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Shock Pads

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15' x 100' roll


  • Covers 1500 sq ft


    Our precut grass in our popular sizes is dye lot sensitive, it’s possible for the shade to differ slightly even if you buy two of the same precut grass.

    Need a specific grass type and color? Customize your grass size to be as close to the size you need.

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    The US is back to shock pads. It is not just a European trend but a practical solution for sensitive applications. Shock pads are the ultimate way to add safety and resilience to the artificial grass surface. In the sports industry, shock pads are often referred to as an "insurance policy." According to FIFA-endorsed regulations, the shock-attenuation testing (or G-Max) is recommended for every sports field. You can get a good G-max without a shock pad, but you may want to consider our new shock pads in residential landscaping for three fundamental reasons:

    1. Increased Safety and Softness

    Shock pads help to prevent and to reduce injuries and traumas. While required for athletes and children, homeowners may love to feel smooth and delicate surface under their feet as well.

    2. Less Infill - the Higher Resilience

    Infill can migrate on the turf surface. It happens more often in heavy traffic areas. Shock pads reduce the amount of infill (and subsequent infill "splash") by lowering the height of the fiber pile and increasing the density of the pile itself. The concept of having shock pads inside infill itself had changed due to low shock-attenuation levels and extensive maintenance. Today, most business owners regard shock pads like just like an extra insurance.

    3. Ideal For Putting Greens

    8 mm thick shock pad is perfect for putting greens. Easy to install, it reduces the amount of infill and improves consistent ball roll for putting and durability for chip shots. Want your clients to be happy with GO-PRO putting greens' real game experience?

    Shock Pad Specifications:

    Density: 50 kg/m3

    Thickness: 8mm

    Roll size: 5' x 200'

    Chemically Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam is perfect for padding. Low moisture permeability and high buoyancy combined with a smooth, delicate feel and superior physical and chemical properties, the foam is the ideal shock-absorber.

    Advantages of Closed-Cell XPE Foam

    Lightweight. Easy to Install. No glue.



    Excellent chemical and grease resistance.

    Superb strength and tear resistance.

    Low water absorption.

    Excellent strength and shock absorption.

    Impervious to mold, bacteria and mildew.


    Blades of Glory


    Artificial Grass

    Decompose Granite

    Drain Rock




    Here’s what you need:

    Get To Know
    Shock Pads Family

    Zeofill Infill

    Wonderfill Infill

    Wonder Edge

    Weed Barrier

    U-Shape Galvanized Staples

    Turf Groomer

    Turf Gripper

    Turf Glue 32 oz.

    T-Cool® Infill

    Shock Pads

    Seaming Tape

    Lawn Pad

    Installation Nails

    Gopher Wire

    Golf Pin Flags

    Golf Hole Cover

    Golf Flag Pole

    Golf Cup Light Set

    Bender Board Stakes

    Bender Board

    6" Galvanized Nails


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