Best of Artificial Turf Cleats and other Sports Shoes

Have you ever tried using soccer cleats on a basketball court? If yes, you would know that your feet definitely didn’t have a field day. In sports equipment, everything you have should always be suited for what you’re playing. Imagine having to be in a tennis match with a badminton racket. Much like a semi-formal themed party that you attended wearing a suit for a black-tie event. You may get looks from other guests judging you for being overdressed. Or because it’s too hot and heavy, you can easily be strained. Either way, you won’t be able to enjoy the party.


It’s either going to scar you physically or emotionally.


That’s why we’re giving you a list (with prices!) of recommended artificial turf and artificial grass shoes! (Yup, they’re different!) So you can play on artificial grass sports fields without having to worry about injuries from gear not suitable for your sport. The disadvantage of shoes is that you’ll never know what fits if you don’t try them on for size. If you can, try to fit them in a store first before making up your mind. You should be able to a brisk walk in them without discomfort.


Also, for all the soccer moms and dads out there, it would be unwise to make the mistake to let one pair of shoes be used by all your kids in their different sports. There’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs, but make sure you’re handing down gear that won’t make them prone to any danger.


Mega Tip: Do your research. Find pairs that you like in your local stores, check them out online. Look for customer reviews and YouTube unboxing videos of these items so you can be ready. Spend your money where you should: in high-quality footwear. Know your pros and cons before buying anything, and make sure you’re buying for the right surface.




The 5 Best Artificial Turf Baseball Shoes (TF)

5.  Adidas Originals Freak X Carbon Mid Cross Trainer (Starts at $38.39)


Shoes with very good grip and lightweight are the ones your feet will thank you for. The Freak Xs are just that! They also have removable insoles so you can wash them frequently! This means fewer bacteria will be left on your shoes. Adidas artificial turf shoes are always ready for action, so you should be, too.


4. Mizuno Players Trainer Turf Shoe (Starts at $64.00)


New from Mizuno, this artificial turf shoe variety comes with 360 all-around cushions. From your toes to the tongue and collar, everything is nestled in for maximum comfy-ness!


3. Nike Air Diamond Trainer (Starts at $37.72)


If you’re going for the traditional baseball cleat look, the Air Diamonds are perfect for you. Equipped with support, comfort, and style, these shoes have low profile treads but have a high profile on your feet.


2. Under Armour Ultimate Turf Trainer (Starts at $53.73)


These lightweight trainers have built-in SuperFoam technology. With the added Micro G midsole that basically acts like a shock pad attached to your feet. Playing baseball in comfortable shoes with cushions gives you peace of mind like no other. Even if you’re not safe from any danger when in the field, you know your boots will give you all the support you need.


1. New Balance 3000v3 Baseball Turf Shoe (Starts at $81.94)


New Balance’s latest baseball shoe is breathable and durable. It has a great grip which provides for excellent traction so you can run easily through bases and catch like a pro.


Soccer / Football

Soccer / Football


In soccer, please take note that there is a difference between artificial grass shoes and turf shoes. AG surfaces have longer grass blades, while turf has shorter, slippery grass. AG soccer cleats have soleplates designed for artificial grass. Turf shoes have short studs that are uniformly distributed all over the sole. Using AG boots on turf won’t give you any traction. Turf boots on AG would slip for lack of support. As a precaution to avoid injury, use only Artificial Grass (AG) shoes on artificial grass surfaces.


Mega Tip: Search the internet for artificial turf soccer shoe reviews or those on artificial grass. Or ask your friends and teammates if they can recommend a pair. Confirm what type of field you’ll be playing on. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to know your surface. Using the wrong shoes in a scenario could cause serious injury that will be worth a lot more than another pair of shoes. Using turf shoes on artificial grass and the reverse is accidents waiting to happen.


Here, we’ll be giving you some ideas for both the Best Artificial Turf Soccer Shoes (TF) and the Best Artificial Grass Soccer Shoes (AG).


