Intel Greenside: 10 Innovative Ways to Use Scrap Artificial Grass at Home

We all know what artificial grass is used for; it’s for your lawn, it’s for dog runs and potty training; it’s for putting greens; it’s for covering the ground for when natural grass just isn’t right for you. But did you know that you can actually use fake grass to beautify other parts of your home?


There are a lot of creative ways you can use synthetic grass all over your house. They aren’t just good for covering the ground; there are also various instances where fake grass can be used instead of the materials you would use traditionally. You can use leftover samples or excess cuts from your landscaping project, or you can always get more for future use!


Below we highlight 10 unusual but awesome ways you can use weird cuts of artificial grass all over your home:


1. Dish Dryer 

Dish Dryer | Artificial Grass Weird Cuts


Using well-draining artificial grass, you can create a dish dryer that brings color to your boring dishwashing routine. It’s so pretty you can leave it in full view of your kitchen without being conscious about it.


2. Serving Tray 

Serving Tray | Artificial Grass Weird Cuts


Fake grass can be used as accents for serving trays. They don’t only add a pop of color to your event, they are also perfect for concealing minor spills! And since synthetic grass is washable, cleanup will be a breeze!


3. Placemat

Placemat | Artificial Grass Weird Cuts


Faux grass placemats are perfect for completing a safari theme. It also minimizes all the clinking and clattering when putting cutlery down. To ensure the safety of your guests, we recommend using non-toxic, toxin-free synthetic grass (like ours!) because their safety is also our priority.


4. Indoor Rug

Indoor Rugs | Artificial Grass weird Cuts


Use artificial grass as an alternative to traditional carpet rugs. They are much easier to clean because they’re plastic and washable!, plus they add a splash of green to your interior. There’s nothing like a little touch of life to light up any room.


5. Miniature Garden

Miniature Garden | Artificial Grass weird Cuts


Adults and kids alike are drawn to miniatures. We can only imagine how much this project will turn heads wherever you decide to display it inside your home. It’s also fun to make and it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you’ve finished it! If you It’s a bit challenging to make, but with a little persistence and the right type of artificial grass, you’ll be able to brag about it in no time.


If you play Dungeons and Dragons, you can be the best DM ever by playing with dioramas made with synthetic grass with the same look and feel as the real thing! Troll bridges and towers look great with grassy details!


6. Wall Frame

Wall Frames | Artificial Grass for weird cuts


Artificial grass on frames are great for quiet rooms. They elicit a feeling of peace and tranquility, not to mention, they look amazing! They are also very easy to maintain and they won’t cost you a fortune like paintings or other framed artworks. Just make sure you dust them every now and then; it’s hard to resist stroking them whenever you pass by!


7. Glass Coasters

Glass Coasters | Artificial Grass weird Cuts


Transform your leftover fake grass cuttings into glass or cup coasters! Not only are they so freaking cool, they’re also very easy to rinse--so keeping them clean will be effortless. You can even make them in various shapes and sizes to match pretty much any theme.


8. Centerpiece

Centerpiece | Artificial Grass weird Cuts


Artificial grass make refreshingly calm table centerpieces. They can also be used in social events like parties, birthdays or get-togethers when you’re going for that elegant look for your home. Fake grass provides a freshening look to any table setting and gives off a natural vibe that your guests will surely enjoy.


9. Shoe Tray

Shoe Tray | Artificial Grass weird Cuts


Make a functional and aesthetically pleasing shoe tray to place your kicks on. Leave all your footwear at the door to reduce the many health risks you can drag in -- dirt, dust, pesticides, allergens, animal hair, pollutants, and all the microscopic gross stuff in the creases of your.


10. Fish Tank Decor

Fish Tank Decor | Artificial Grass weird Cuts


Fake grass is ideal for decorating fish tanks because they are permeable and non-toxic. Tank cleanups will be fluid and you can spend more of it enjoying your pets instead of maintaining your aquarium.


Bonus: Ute Tray Mat

Ute Tray Mat | Artificial Grass weird Cuts


Okay, we know we’ve been giving you amazing ways of using artificial grass indoors but this one hack’s just too good to not include in this list; so we’re adding it anyway! Fake grass is a fantastic and totally out of the box choice for lining the inside of a ute tray. The grass protects the tray from scratches and provides a non-slip surface so your tools and equipment will stay in place for longer.


With a little bit of creativity, artificial grass can be repurposed for other applications! It’s not just for lawns—in fact, the possibilities are endless!


And we here at MegaGrass strive to make these possibilities your reality.


Let your imagination run wild. Build with us.