20 Fabulous Outdoor Party Ideas & Themes for Your Spring Event

With Spring comes the promise of new beginnings; letting go of the old and embracing the new. And what better way to celebrate birth, renewal, new love, or simply a new season, than with a themed outdoor party? Check your calendar for a vacant weekend, send out an invite to your Messenger group chatbox (don’t forget to tag them so they won’t have to backread) and you’re good to go!


Entertaining indoors is great, but taking the party outdoors gives you more room and more freedom to do to the activities you have in mind. Level up your next Spring event with fun outdoor party ideas.


But first -- the basics:


Every party starts with the selection of a central theme. This is where the color scheme and pretty much everything about your event will be based on. After coming up with an idea, you can start building on it and adding in the small details one by one. We absolutely adore the party concepts below and we hope you find the inspiration for your next bash here!


Pro-tip: Scratch single-use items off your party’s grocery list! If you have it at home, don’t pay for a disposable alternative. You might think you’re saving yourself the trouble of cleaning up, but you’re also potentially contributing to the millions of tons of single-use plastic waste (most of which end up in the oceans) that are polluting the Earth. Plus, no one prefers plastic for drinking and eating. It’s always classy to use glass and metal on the table.


Remember that the first R is not reused, it’s refuse! Refuse anything you don’t really ~need~ and keep in mind that there are better things to spend money on than disposable items. Zero waste fun is always more fun!


1. Porch Party 

Porch Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


An outdoor porch party seems too simple, but not if you personalize. Send your guests home with party favors tagged with individually customized thank you notes. Initially serve them as party items, then at the end of the event, announce that they will be able to take them home. It’s a pleasant surprise that’s also economical. The party favors are useful, and you’re grateful! No better party mix than that!


Pro-tip: Get party favors that are reusable! Travel utensils, shot glasses (even mugs) and microwavable containers can all be used during your party, and after!


2. Garden Party 

Garden Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


This garden setup illustrates the sophistication you can achieve from keeping things simple. Keeping the colors toned down with a splash of brightness here and there gives off a hint of elegance without being too formal. The presence of greens brings warmth to the venue while keeping everything blended together.


Pro-tip: Bring out your teapot and it’s gonna look straight out of Wonderland! Oh and beware of rabbit holes!


3. Watermelon Party 

Watermelon Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Cheesy isn’t always cheap. Sometimes, cheesy is cute and endearing, just like with this party idea. Welcome the coming warm months with a watermelon themed party. Make your guests smile with the old saying “you’re one in a melon” in the form of welcome cards. Entice them with every fresh and fruity concoction you can think of. Keep the venue perfectly pretty and pink.


Pro-tip: Check out how to make a watermelon keg online and serve awesome punch at the party! Just make sure the kids don’t think it’s juice, otherwise, prepare yourself for tipsy (vomiting) toddlers!


4. Vintage-Themed Party

Vintage Themed Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Keep your mind on timeless classics and everything will be fine. Commit to an old-fashioned theme and maybe throw in a modern twist or two. Make your guests feel like they’ve just traveled back in time, and enjoy the look of amusement on their faces during the entire event.


Pro-tip: Check out jukebox tunes on your favorite music app, combine them all together in one playlist and run it on the event day!


5. Tropical Party 

Tropical Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Still got that Hawaiian shirt you thrifted years ago hidden somewhere deep in your closet? Finally, it’s time to bust it out! Embark on an adventure into the tropics with this wild theme. A word of caution for putting pineapple on pizza, though: tread carefully. You might find yourself in the middle of an age old friendship-ruining debate.


Pro-tip: DO NOT serve pizza for the sake of world peace.


6. Rainbow Party 

Rainbow Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


A wonderful mix of rainbow colors always does the trick, especially for the kids! Because festivities are meant to be bright and beautiful, whatever your age is. Make it happen by using the rainbow as inspiration. Put a spin on this theme by assigning colors to your guests! You’ll do your guests a favor by taking out overthinking and wondering what to wear, and you’ll look amazing in the photos when they come out!


Pro-tip: Support the LGBTQ+ community through a party! Ask your friends if they have pride flags/pride décor that you can borrow for the party if you’re short on decor!


7. Modern Glam (Kate Spade) Party

Modern Glam or Kate Spade Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Every Kate Spade party requires only 4 colors to work; black, white, pink, and plenty of gold. The bolder the decors are, the better. Create backdrops of metallic gold and watch the selfie-takers make a beeline for it. It’ll look preppy, classy, and playful all at the same time.


Pro-tip: Keep things shining, shimmering, splendid!


8. Unicorn Party 

Unicorn Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Aside from mermaids, unicorns are probably the coolest mythical creatures ever. Use that magic to wow your visitors and give it an extra zing by bringing pastels to life for a truly adorable theme. Make the venue look like a wonderland by using a lot of toned down hues. Keep things light and dreamy for everybody!


Pro-tip: Remember that your banking on fantasy, so your party should be fantastic! Ask everyone to dress like their favorite fairy tale character if they can!


Optional: You can serve cotton candy and tell everyone it’s made of real unicorn mane.


9. Bright Pastel Party 

Bright Pastel Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Bright pastel palettes can instantly give any place a vibrant feel. Go bold and use these tones; be playful and combine them all together, because they look good no matter which colors you out together. Complement with glassware to keep things looking elegant. There’s nothing like dazzling sorbet colors to prettify your Spring party. Plus, no one doesn’t like pastel colors! They’re the middle tone of every color—just how Goldilocks likes them--not too bright, not too dark!


