Greenside Job: 5 Ideas to Level-up Your Interior With Fake Grass Decor

Keeping your house looking fresh and breezy with minimum effort is every homeowner’s dream. And who doesn’t want an office that feels like a bit of home, too?


It would not be surprising if you thought about utilizing grass when designing your interior. After all, a little patch of green brings life to any space, and we all want our homes to be springing with vivid colors. However, real grass comes with limitations when used indoors; and we all know that all the dirt that comes with real grass can’t possibly contribute to the look you’re going for.


Synthetic turf is a perfect alternative for natural grass. Although natural grass is undoubtedly a great choice, artificial grass actually has a lot of advantages over traditional plants. Mostly because you don’t have to water them and worry about slipping on wet floors.


Artificial grass requires little to no maintenance, unlike natural turf. It’s also toxin and emission-free and will NEVER require the use of pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. This feature will come in handy especially when designing your home or office interior. Given the proper care, synthetic grass can last for a decade or more.


Compared to the resources allocated in maintaining real grass for the same timeframe, you can pretty much say that synthetic grass is not only a financially wise choice, it’s also more responsible, environmentally.


Integrating synthetic grass into your interior design is easy, and we’ve come up with some references you can use once you start your own project.


1. Area Rug

Area Rug


Synthetic grass can be used as an area rug for just about any room. It blends well with earth tones and looks really classy against wooden floors. Perfect for adding a pop of color and a natural feel to your room, this idea is as easy can get.


2. Bedroom or sleeping quarters flooring

Bedroom or Sleeping Quarters


There’s nothing more calming than cool turf to walk on the moment you get up from a wonderful sleep. Compared to cold, hard floors, synthetic grass adds a touch of warmth to any room, while giving an active vibe to your interior. It kinda gives you motivating energy to be more productive!


3. Terrace Carpeting

Terrace Carpeting


Terraces are probably some of the most neglected spaces in several homes, but they don’t have to be. With the right look and feel, they can easily become your favorite spot for relaxation. Adding synthetic grass to your terrace, plus a few more plants around can turn it into a small, personal, green getaway haven. Just pop a chair and foldable table in there and you’ve got yourself a workspace where you can lay back and think clearer!


4. Roof Deck Accent 

Roof Deck Accent


Your roof deck is the perfect place for entertaining guests and having fun with your friends and family. Complete the vibe by adding synthetic grass on your feet to complement the clear skies over your head. Enjoy the breeze and share some laughs while you marvel at life. Sometimes the grass is just grass. But sometimes, grass gives you the ambiance to create unforgettable memories and more. It’s no wonder that families go to beaches and parks on weekends to spend time together, think not having to go outside and just transporting your picnic equipment to the top floor instead!


5. Lounge Area Floor 

Lounge Area Floor


Decorating your lounge area with synthetic grass will keep it from looking cold and harsh. You can run it along the sides, or have it at the center and the place will surely be more inviting! It can tone down hard corners and too neutral tones. We don’t want that boring finish, you know? We’re all about the amazing! Bring a little warmth to your space by adding grass, and not the dirty, needy type. Synthetic grass plus furniture (may it be minimalist, vintage, or contemporary) is a foolproof way of turning a lounge to the lounge. Give your space a renaissance by pushing it from looking bleak to frickin’ sleek!


You don’t have to do this a lawn! We gotchu, fam!. If you want your own turfed tract without the hassle, whether inside or out, we’re here for you!


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Irresistible to touch and virtually maintenance free, our turfs are eco-friendly and designed to minimize your carbon footprint. Because ultimately, we all desire to breathe quality and adapt to sustainability.


We here at MegaGrass believe in the power of transforming your small slice of paradise into just that, only literally! You can now have a space that doesn’t just feel like home for you, but to everyone else who has the privilege to enter. Be it your office, your house, (your boat!) or your business, grass in your space makes everything feel alive—especially those in it!


Unleash your creativity. Abandon the ordinary.