7 Inspirational Backyard Putting Greens That You Can DIY

Feel like sharpening up your golf game without a drive to the country club? Backyard putting greens are the perfect tool for practicing your putting at home, all without the long drive and green fees you’ll have to deal with if you play at your local club.


Ideal for hobbyists and competitive golfers alike, our MegaGolf greens are designed to make practicing your technique easier than ever. Made using the highest quality materials, they’re designed to perform just the real thing, giving you course-like realism and results.


Need some inspiration for your backyard green? Below, we’ve showcased seven of the most inspiring backyard putting greens we could find, all of which are perfect DIY projects for your home.


1. A Stylish Tropical Putting Green

This tropical-style putting green blends palm trees with a variety of different angles from which you can practice your putting. Ideal for larger homes, this putting green features a  wide variety of holes, letting you master your putting technique uphill, downhill and across an incline.


Although this putting green’s size makes it an ambitious project, it’s still well within the reach of the average DIY enthusiast. Just make sure your backyard is large enough, as this green packs plenty of different putting angles into its formidable size.


2. A Cool, Comfortable BBQ Putting Green

A Cool, Comfortable BBQ Putting Green


Feel like practicing your putting technique while you cook dinner? This backyard putting green combines golf practice with a large BBQ area and a swimming pool, making it ideal for parties and other events.


3. A Simple, Square Two-Hole Putting Green

A Simple, Square Two-Hole Putting Green


Simple but effective, this square-shaped putting green has two holes, giving you a large range of angles to practice from. Its simple design makes it perfect as a DIY project, with only a small amount of landscaping for you to worry about.


4. A Compact, Landscaped Putting Green

A Compact, Landscaped Putting Green


Surrounded by foliage, this small putting green proves that you don’t need huge amounts of space to practice your putting technique. With four holes, this small green packs a variety of angles into a small area, making it ideal for townhouses and smaller backyards.


5. A Stunning Desert Putting Green

A Stunning Desert Putting Green


Want to make the most of your home’s surroundings? This backyard putting green makes the most of a stunning desert view, offering a variety of putting angles that put the beautiful orange vista in the background on full display.

Surrounded by rocks, this type of large putting green can be a surprisingly manageable project for an experienced DIYer.


6. A Unique Mediterranean Putting Green

A Unique Mediterranean Putting Green


With a unique geometric design and a variety of angles to put from (there are four holes, each at an extreme of the green), this Mediterranean-style backyard sports a cool putting green that’s as effective for golf practice as it is as a landscaping and design element.


7. A Compact, Paver-Surrounded Putting Green

A Compact, Paver-Surrounded Putting Green


Who says you need a massive yard to build your own putting green? Surrounded by pavers, this small putting green offers plenty of practice options, all in a compact space that makes it perfect for smaller homes.


Build Your Own DIY Putting Green

Feeling inspired? Turn your landscaping dreams into a reality with MegaGolf, our purpose-built artificial grass for golfers. Built to withstand the traffic of large, commercial courses, it’s a great option for backyard putting greens of all shapes, sizes and locations.