Clean and Green: 10 Secrets to a Longer and Healthier Life

Age is but a number, or so the saying goes. For some, their chronological age accurately reflects their biological age -- sometimes a little too accurately. This is the exact reason people keep wondering if a real-life fountain of youth will ever be found, so they can slow the aging process and have more time in their hands to work on their dreams and goals.


But how exactly does one get that guarantee? There is no one definite plan to make sure we achieve that goal, but we can always try. On this post, we list down 10 secrets (call it pointers if you will) to a longer and healthier life. Feel free to follow them to achieve a better quality of life.


1. Slow aging at the cellular level

Slow aging at the cellular level


When you age, your DNA changes, making you less resistant to various illnesses and diseases. Studies show that significant lifestyle changes can help protect your DNA and make them more resistant to these conditions. The more you take care of your body as a whole, the more you strengthen it against the many risks in the environment.


2. Make friends

Make Friends


Studies show that social ties such as the ones you have with your friends can actually help you live a longer life. But don’t be mistaken, we’re not talking about casual friends or colleagues here. We’re talking about real friends that you have deep connections with. This is because the more you see people who are genuinely concern about your well-being, the more likely you are to take better care of your own health.


3. Quit smoking

Quit Smoking


This recent 50-year British study has shown how quitting the habit at around age 30 can substantially add to your life expectancy by up to an entire decade. Kicking the habit at age 40, 50, or 60, on the other hand, can add 9, 6, or 3 years to your life respectively. So stub that stick out now and reconsider the many years you’re exchanging for a few puffs of smoke.


4. Follow a Mediterranean Diet

Follow a Mediterranean diet


A traditional Mediterranean diet is typically abundant in vegetables, fruits, olive oil, fish, and the occasional modest serving of meat. This type of diet pretty much covers all your basic dietary needs and can help prevent obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, diabetes, heart disease, and more.


5. Lose Weight

Lose Weight


Getting rid of excess weight can help lower your chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, and other debilitating conditions that can take years off your life. Being mindful of your diet and adding some physically challenging activities to your routine can help you achieve this easily.


6. Forgive



Chronic anger is believed to be linked to various health issues. You might be surprised to learn that being able to let go of grudges can reduce your anxiety, lower your blood pressure, and lessen your chances of developing heart disease.


7. Prioritize more Sleep

Prioritize more Sleep


Enough sleep will not only help you recover from illness faster, it will also greatly lower your risk of getting sick and developing mood disorders. Sleeping for less than 5 hours each night significantly decreases your life expectancy, so make sleep a priority.


8. Manage Stress

Manage Stress


Stress is something that you’ll never be able to completely avoid, but there are many ways you can manage it. You can try to meditate, do yoga, or some deep breathing exercises at home. A few minutes a day can do a whole lot of difference when it comes to how you respond to stress. And remember, it’s not the stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it.


9. Keep a sense of purpose

Keep a sense of purpose


Having a sense of purpose keeps you active and on the move. The more active your lifestyle, the better your health is. Keeping your mind sharp can also help minimize your risk of memory gaps and losses.


10. Spend time outdoors

Spend time outdoors


Fresh air cleans your lungs, gives you energy, and keeps your mind sharp. Spending time outdoors also allows you to soak up the sun. If you live in a highly urbanized neighborhood with very limited access to natural greeneries, you can always turn to eco-friendly landscaping to achieve the same feel or experience.


One great idea you can use is to create a backyard fitness trail or exercise station where you can brisk walk, jog a little, or use your home fitness equipment.Install quality synthetic grass where you can meditate or do yoga on. There are a lot of ways you can get the same outdoor experience even with limited resources.


Key Takeaway

Key Takeaways


A longer and healthier life isn’t difficult to achieve. The key to your success can be summed up in a single concept, and that is self-love. The kinder you are to your mind, body, and soul, the longer it will work without issues. So do whatever it takes to get all the care you need and always remember that you can never, ever love yourself too much.