Hang Loose: DIY Indoor Hanging Gardens

Modern times have brought upon us modern ways of integrating sustainability into our daily lives. Vertical living spaces are now being normalized, and more people are looking for ways to get access to a laid-back lifestyle with the restrictions they have.


With the introduction of the concept of indoor hanging gardens, small spaces dwellers are now able to enjoy a relaxing focal point minus all the unnecessary upkeep.


If you live in a concrete jungle and would love to have the calming effects of greenery but don’t have space, a hanging garden is your best option. Although vertical gardens offer the same aesthetics, they require a bit more floor space and resources than hanging ones. Doing it yourself is easy and won’t really take much of your time.


Here’s some inspiration:


1. Go loco over coco 

Go loco over coco | DIY your own Hanging Garden


Just ate a bunch of coconuts? Use the shells to make these cute planters for your hanging indoor garden. It’s unique, simple, and doesn’t require much work, unlike other projects. Are plants too needy? You can always use fake plants so your place looks green all year round without all the maintenance required with real plants.


2. Hang it at the center

Hang it at the center | DIY your own Hanging Garden


Break the monotony of any space with this green centerpiece. With this at the center, you can just go easy on designing the surrounding areas. This piece in itself will be the highlight of the room. All you need is a small crate, some hooks and chains, your plant of choice (fake or real, you decide) and voila! A hanging centerpiece to bring depth to any space.


3. A bucketful of Herbs 

A Bucketful of Herbs | DIY your own Hanging Garden


Don’t waste a good thing! Don’t you hate it when you buy a bunch of herbs but you never really use them all and end up throwing the leftovers away, or have them spoil in the fridge? This simple herb garden idea (in a cute bucket) is not only beautiful in a minimalistic way, but it’s also a great way of wasted food. With a hanging herb garden like this, you can take just the exact amount your recipe requires. Bonus benefit -- whatever room you hang this in will smell amazing!


4. Cage it

Cage It | DIY your own Hanging Garden


This project is not only one-of-a-kind, but it also gives off a rustic vibe that further adds value to any home. You can use live or fake plants and it will still be very easy to maintain. Dress it up or add more details to make it match the look you’re going for.


5. Beauty in a glass ball 



A mix of glass and earth will give your home a modern but approachable feel. Putting hanging gardens around your home will help you achieve that. Using glass containers as pots should give your home interesting visuals.


There are options to use for your garden if succulents aren’t your thing. You can fill your gardens with artificial grass and hedges instead. Or you can mix it up and use pottery.


6. Mix the whites with some greens



Do you want your house to have a minimalist feel? You’ll do well with using two-tone combinations for your interiors. Find out which types of plants will do well in an interior setting.


Of course, this also works with other colors! Just imagine a home with a pretty color like peach complemented by green turf and hedges!


7. Add a bit of edge 



If you feel like pottery and glassware are too bland for your tastes, you can use other holders for your hanging garden! There are metal pots with enough edges that will give your house a more cutting-edge look.



8. Rustic also works! 



Sometimes, a bit of old-school charm works best. You can use wicker baskets all over your living space or bedrooms to give it a lovely rustic aesthetic. Plants, be it natural or artificial, also works well with these baskets!


9. Layers of Beauty 



Sometimes, you don’t have to hang your potted plants to give your home a greener look. Installing small shelves and putting your shrubs and plants can also work. Artfully arranging them could mean a lot for your home’s look!


If you want to achieve these looks with synthetic turf, MegaGrass has it all from fake grass, artificial hedges, and installation accessories. Choose from 1500 custom sizes that you can play with to match the concept you have in mind.


If you want more information about innovative and sustainable landscaping solutions, visit our website. Let’s make your indoor hanging garden dream a reality!