Quilty Pleasure: Your Ultimate Guide to a DIY Grass Tile Quilt

Quilts are always lovely to have. They’re beautiful, useful, and boy, what joy they are to make! Traditionally, they have been used as decoration for celebrations of births, marriages, despedidas, and even graduations. Nowadays though, they are used for more unconventional purposes.


More modern quilts aren’t intended for use as beddings anymore. They are slowly gaining popularity as great alternatives to table runners, tablecloths, or wall decors. Countless shows and quilt-making competitions are now being regularly held regionally, locally, and even nationally.


Additionally, quilts may be used for campaigning, artistic expression, as a form of commemoration, a personalized gift, or a means to raise funds. Sometimes, it can also be used for a purpose you probably have never heard of. For instance, did you know that you can actually put a twist on quilts and apply it to landscaping?


Of course, you will not be using actual fabric. Instead, you are going to substitute patches of cloth with panels of artificial grass. Sure, the process may be a lot different from quilting, but it essentially uses the same concept.


Synthetic Grass Quilt


Presenting… The Synthetic Grass Quilt

You can try recreating this beautiful look at home with artificial grass of your choice. The steps are pretty much the same as when making a fabric quilt, with very few differences here and there. We enumerate them below for your reference.


1. Choose a pattern 

All works of art revolve around a concept and making fake grass quilts is no exception. From that concept, you can envision and sketch out how you would want your project to look like. A pattern put on paper will be easier to plan and work with.


2. Gather your tools and materials 

We can’t emphasize enough how using high-quality artificial grass can make or break this project, so make sure you go to a reputable synthetic grass manufacturer, like MegaGrass. Make sure you have all the tools and materials you need to be able to complete the project. Of course, the accessories you need depends on various factors such as the size of the space and the design you have in mind. If you are unsure which items are must-haves or not, you can always talk to online landscaping consultants for guidance.


3. Cut the grass panels

Accurately putting together the grass panels requires precise cutting. There are a lot of online resources on how to cut grass panels that you can use. The key is to never rush and cut a little at a time to make room for adjustments or errors.


4. Assemble the artificial grass quilt

Depending on the surface you’ll be installing on, you may need to use adhesives or nails and staples. Assemble your fake grass based on the design you chose and make sure that the panels are properly secured. Make sure to measure correctly so that you can replicate your pattern accurately.


5. Enjoy your grass tile quilt!

Time to invite your buddies over and enjoy watching them as they marvel at your jaw dropping landscaping project.


With a design as wonderful as this, we’re pretty sure you’ll be hosting more parties in no time. It’s amazing how a simple concept can be reused and applied to a different medium with the same outstanding results. Want to know how else you can use fake grass in your home? Click here for more inspiring home improvement ideas.