Make Artificial Grass the Centerpiece of Your Rooftop Party

Do you enjoy socializing in a charming backyard oasis? If you live in an urban apartment or condo in the Greater San Diego Area, your residential community may find outdoor recreational space limited. Yet recently some developers have discovered a wonderful alternative: create a green rooftop oasis with the assistance of artificial grass! You'll enjoy lovely surroundings and great views while optimizing the use of a frequently overlooked residential space.


A Delightful Relaxation Space

Currently, a growing number of city dwellers appreciate the value of synthetic grass centerpieces on rooftops, balconies, and upper-level patios. The beauty of a lush natural background helps dissipate the monotony of hot, paved streets and towering concrete buildings. Property owners have discovered they can create inviting recreational centers in these locations simply by adding a lawn and potted plants.


In California, the prevalence of sunny weather makes this option especially welcome. Whether you manage a multistory apartment building or a condo complex, you don't want to overlook the potential of rooftop retreats as places to enjoy the skyline and savor relaxing breezes. An artificial turf covering helps transform a rooftop into a valuable social amenity.


Some Virtues of Artificial Grass

Artificial lawns have gained widespread popularity in this part of California as a ground covering during recent years in part due to their contribution to water conservation. Many homeowners enjoy the beauty of lush, perpetually green turf free from extensive maintenance and watering obligations. Yet only comparatively recently have condominium and apartment complexes discovered the utility of synthetic grass as centerpieces for creating serene upper story gardens.


Just consider a few of the benefits your community enjoys by adding this material to a roof or balcony. These advantages seem simple. Yet they may help create a remarkably useful setting for tenant social gatherings: 


  • Enjoy a soft, lush lawn without the need to apply water or fertilize the grass;

  • Evoke the beauty of nature in a heavily developed, overwhelmingly paved setting;

  • Improve roof insulation cost-effectively;

  • Add an in-demand amenity to your building;

  • Provide a place for residents to relax amidst a green backdrop.


Not a Novel Idea 

While the concept of a lawn and garden atop a roof seems trendy today, this idea does owe much to the past. From the proverbial hanging gardens of ancient Babylonia to the sod houses of homesteaders on the Great Plains, roofs and grass do share historic associations. Possibly the popularity of these designs today owes much to bygone generations.


Fortunately, modern roof oases benefit from the development of impressive technology and innovative architectural concepts. Builders in the San Diego Area frequently create structures that help residents enjoy the awesome beauty of this region. Does it really seem surprising so many talented property managers have discovered ways to combine panoramic vistas with low maintenance, upper-level gardens, and lawns?


Tips For Creating an Upper-Level Garden

Of course, adhering to some common sense guidelines makes implementing this project much easier. Although it offers numerous advantages, a roof-based garden does provide greater satisfaction when developers take some smart precautions:


1. Obtain Professional Installation


Why should you seek the services of an experienced roofing contractor to perform the installation for you? Remember, buildings do not possess uniformly constructed roofs. Some structures offer better load bearing capabilities than others. In some cases, flat roofs include specific drainage channels which must remain open and unobstructed in order to prevent the pooling of water.


For a variety of reasons, before you transform any room into a social space, it makes sense to obtain input from a knowledgeable roofing contractor and, possibly, a structural engineer. You'll want to ensure the amenities you plan to add to this location don't exceed the optimal weight bearing requirements of your roof or balcony. Whether you design a new building with this in-demand feature, or you plan to enhance an existing structure with this addition, obtaining the input of qualified experts proves helpful.


2. Add Safety Technologies


A related consideration for anyone contemplating the installation of a synthetic grass centerpiece for an upper story garden relates to safety. Adding a suitable fence and/or railing to the location may enhance this spot as a social gathering place. A refreshing upper-level retreat should ideally incorporate both convenience and safety into its design.


By carefully considering safety issues from the outset, you'll improve the chance people in a residential community will utilize this type of amenity frequently. A well-maintained, secure upper-level garden holds the potential to enhance the appeal of real estate significantly. This amenity should showcase your realty in a desirable way.


3. Use Positive Drain System Tiles


Your roofing contractor and/or structural engineer can offer valuable assistance in selecting positive drain system ("PDS") tiles to use underneath your artificial lawn in a balcony or roof garden. While synthetic turf offers insulation and cost advantages, you'll still need to ensure adequate drainage. Fortunately, the use of PDS tile or similar tile products facilitates this process.


These specially designed tiles permit water to flow out of a location safely, without pooling beneath artificial turf or soaking into the building. Several manufacturers have designed excellent PDS-style tile systems to promote drainage beneath the synthetic turf. These products contribute to the long-term satisfaction residents obtain from the creation of upper-level green retreats and social areas.


Consider Taking Action Today

To learn more about the use of artificial turf and grass as a building material, contact Best Artificial Grass at 877-796-8873. We offer a great resource for anyone considering implementing this fun and creative design idea! Call upon our expertise to help create a more attractive, in-demand residential community in the Greater San Diego Area and Southern California. We look forward to helping you!