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Every single American state has something that makes them unique and lovable. However, only a few can hold a candle to the charm and character that Texas has.

The Lone Star State has something for everyone. The country's second-largest state has beautiful vistas. It opportunities for growth, and a warm attitude that oozes out of every Texan. You enter Texas a stranger and leave it as a new admirer.

However, keeping your Texan home presentable can become quite a challenge. The yard is especially hard to keep green all year round. The grass in Texas is so tempermental that it can easily go dormant after days of no water.

Fortunately for you, there's a cost-efficient and eco-friendly solution to your curb appeal problems. Artificial grass lets you have a terrific-looking yard without much effort. And if you want the best grass, there's no way to go but MegaGrass!

We are an industry leader in providing high-quality artificial grass solutions all over the United States. A good number of Texan households are also using our products. They can attest to the quality of the turf we create!

Still not convinced? Here's a list of the perks you will get when you make the switch. This eco-friendly alternative to real grass will bring your family a lot of good!

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Why Should Texas Homes Make the Switch to Artificial Grass?

Saves Money

While home costs in Texas are actually lower than the United States average, it still pays to save, right? MegaGrass allows you to have control over your budget. Say goodbye to buying expensive lawn care products!

Saves Time

You don't deserve to spend your mornings trimming your lawn down to a decent length. Since MegaGrass doesn't grow, you will be amazed by the amount of free time you suddenly have.

Easy to Maintain

Feel like lawn care is too complex for such a task? You won’t have those worries with our eco-friendly grass! The care routine for our synthetic turf is a lot simpler compared to natural grass. You'll be in disbelief yourself.



Lawn care means dealing with chemicals that can harm your kids and pets. Poisoning will not be a concern when you make the jump to eco-friendly grass. Since our products don’t need chemicals, your loved ones aren’t in danger of poisoning!


Environmentally friendly

Global warming is a reality that we must face. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, our artificial grass can help. You’ll never have to mow your lawn for 25 years with our grass. Congratulations on not producing carbon emissions anymore!


There are plenty of artificial grass products in the market. However, few can match the beautiful color and look of our synthetic grass. You can count on our artificial grass to always look good every day of the year.

Artificial Grass for Every Occasion



We know that Texans love their pets, and MegaPet is perfect for you! This synthetic grass variant can withstand your pet’s constant zoomies. Moreover, it will not be affected by burn spots that your pet’s poo makes on natural grass.



Improve your yard's functionality and appearance with MegaLawn. This type of of artificial grass can work well with most Texan households. It is durable enough to withstand the foot traffic generated by an average family.



Get MegaGolf for the big golfing fan in your house. This line of MegaGrass products has all the features that you expect out of the brand. However, the defining feature is that every blade of grass mimics the best golf courses in the state.



Texas is football country. But there are plenty of other sports in the state that will benefit from MegaSport. Our sport-oriented turf can handle the punishment that comes with sports training. It can also can increase safety with the right inlays.



Got kids or elderly in your household? Make sure your property is safe. MegaPlay is an artificial grass brand that comes with cushions added in between the layers. This will increase safety and help prevent serious injuries from happening.



If your home has areas that need change, MegaPorch can help with that. Our products not only provide additional grip on your porches and patios, it also beautifies. It will make your house the perfect place for parties!

Why We Love Texas

You may take a man out of Texas, but you'll never take Texas out of the man.

A lot of Texans sing nothing but praises for the Lone Star State. Many claim that Texas is one of the best places on Earth to live in. And if you take a look at what this state has, it's not hard to see why.

There are a lot of opportunities for job hunters in Texas. The state is home to some of the big Fortune 500 companies. It also has booming industries in petroleum and natural gas farming, farming, and steel.

There are plenty of sights to go see in this state. You can go to the Space Center! Immerse yourself at the center of American innovation during the Space Race. There are also plenty of other natural and man-made wonders that you can explore.

Of course, you cannot go to Texas and not try out the food! Franklin Barbecue has some of the best briskets in the world. Every Texan swears by Whataburger as the best fast food joint in the States. And Tex-Mex cuisine is unforgettable.

If you're a sports fan, there are plenty of sporting teams in the Lone Star state. Texas is also home to some of the biggest musical talents in the world. You can expect the scene to be just as lively. The arts are just as alive in this state as well.

There are a lot of things you can do in Texas. All you need to do is don your cowboy hat and let the Southern warmth fill you up.

How do you take care of artificial grass?

Artificial grass is pretty low maintenance. Depending on the brand and artificial grass type, you may need to do more or less, but usually, you’ll just need to do 3 things, removing leaves and debris on its surface, preventing and removing existing weeds, and hosing down from time to time. When taking care of artificial grass, remember that it is made of materials that require you use the proper cleaning agents and tools to ensure that it lasts its intended lifespan.

What are the benefits of installing artificial grass?

When you install artificial grass, you not only reduce your water bill by a significant amount, you also save precious water resources. Homeowners who have switched to artificial grass enjoy up to around 70% of savings on their water bills, sometimes even more.

Can you install artificial grass on dirt?

A big resounding yes! It does require that you lay a sand base first, but it is definitely possible to install artificial grass on dirt.

Can you install artificial grass on concrete?

Possible, but not always ideal. Although it is entirely possible to install artificial grass on concrete, there may be a few issues that can arise if it is not done properly. If you ever decide to go forward with this decision, we advise you to learn about these issues so you can better prepare.

Can I install artificial grass myself?

Yes, with the right mindset. Installing artificial grass on your own requires a lot of time, effort, and dedication. If you have all these, and if you have the skills and the heart of a DIY-er, there’s no reason you won’t be able to accomplish this task.

How much is artificial grass?

Artificial grass lawns are priced at around $2 to $8 for every square foot, depending on the type and the brand.

How long does artificial grass last?

Provided that the artificial grass is given the proper care and maintenance, you can expect your turf to last anywhere from 20 to 25 years.

What is artificial grass made of?

Artificial grass is made from synthetic materials like Polyethylene or PE which is a long-lasting material that is gentle on the skin.

Is artificial grass good for dogs?

Artificial grass has no built-in allergens which makes it safe for your pets. Also, artificial grass will never encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which is a common occurrence in natural grass.

Is artificial grass safe for toddlers?

Artificial grass is allergen free and toxin free, making it safe for toddlers.

Does artificial grass get hot?

Depending on the location. If it gets hot enough outdoors, the artificial grass can get hot. However, there are some areas where it is easy for the high temperature of artificial grass to dissipate after rising to a certain degree.

Does artificial grass drain?

It depends. Although Ideally, artificial grass should drain, there are some manufacturers that make artificial grass without drainage holes. These are best used for applications where the turf will not be required to come in contact with large volumes of water.

Where to buy artificial grass near me?

There are a lot of good artificial grass manufacturers and distributors in Los Angeles. You may also try ordering samples and eventually your full custom cut rolls at