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Austin, Texas is one of the best cities in America to live in. The city offers a kind of Texan warmth that makes you feel good despite the sweltering heat. Austin is the kind of city thats easy to visit and hard to leave.

But the difficult part about Austin is the extremely hot summer months. Homeownersin the city know just how hard and expensive it is to keep their property looking fresh all year round.

If you’re tired of sunburns and sweating while doing lawn work on some of the hottest days, you should consider making the jump to artificial grass. Getting synthetic greens for your yard will not only keep your lawn looking lush, but it will also keep you out of the sun and offer a lot of benefits.

Here are some of the reasons why you should get artificial grass installed for your beautiful Texan home.

What are the Benefits of Getting Artificial Grass?

Saves Money

Natural grass owners spend a lot of money on keeping the appearances of their homes, and any means to cut costs is a welcome addition. MegaGrass products allow you to save money from the big spendings you have to make on lawn care.

Saves Time

There are plenty of things you can do in Austin with your family and friends, and wasting your time mowing your lawn is far from ideal. Replacing your natural grass with MegaGrass gives you the opportunity to use your time however you want.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining a lawn made out of natural grass can be quite tough because a lot of care, resources, and time go into it. . When you make the switch to natural grass, all you’ll need is water and soap.



Do you have those kids? The ones who like pulling grass off your lawn and putting it in their mouth? You don’t have to worry about that with MegaGrass. As long as it is installed properly, they won’t be able to pull it off the ground. It’s also safe for your pets!


Environmentally friendly

We have major problems with global warming and water shortagebut when you make the switch you have the power to eliminate a lot of these problems because you will lessen your carbon footprint and decrease your water usage with artificial turf.


It can be tough to keep your lawn green throughout the hottest months in Austin. You will not worry about that with our artificial grass products. Regardless of the temperature and the amount of rain, this grass will always look naturally green and full.

Artificial Grass for Every Occasion



Got large pets that can easily wear down your natural grass? You don’t have to worry about that with MegaPet. This type of artificial turf product is specifically designed to withstand cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes.



There are plenty of artificial turf products in the market, but you need to get the grass that looks awesome and can meet your needs. MegaLawn can handle the foot traffic of family life in Austin. Your green will also look superb on your front yard.



You can still practice your putts even if you can’t go to Riverside and Lions Municipal every weekend. MegaGolf has the durability of every MegaGrass product and the appearance of the best golf courses in the world.



Austin is the capital of Texas, and we all know Texas is a football country. Make sure that your football player has a yard to practice on with MegaSport. Every blade is designed to withstand the abuse that comes with training.



Kids love playing outside all the time, but everyone knows that rough play between toddlers could lead to injuries. MegaPlay will help protect your kids during playtime as it has layers of cushion inserted between it.



Did you know that you can actually improve the vibe of your home by adding synthetic grass to unusual areas? If you install MegaPorch on your decks and patios, you can bring new life to your home and give your guests a pleasant experience.

Why We Love Austin, TX

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How do you take care of artificial grass?

Taking care of artificial grass is actually easy! You only have to do these steps every once in a while: you remove leaves and debris from your grass' surface, rinse it with water, and brush it to remove dirt.

What are the benefits of installing artificial grass?

If you own a natural lawn, you understand just how difficult it can be to keep your grass green. You won’t have to worry about lawn care with artificial grass: they will stay green even if you don’t take care of it.

Can you install artificial grass on dirt?

You can install artificial grass on dirt surfaces without any worries. However, you have to do certain steps prior to installing it. You must flatten the ground and top it with at least 35mm layer of compacted sharp sand.

Can you install artificial grass on concrete?

Yes, of course! You can have it installed on your concrete surfaces. In fact, you can skip the steps done on dirt surfaces and quickly install it without any problems.

Can I install artificial grass myself?

We admire your desire to take on the artificial grass installation yourself, and you can definitely do that without the help of professionals. You should have a landscaping expert or a friend with prior experience in installing it to provide help.

How much is artificial grass?

Synthetic grass can cost from $2 to $8 depending on the brand of artificial turf that your purchase. However, it is important to remember that cheaper will not always be better. Best consider your needs before deciding based on price.

How long does artificial grass last?

Synthetic turf will keep on looking lush and green for up to 25 years. This number will increase or decrease depending on whether you bought the right variety of grass as well as the regularity of your washing routine.

What is artificial grass made of?

Artificial turf is usually made out of polypropylene or PP, but this variety is non-toxic. Other compounds can be added to the blades of grass if the manufacturer wants features added onto it.

Is artificial grass good for dogs?

We get that dogs do tend to dig around lawns and cats may laze around the yard, but you don't have to worry about your fur baby’s safety with synthetic grass because you don’t have to apply toxic chemicals to your lawn ever again. Relax, they’re not in danger of poisoning.

Is artificial grass safe for toddlers?

If your child loves to pull on your lawn and put it in his mouth, we recommend that you get artificial grass. If installed properly, the individual blades will not give in to your tot’s strength and it will stay in place.

Does artificial grass get hot?

Most things get hot if exposed to the hot Texan sun for long hours. The same nugget of truth rings true with artificial grass. However, there are specific synthetic turf brands that heat up less quickly compared to the competition.

Does artificial grass drain?

The last thing you want is a yard swamped with water, and artificial grass companies understand this fully. Every artificial grass patch in the market is specially designed to drain rainwater through its holes.

Where to buy artificial grass near me?

Austin is a bustling metropolis, and there are plenty of stores and companies that sell artificial grass by the roll. If you want custom-cut patches, though, you are better off with respected online sellers like