Synthetic Grass for Your Summer Wedding?

Congratulations, you lucky ducks! You’ve found each other, put a ring on it and are vying for a coveted spot in the summer wedding scene. You’re probably asking, ‘how can I make my event the wedding of the season… no, year?’


We understand your pain – balancing the guest list, getting bombarded by your friends and future in-laws and friends about all the details. You’ve checked off your dress, caterers, band, and maybe even the venue. Whether it’s at a chapel, an old barn, a mansion or even your backyard, breathe life into your special day by adding something green!


How Can Synthetic Grass Spruce Up Your Summer Wedding

As seen in modern weddings, a fresh lawn can be the featured backdrop of your wedding photos. MegaGrass’ plush green grass reduces the ground temperature, giving your outdoor summer wedding a fighting chance against the heat.


Feel like a fairy queen in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as you and your guests kick off your shoes and cut the (grass) rug! Soft synthetic turf with activity mat backing are perfect alternatives to a hard, wooden dance floor.


Maybe you’re bringing the outdoors into your sophisticated and modern wedding and don’t even want to think about synthetic grass installation or large grass mats. Bring the whole look together by rolling a 15’ x 2’ precut grass patch across the aisle, so your venue can be as effortlessly beautiful as you are!


The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Big picture though, whether you’re looking to outfit your lawn, backyard, roof or patio spaces with maintenance-free grass, the benefits will last as long as your undying love.


Specializing In Artificial Grass For Your Wedding

You're saying to yourself, what advantage is there to a fake lawn? Artificial grass has many perks and is used in more places than you've probably noticed. Who said; the grass isn't greener on the other side? More importantly, synthetic grass is eco-friendly and lead free. A layer of turf that can withstand the elements and actually help reduce your energy and water bills while also giving your space a manicured look.


How Eco-Friendly Turf Can Save You Money

Environmental friendly turf saves our customers over 100,000 gallons of water each year. Although you should sprinkle water on your turf occasionally to rinse and extend the life expectancy of your lawn, but it will still be far less times than actual grass. Synthetic turf from industry professionals eliminate the need to water your lawn. More importantly, synthetic grass doesn't require treatments like pesticide and fertilizer that emits toxic chemicals into the environment.


What You Can Expect From Turf

There are so many options of synthetic grass models to choose from, varying in color, blade type and pile height. Each of our models are built to last up to 25 years with durable material used by thousands of families and commercial businesses nationwide. Their lawn care options are affordable and available with a 100 percent lead-free guarantee.


They'll be perfect for sprucing up your yard for your wedding because they're perfect for large projects, specializing in commercial turf services. A professional is prepared to lay your residential turf with an organic in-fill to protect the environment. We'll get the job done right the first time with the right technology and tools. Their team of licensed and trained technicians are prepared to cater to their clients from start to finish. They'll have your yard looking good and a team of professionals to help you choose the perfect lawn. They make sure you're satisfied with the work with a 100 percent customer service guarantee.


Don't worry about financing your new lawn because they provide the perfect finance options. If your home owners insurance covers the cost of a new lawn, they have many sizes and styles to choose from at an affordable price. Their expert will come to you with durable turf. You'll never have to water or mow their synthetic grass. Enjoy the top varieties used on putting greens, sports fields, playground areas, rooftops, and more. They make getting your new lawn a breeze and it's safe for small children and your pets on their lead-free turf.