The 5 Best Football Shoes for Artificial Turf (TF)

5. Under Armour Magnetico Select Turf Soccer Shoe (Starts at $60.00)


Under Armour’s ClutchFit technology promises softness of leather and durability of material for the first-class fit, feel, & responsiveness. It’s designed to wrap around your foot for more stability and support. Under Armour offers some of the best shoes for artificial turf!


4. Puma 365 Netfit CT Soccer Shoe (Starts at $25.59)


Puma’s NETFIT lacing system enhances fit and support. When you lace it to your liking, it results in total comfort. It also boosts your confidence, because you’re not uncomfortable nor bothered by your artificial grass shoes.


3. Nike Mercurial Victory V CR TF Turf Soccer Shoe (Starts at $59.99)


Nike artificial turf soccer shoes are some of the most preferred ones available. What makes these kicks special is some of its details were inspired by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.


2. Puma King Allround TT Soccer Cleat (Starts at $68.00)


Puma boasts the King’s legendary feature: the CELL shock absorption. CELL is Puma’s most advanced cushioning technology. It gives you comfort and safety to catch you for those unavoidable miscalculated movements on the field.


1. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat


When looking for high-quality footwear for TF, Adidas artificial turf soccer shoes are top o’ the list. Adidas’ TRAXION outsole in this variation secures maximum grip in all directions. These are, by far, the best TF shoes from Adidas yet!


The 5 Best Soccer Shoes for Artificial Grass (AG)

5. Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl FG/AG (starts at $79.95)


The PureControl features the upgraded Ground Control 20 outsole. It’s enhanced by a SprintFrame construction as well. These technologies provide a perfect balance between lightweight performance, ball control and traction for both firm ground and artificial grass surfaces.


4. Puma evoPOWER Vigor (Starts at $44.50)


These boots from Puma offer a stable, comfortable, and even pressure distribution all around. It’s got all you’ll need in soccer cleats for artificial grass. Puma’s soccer shoes for artificial grass are showstoppers.


3. Nike Mercurial Superfly V (Starts at $189.00)


Nike soccer shoes, artificial grass versions, are some of the best in the market. These bad boys provide a sock-like sensation and they help make accurate shots! Nike artificial grass soccer shoes are always in mind when choosing the right pair of shoes, and with good reason.


2. Adidas X 16+ PureChaos (Starts at $83.36)


Adidas artificial grass soccer shoes are the choice of players because of its reliability in the field of making artificial grass cleats. This model is no exception. With these Adidas artificial grass cleats, you’ll have comfort, style, and performance at the tips of your toes. Made especially for artificial grass soccer shoes, Adidas made it so with lots of studs to provide stability and response. This is beneficial for last second directional changes.


1. Nike HyperVenom III (Starts at $99.99)


The HyperVenom is all about movement. It won’t dig into the ground too much that you can still move around effortlessly. Having it on your feet feels like you’re wearing traditional soccer cleats! Nike artificial grass soccer shoes are made with flexibility in mind. It’s no surprise that their product tops this list!


Special Mention

Nike Magista Artificial Grass Pro. (Obra)


Nike Magista Artificial Grass Pro. (Obra)


The Nike Magista is the crowd favorite pair of artificial grass football shoes. It fits like a sock because of Nike’s FlyKnit technology. Nike used a combination of yarns and different fabrics, engineered to provide flexibility, support, structure, and comfort, all in a lightweight package. Nike artificial grass soccer shoes have never been this great. Many athletes consider this the best soccer shoes for artificial grass surfaces.


Mega Tip: Don’t ever try using soft ground cleats on artificial grass. The metal studs on soft ground cleats will dig the field and destroy the grass. This can lead to a severe injury and you can be liable for damaging property.


And for the best artificial grass playing surface, we recommend those from MegaGrass. MegaGrass offers toxin-free, lead-free and eco-friendly artificial grass that looks very much like natural grass. It’s not turf, rather, a modern, technologically advanced carpet of green. Just like those that schools and local governments prefer as playing fields for young athletes.


MegaGrass is the Grass of the Future. And it’s here now.