Pro-tip: You can’t go wrong with any combination, so play around! You can choose just two or three and your party will still pop!


10. Floral Spring Brunch 

Floral Spring Brunch | Outdoor Party Ideas


Outdoor brunch is probably one of the best Spring party ideas ever. You can’t just say no to brunch, right? Brunch is easy and chill! It’s perfect for lazy Sundays when you just wanna sit back and catch up with friends over avocado toast or chicken and waffles, even corned beef hash. You can eat as heavy as you want and no one will judge you because you’re eating two meals at once! If there was a favorite time of the weekend, it would be brunch. Match your meal with a classic floral theme and you’ll be on your way to eating with your mouth and your eyes.


Pro-tip: Schedule it on a day when a friend from the same circle decides to throw a barbecue party! By the time the barbecue starts, everyone’s hungry again! Or you can throw it together at one place and spend a whole day with your families together!


11. Gem Party Theme 

Gem Party Theme | Outdoor Party Ideas


Gem-inspired parties are *brilliant* (wink wink). Use disco lights, fairy lights, candles, lamps, lots and lots of lights. Keep everything ~lit~, just like your party! Grab some mirrors and hang them for more effect!


Pro-tip: Put lights inside glass containers (like the ones in the photo above) and scatter them around your venue!


12. Taco Party Theme

Taco Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Taco parties are fun because they’re laid back. The fun revolves around sharing good food and stories while competing over who makes the best tacos. Overload with spice and cool down with some paletas.


Pro-tip: Use a muffin tin for sauces, salsa, guacamole and other ingredients for easy clean-up (and so you never have to scoop out a drowning spoon!)


13. Ice Cream Party

Ice Cream Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Ice cream cravings should not be taken lightly. Make your ice cream party enjoyable for both kids and adults by adding gold accents and a *sprinkle* of colors to your venue. Keep things light and smooth and complete with a DIY ice cream bar.


Pro-tip: Keep bottles of booze for the grown-ups, (surprisingly, alcohol and ice cream are perfect together!) And stock on colorful sprinkles, cereals, and cookies for the kids. If you’re feeling like it, you can bake cupcakes without frosting and top with ice cream instead!


14. Cactus Party 

Cactus Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Cacti are probably the only ominous-looking plants that can still manage to look cute. Bring out your cake toppers and make cactus and succulent-themed macarons for everyone to enjoy. Decorate in vibrant coral and green to complete the look.


Pro-tip: Use brown as one of your colors, it always looks great with green. Earth colors as party theme will also give you that one-with-nature feel!


15. Ultimate Margarita Day Party 

Ultimate Margarita Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


When in doubt, take the margaritas out. And if these mixed drinks aren’t enough to keep the negativities of daily lives at bay, focus on the bold colored decors and keep the compliments coming. Serve some taco bites to complete that Cinco de Mayo vibe.


Pro-tip: Remind your friends not to bring cars as a safety measure. Margaritas and drivers are a terrible mix!


16. Flamingo Party 

Flamingo Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


If your guests are into pink stuff and cute party themes, then this is the way to go. Add to the tropical feel by throwing in loads of palm fronds, pineapple shaped tumblers, and a flamingo themed photo booth for the attendees to enjoy.


Pro-tip: Make your party flamingo by serving strawberry flavored desserts!


17. Wildflower Themed Party 

Wildflower Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Channel your inner bohemian with a wildflower theme. Go crazy on your decorative accents and keep things eclectic. Turn your backyard into a beautiful venue of organized chaos.


Pro-tip: Bring the beads on! Make jewelry with your friends while catching up on life.


18. Swan Pool Party 

Swan Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Your guests + swan floats = Insta-worthy moments. You don’t even need a pool because swan floats are flexible decors that will work just as well on land. Keep the party even more picture perfect by making sure you have floating backdrops if you’re using a pool, and cute swan inspired backdrops on land.


Pro-tip: Don’t make believe that you can inflate these babies with your breath. Get pumpin’ early in the day because it takes more time to blow up than you think!


19. DIY Fruit Cocktail Party 

DIY Fruit Cocktail Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Fruit cocktail parties are pretty easy to pull off. Take a huge assortment of fruits for your decorations, drinks, food, and favors. Serve chilled to maintain freshness.


Pro-tip: If you have a chocolate melting pot, keep it nearby. If not, condensed milk is also great with fruits!


20. Movie Viewing Party

Movie Viewing Party | Outdoor Party Ideas


Breathe in fresh air while enjoying a good movie outdoors. You can use teepees, lounge chairs, and even tents. Bring out the bottomless drinks and popcorn for unlimited enjoyment. Alternatively, you can simply lay or sit on the cool grass.


Pro-tip: Put everything in a cooler so you won’t have to go far (inside the house) and miss any of the good parts!


All these outdoor parties would be perfect on a spacious lawn. Think about it, the kids can run around without any of the parents worrying they’ll break something. You and your fellow grown-ups can lounge around together while taking in the great outdoors for a breather from busy working lives. May it is for parties or picnics, a tract of green is the best venue


And for the perfect lawn, we recommend you use well-draining artificial grass like the MegaLawn collection! It’s durable, it can take all your visitors walking around for a decade!


Outdoor Spring parties can be extra special with the proper planning. It doesn’t even have to cost much, just know what your guests will appreciate and keep in mind that its top priority to keep their tummies happy.


We here at MegaGrass encourage you to plan parties, make social calls, and spend more time with your loved ones. Which is why we offer turfs that need little to no upkeep so you could spend your precious weekend doing more important things than tending your lawn.


Be inspired. Throw that party.