A Buyer's Guide on the Best Type of Artificial Grass

What is the Best Artificial Grass on the Market?

When it comes to artificial grass, there are a lot of different manufacturers to choose from. If you are overwhelmed by your choices, we’re here to help. We know you’re pretty excited about getting your artificial lawn and we totally understand. After all, who wouldn’t want a perfectly manicured lawn that requires no maintenance? MegaGrass is the only grass company that sells direct to retail customers. That means no middlemen or complications when you buy from us! 


The most common question we get is: Which is the best synthetic grass I can get?  When picking artificial grass, there are several factors that you have to consider to make sure you’re actually getting the best. Maybe you’re wondering where to get your grass. Perhaps you’re still having second thoughts if it can actually replace traditional grass. No matter the concern, you can read through this post to get all the answers you need.


Let’s start with the basics.


What Are Your Needs?

Are you looking for the best artificial grass for dogs? Maybe you’re after a putting green you can practice on in your own backyard. Perhaps you want to build a playground area for your kids. In terms of quality, all MegaGrass products are professionally tested to be 100% lead and latex free, along with being built with the highest quality fibers and thatching's. We stand behind our products, which is why we offer free samples and provide a 15 year warranty! 


Every landscape project is unique. Your family probably won't want to sit on stiff and grip-heavy grass made for golfing. You also probably wouldn't install tall bladed turf like the MegaSport for golfing. The key is the pick the grass that helps to improve your personal lifestyle. We've tried to make it simple by narrowing it down to our six different grass products, each providing a solution for various customer needs.


How Do You Pick the Perfect Lawn Specifications?

Although we've helped to narrow down your choices to just 6 grasses, we understand sometimes customers are looking for something we don't offer. Our goal is not to sell you grass, but instead to provide you with a solution to your landscaping problems. If none of our products can achieve that, we have no problem telling customers to explore their options within the rest of the turf industry. After all, we just want you to be happy with your turf project results. The goal is to find quality grass that meets all your requirements. This grass has to get the job done while also looking realistic. By realistic, we mean no yellowing or balding spots like you’d usually see on real grass. To make sure your landscaping project turns out great, look for grasses that offer nice vibrant colors and strong backing material. Also, don't forget about safety! Always make sure the grass you're buying has been professionally tested for lead content and permeability. Yes, if you're wondering, all MegaGrass products are 100% lead and latex free, while also offering some of the best drainage systems out there.


1. Research, Research, Research


Research, Research, Research


Research is key! We can’t stress this step enough to those looking to make the switch to artificial grass. With so many buying options out there, make sure to see examples of their grass post installation, product reviews, and most importantly, the specifications and testing done of their grass. We also highly recommend getting free samples of any grass before you buy. This can give you better idea of how the grass looks and feels in person. If a seller doesn't offer free samples or warranty, you should proceed with caution. Cheap turf is not only a hard to install, but also usually turns out looking nothing like what you would expect.


2. Compare Features


Compare Features


Not all synthetic turf is created the same way. Depending on the type of grass, its component may vary a little or a lot compared to other variants. Luxury lawns look full and are bouncy. Sports turf is a bit more firm to provide a durable playing surface. Disposable grass mats may use low-quality materials. Fake turf with more than a decade of expected lifespan usually use high-grade materials. Color-wise, multi-tones can help make the turf look more realistic. Some specifications to consider are: blade shape, thatching color, density, blade height, and permeability.


3. Understand your land pre-installation

Understand your land’s demands


Most yards, porches, or rooftops are set up a certain way. Homeowners usually have sections of their property set up in a way that’s convenient for them. Knowing the specifications of the installation area can help you decide which grass would fit best. If you must, sit with a contractor and lay down everything you know about your property. This will help them help you narrow down your choices down to the best. If you have any questions regarding installation, head over to our Q&A section or email us at support@megagrass.com


4. Managing Finances


Manages your Finances


Artificial lawns are long-term investments. Not only do they offer no maintenance curb appeal, but they also increase the value of your home. A common concern is customers have is whether or not turf is worth it as an investment. The short answer is yes! Saving on gardening expenses and water bills can add up heavily over the years. Although the cost seems high today, it will pay for itself in the long run. Not to mention, having turf will increase the value of your home if you ever plan to move or sell it in the future. We understand that the initial cost can be overwhelming for some customers. Our best advice would be to look at the amount saved versus the amount spent to see if turf is a worthy investment for you.


