs Won’t (and Probably Can’t) Dig Up the Yard


Unless your dog starts growing fingers, it’s unlikely that it can dig up a yard with artificial grass installed. Installation systems of synthetic turfs just aren’t as loose as regular grass, making it less ideal for your pet to start digging or burying anything in there. 


6. Accessible at Reasonable Prices


The upfront price of any purchase does not equate its value. Low priced items you get to use for a week or two aren’t really smart buys. The same can be told about artificial grass. Initial impressions considered, it may seem that natural grass may be the better option. But throw in the maintenance work you won’t be doing, the landscaping, the replacing of multiple bald spots year after year and you’ll start seeing the bigger picture.


I know you’re wondering one last thing - What do we do about the smell? Lucky for you, MegaGrass already thought about that. ZeoLite infill is the answer - mix it with regular infill, sprinkle it over your grass every three months and it serves as a deodorizer. Keeping strong ammonia scents at bay. Need a quick fix ASAP? Get the FreshCut grass scent spray, and spritz the urine-scented demons away!


Getting a pet is a lifelong responsibility. We understand that your pets are not just pets, they are family. We believe that our families deserve nothing but the best, and in this field, MegaGrass takes the lead. Want to upgrade your experience as a pet owner? Ask about our MegaPet line of artificial grass. For more details about our EverFlow technology, visit today.