5 Ways to Use Artificial Grass Anywhere But The Ground

Think of artificial grass and you’ll probably think of a backyard, an athletic field or a putting green on a local golf course. While these are all great uses for artificial grass, they’re far from the only places you can use it to your advantage.


From patios and rooftops to offices, garages and other spaces, artificial grass has a huge range of unconventional uses. Below, we’ve listed five ways you can use artificial grass to create great spaces and interesting designs, all without installing it on the outdoor ground.


1. Use Artificial Grass to Create a Warm, Welcoming Office

Believe it or not, artificial grass can be a great flooring option for your office. Because artificial grass is easy to clean and care for, it’s a great option for busy home offices where you need a simple, comfortable and convenient surface to walk on.


Because artificial grass provides some level of softness and shock absorption, it’s a great tool for preventing injuries. Add an interesting visual characteristic into the mix and artificial grass could be the best option available for your new home office or workspace.


2. Decorate Your Rooftop for a Chill, Relaxing Outdoor Space

An outdoor roof can be a great flooring material for rooftops, patios and other outdoor spaces. A great choice for rainy climates, outdoor grass requires little care and doesn’t become damaged after exposure to heavy rains.


Artificial grass is also extremely comfortable beneath bare feet, making it a great choice for a rooftop lounge or relaxation space. Add in the fact that it stays clean, soft and comfortable in any environment and you have the perfect material for a relaxing outdoor lounge space.


3. Create a Comfortable Space for Your Pets

Artificial grass is fantastic for dogs. Not only is artificial grass for dogs soft and comfortable -- it’s also highly durable, letting it easily tolerate the rough-and-tumble nature and habits of dogs and other pets, both big and small.


Beyond its advantages as a material for dogs’ spaces, artificial grass is a great option for reptile tanks. Snakes, lizards and a huge variety of other animals all feel comfortable on artificial grass, with its green color scheme creating a natural, outdoor-like environment for many pets.


4. Design and Build an Eye-Catching Outdoor Feature Wall

Want to give your outdoor wall more of a personality? If you have a brick or concrete wall that surrounds your property, adding a coat of artificial grass is a great way to give it a unique and eye-catching visual personality.


Because artificial grass is green, it’s a great wall decorating option if you’d like to grow hanging plants from your outdoor walls. The softness of artificial grass also makes it great for protecting walls from pets -- instead of getting injured, your pets can enjoy a soft, comfortable surface.


5. Build a Soft, Shock-Absorbing Children’s Play Area

Want to build the perfect play area for your children? Because artificial grass is soft and padded for comfort, your kids can jump, hop and fall all day without the normal risk of scrapes, bruises and other injuries.


While artificial grass isn’t 100% soft, its springy, shock-absorbing surface makes it an excellent option for children’s play areas. Add some beneath your swing set, in your playroom or in your backyard for a children’s play area that’s injury-free and 100% fun.


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