5. Prepping




The initial outlay requires a decent amount of planning. Always remember to account for tools, turf accessories, or fittings that you might need. When it comes to labor, secure the help of a reputable team. It may cost more, but note that proficiency and efficiency will get you the results you are looking for. Picking the wrong turf installer can be highly consequential. If they install it poorly, the turf will be ruined and the end result will be a disaster. 


What Characteristics Should You Be Looking for?

There is no be-all-end-all when it comes to synthetic turf. The perfect artificial grass is the one that fits your needs and lifestyle perfectly. Having this in mind will allow you to find the perfect landscaping solution.


1. Can withstand heavy traffic/usage

Can withstand heavy traffic/usage


How often will your grass be used on a daily basis? Does your home have lots of children? Do you have pets? What size are your pets? Definitely take traffic into consideration when choosing turf. If you buy a product not designed to withstand heavy use, you might not be able to get the full lifespan benefits of your new grass.


2. Looks lush and full


Pile height is the measurement of the blade length from just above the backing up to the tip. Long blades create a lush look that feels luxurious by creating a "fuller" look. However, longer blades can sometimes fall flat with heavy traffic. In general, you’d want blade lengths of 30-37mm. This may require brushing every now and then, but not as often as you would with large pile heights.


3. Durable


A dense turf means that there are more synthetic yarns per square foot of turf. The denser your grass is, the more durable it is. However, it may be more expensive. If your budget won’t allow you to buy premium quality turf, you can work with less pricey ones. Some customers have found that cheaper turf is better, especially if there is little to no traffic on it. One trick to make a turf look "fuller" is to pick a good infill. 


4. Has substantial weight


Generally, the higher the quality, the heavier the turf is. It is easier to layout and rollover your yard too. Note that if you’re installing on patios, rooftops, or porches, it’s important you check the load bearing capacity of the building you’re installing to.


5. Resilient and springy


The backing of your turf contributes to its toughness. High-grade ones will not expand and contract when exposed to extreme temperatures. It also won’t shrink, suddenly show bubbles or ripples and tears. The infill, on the other hand, gives the grass a certain amount of bounce. The better the infill used, the more your lawn will feel springy. To see your options for different types of infill, check out our turf accessories page: https://megagrass.com/pages/installation-materials


6. Weather-resistant


You want a turf that will not melt when exposed to high temperatures and will retain its original shape. You also don’t want its color to easily fade with constant sun exposure. All of our products at MegaGrass have been professionally UV tested. If you decide to buy elsewhere, make sure it has been tested as well!


7. Has realistic colors


Green seems like the best option when faced with a load of samples. Who doesn’t want a healthy green color on their yards, right? Actually, some customers prefer the more "natural" look. Super green grass can sometimes be overwhelming. We recommend the multi tone turf for those that are looking for something more natural. If you want to mimic traditional grass, getting the color right is key, since natural grass usually doesn't come in just one tone.


Pro-tip for choosing the best color: get a sample and take it outside. See how it looks when placed beside concrete, walls, or anything that resembles the actual installation area. When choosing synthetic grass, the color choice is subjective. Whether you want a super green lawn or a more natural looking one, there are a lot of different options out there to choose from.


8. Does not require a lot of after installation care


You deserve to enjoy your artificial grass. One of the best parts of having turf is no maintenance! High-quality turf does not need to be mowed or watered. If something spills on it, a quick rinse with the garden hose is usually more than enough to clean it. Go ahead, take a vacation, you deserve it!



Make sure to keep this list on hand before you make a purchase. You don’t want to end up with a bad looking lawn that you have to settle for until you can redo it all over again. The trick is to be completely aware of your wants and needs and make sure that the fake turf you choose fits the bill. If you have any questions, we're here to help. Email us at support@megagrass.com or visit our Q&A section, where we have a dedicated team that will answer any question within the same day!