• Golf Hole Cover
  • Golf Hole Cover

Golf Hole Cover



This Golf Hole Cup Cover with a 4.25-inch diameter protects your golf holes from weather and debris. It also protects spectators and golfers from tripping or stepping into golf holes. The universal Golf Hole Cover is designed to fit regulation size golf cups. The sturdy, durable, plastic has built-in UV protection, ensuring that the cap will resist fading. This golf hole Cap is the perfect solution for covering your golf holes and is 100% recyclable. It firmly sits in the golf cup and will not be dislodged by heavy gusts, texturized top, made from Sturdy Plastic with UV Protection, works in plastic, aluminum, and zinc putting green cups. Will fit any PGA, USGA, or other Standard Regulation Golf Cup. Complete the set with putting turfgolf flags, and golf poles.

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