8 Safety Tips That Expert Landscapers Should Strictly Follow

Synthetic Grass is safest but if your artificial grass hasn't been installed yet, here are some tips on keeping your kids while landscaping.


The sun’s back out from hibernation and on the brighter days of spring, we’re able to release our kids back outside to play and have fun. While they’re out, usually we are too... Albeit on our hands and knees for some lawn work. While we at Best Artificial Grass believe that synthetic grass can eliminate a laundry list of laborious maintenance, as well as safety and health hazards, we understand if you haven’t gotten around to installing your artificial grass. So here are 8 tips to make sure everyone is safe this season:


1. No Mowing with Your Kids Outside

In the United States, 800 children are injured each year because of lawn mowing related accidents. Whether mower blades are colliding with branches or rocks and hitting nearby children - or worse - this should be the rule of thumb.


2. Never Let Kids Play With or Around the Mower

Aside from the sharp blades below, even while turned off after use the exhaust of a mower can cause severe burns.


3. No Sidecars Means No Passengers

No Sidecars Means No Passengers


The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests a push mower age of 12 years old and a riding mower age of 16 years old. As adorable it is for kids to catch a ride while you mow your lawn, it won’t be as cute if they lose their balance and fall off. 


In the United States, 800 children are injured each year because of lawn mowing related accidents.


4. Keep the Hard Surfaces Dry

Wet concrete, marble, and ceramic tile are slippery when wet. Aim your automatic sprinklers toward the grass.


5. Keep Your Lawn Chemical Free

Traditional lawn care products are toxic to people and the environment. Going all natural is simple: Don’t mow your lawn as often, leave clippings behind, and weed-out your garden by hand.


6. If You Must Use Chemicals, Keep Kids Away

Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and don’t let kids play on freshly applied solution for at least 24 hours. Exposure to these toxins can cause permanent damage. Keep your chemicals locked.


7. Check the Lawn for Dangerous Objects

Debris from all kinds of sources can make its way into your yard. Before the kids go out to play, make sure that your lawn is clear of anything harmful that might look interesting to them.


8. Make the Best Decision for Your Family

No watering, no chemicals, no-emission upkeep - Best Artificial Grass’ landscaping products can save you money, maintenance and potential mishaps.


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