3 Things To Consider Before Planning Your Turf Rooftop Installation Project

Synthetic grass is perfect for balconies and roof gardens because it’s lightweight and highly capable of draining rainfall. It also requires little to no maintenance which makes it a very practical option. But before you go ahead and start ordering the materials that you need for your installation project, it would be helpful to read through some basic considerations you should keep in mind before proceeding with your planning.


1. Consider the load-bearing capacity of your rooftop.

This is unlikely to be an issue with newer constructions but in older buildings or homes, it’s mandatory that you have someone look into it first before starting a project.


consider the load-bearing capacity of your rooftop

You don’t want your home or building to suffer like this.


What you must remember is that your roof will not only be holding synthetic grass, it will be bearing the weight of the workers, furniture, accessories, and any equipment that comes with the installation. Artificial grass is so much more lighter than natural ones, but it’s still important to check if the structure will be able to carry its weight. This is to ensure everyone’s safety and to guarantee that there will be no delays in your project.


2. Whether you will be using barbecue grills or fire pits on the artificial lawn.

We understand that you would want to use your rooftop for cookouts and get-togethers, (who wouldn’t?) but fake grass can be damaged by embers or hot surfaces. If you feel like it can’t be helped, you can always install the grass on a smaller section on the deck so there would still be a safe space for cooking and playing around in.


whether you will be using barbecue grills or fire pits

This is not how you want to end your cookouts


3. A wood deck can and will rot under artificial grass under the wrong circumstance.

If you decide to push through with the installation, you can minimize damage to the wood by reinforcing the drainage and airflow. Check for existing drainage issues and address them right away. Waterproofing is mandatory and regular comprehensive check-ups should be done to see if everything is staying in place and holding up.


A wood deck can and will rot under artificial grass under the wrong circumstance

Nope. Nope. Big Nope.


Rooftop installations are great DIY projects but if you’re not confident about your skills just yet, you can always hire professionals to do the work for you. If you do decide to DIY, we recommend checking out the accessories available on our website. These products are designed to make your DIY journey easier and more convenient.


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