Roll and Go: The Best Roll Out Grass Ready Surfaces

Although more commonly used for covering lawns, artificial grass can actually be used in several other ways. If you want unique decorating ideas, you can always experiment and try applying synthetic grass to a large variety of surfaces. Function wise, excess cuts of fake grass can be used for covering benches, forming boundaries around landscaped areas, or creating pathways in large spaces.


Our list below demonstrates just how flexible artificial grass rolls can be, and which surfaces they can best work with.



Soil: Traditional and Easy

Traditional and easy


Artificial grass carpet rolls are specially designed for use as lawns, dog runs, recreational areas, and putting greens. As such, it is ideally placed on properly prepared soil. The great thing about this application is that even though extensive planning is required to level the ground and put the whole drainage system together, it will work well with most types of soil.



Wood: Looks polished but requires maintenance

Looks polished but requires maintenance


Synthetic turf rolls can also be placed over various wood surfaces. If you have a wooden deck, patio, bench, or plant rack, then this application will also work for you. To prevent the wood from rotting, make sure you cover and seal the wood so it becomes aptly water-resistant. Additionally, you may opt to use a mild adhesive to keep the waterproof barrier in place.



Cement: Rough, rugged, and turf ready

Rough, rugged, and turf ready


Artificial grass can be installed on swimming pool surrounds and cement patios, and because of the nature of the material, you can easily cut your grass panels to any size or shape, and have it stay in place without using copious amounts of adhesive. If your desired grass area will be used for rough play of children or pets, you will best benefit from more durable types of grass, or simply invest in some quality shock pads for your turf.  



Plastic: Flexible and easy to shape

Flexible and easy to shape


Small cuts of fake grass make great decorative pieces for homes. They can be glued to make centerpieces, glass coasters, outdoor tables, and more. A small amount of adhesive can go a long way, as synthetic turf can be attached firmly to plastic surfaces without fear of it slipping off or sliding while in use. With the proper tools, fake grass can actually be used just like any fabric utilized in various craft projects.



Brick: Uneven but solid foundation

Uneven but solid foundation


Fake grass can also be installed under brick. If the surface seems uneven in any way, you may use a thin pad to protect the turf from wear and tear. Installation on paver or brick surfaces may be trickier, but the use of simple adhesive strips to secure the surface should suffice.


Artificial grass can be installed on a large number of surfaces. Quality artificial turf can withstand even the most stressful circumstances. So when choosing a supplier, go for the one with a solid reputation and with impressive reviews from actual product users. MegaGrass is an industry-leading manufacturer of synthetic grass and other eco-friendly landscaping solutions. For more sustainable home improvement options, visit our website today.