Steal These Refreshing Synthetic Turf Trends for Your Office Space

Up the walls, across your tables, and under your feet - designers are coming up with unexpected ways to brighten workspaces with synthetic turf.


Throughout the years our species has become more and more cooped up within the boundaries of walls. Subways, apartments, office spaces… there are days where we barely get a taste of nature because of the current demands of our survival. The most innovative designers are seeking a solution to reconnect humans to the soothing effects of nature, by integrating synthetic turf into the places where we spend the most time - office spaces - across the country and beyond.


Centro, Chicago

Office Chicago

Centro Offices in Chicago, Photographed by Tom Harris – Hedrich Blessing Photographers

In the Chicago offices of Centro, Partners by Design found a way to bring the outdoors in by creating ‘parks’ to break up the monotony in the digital advertising company’s space. They juxtapose synthetic turf against clean, softly-shaped chrome and leather fixtures to create harmony between the ‘natural’ and crafted.


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ECommPay, Riga

ECommPay, Riga

ECommPay Offices in Riga, Latvia Photographed by Olivier Dassance Photography

ECommPay, the payment solutions provider based in Latvia, commissioned Katz Interiors to harness nature’s balancing powers, softening the hard edges of their modern, geometric space. Scattering artificial ‘living walls’ in the most unexpected intimate settings, and mounting floor to ceiling (and wall to wall) soundproof call rooms, accomplish the goal.


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Tune, San Francisco

Tune, San Francisco

Tune Offices in San Francisco, CA. Photographed by Caroline Tudor

Online mobile marketing tech company, Tune, has an office as eclectic as the company itself. Crushed blue velvet sofas, glass dividing walls, exposed brick and their very own grown-up playground, complete with functional chair swings in their communal workspace. In what can be a very demanding industry, designer Miranda Lee Morgan sprinkles opportunities for fun throughout the office. It’s not uncommon to be inched in the hallway by Crazy Carts driving past the indoor putting green. Truly a space that caters to the wellbeing of its employees.


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Merkle/Periscopix, London

Merkle/Periscopix, London

Merkle/Periscpix, Photographed by Thomas Fallon

The outdoors redesigned - that’s definitely the feeling as you walk past a tidy forest of vertical wood panels, triangle green seating in the common room, and zigzag glass tiles mimicking peaks, valleys, and water in one fell swoop. From the imaginations of ThirdWay Interiors, space uses artificial grass in a typical setting - outdoors under tables and chairs. But the experience of the space altogether contributes to Merkle/Peiscopix’ goal of an environmentally friendly space that promotes productivity.


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The ROI of an office space that caters to optimizing productivity and mental well-being of the people within it, is invaluable. It’s the reason why large, demanding companies like Google, YouTube and Amazon invest millions of dollars in the spaces where they expect employees to spend most of their time in. They are changing the mindset of ‘needing’ to be at work to ‘wanting’ - and it’s a strategy that clearly works.


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